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You ask whether one can "build a better world by posting and sharing pictures, stories and online petitions about starving people (cue that awful image of the vulture with the emaciated child), or about rhinos hunted for their horns (complete with raw wounds and blood-soaked earth)?"

There are plenty of ways to share or receive all the bad news all the time. News is part of an information ecosystem and it's simply never static. It's easier than ever to exchange info, whether it's trivial or profound. When we first met, I showed the presentation We Suck at Collaboration and juxtaposed the story of the failure to communicate with photos of friends from the Pochote Market in Oaxaca who have struggled (and continue to struggle) to keep their market alive. Not only did I ask permission from my friends in 2011, but I let them know how the presentation was received from afar and we've collaborated ever since, using the twin powers of face-to-face encounters and the very social web. Since then - and it's been 5 years - the vendors have their own Facebook page. I'm going to like it, I'm going to recommend it, I encourage other people to click and for those who are able, to travel and visit.

That said, the challenge is maintaining some balance.