November 18 is #NativeAmericanDay at the @LostCityMuseum
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Lost City Museum is located at 721 South Moapa Valley Boulevard, Overton, Nevada

The Lost City Museum was built by the National Park Service in 1935 to exhibit artifacts that were being excavated from Pueblo Grande de Nevada. Ancestral Puebloan sites were threatened by the waters of Lake Mead as it backed up behind the newly built Hoover Dam. Eventually, when the lake was filled to capacity, about five miles of sites had been inundated or undercut by the water. The Civilian Conservation Corps assisted in the excavation of the sites and the construction of the museum building. The building was constructed of sun-dried adobe brick in a pueblo-revival style. On display are an excavated pit house and reconstructed Puebloan houses.

Programs include ongoing archaeological research on the remaining Lost City sites, school tours, changing exhibits, and archival library and collections research capabilities. Special public programs are held throughout the year.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017 The Lost City Museum celebrates Native American Day featuring Native American dancers, food and demonstrations. The fun is behind the museum near the pueblos. It is all included with the admission to the museum.


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Lost City Museum

Lost City Museum

A Few Words about Ancestral Puebloans

FYI - One interesting difference between the Virgin River branch of the Ancestral Puebloans and other Ancestral Puebloan culture groups is that the Virgin Ancestral Puebloans did not have kivas. Kivas are subterranean religious spaces that are stilled used by modern Pueblo tribes today. Many people confuse the pithouse on the museum grounds with a kiva, but it was a dwelling that was occupied by a family.

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Native American Day at the @LostCityMuseum (Nov 12, 2016)

November 12 is Native American Day at the Lost City Museum