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March 2-4 2018 Rugby Sevens
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What time does the rugby begin? = ¿A qué hora comienza el rugby? #roofdog


USA Sevens Rugby Las Vegas: Field-Level Four Pack

The winner of this package will receive four field-level tickets to the Rugby Sevens Las Vegas.
In March, the world’s best sevens players will compete under the lights in Las Vegas! Join us March 4-6, 2016 to kick-start three days of world-class rugby competition and celebration in the entertainment capital of the world. We are expecting record attendance this year, so buy your tickets now to ensure ticket availability.
USA Sevens Rugby is pleased to announce that HSBC has been named the first ever title sponsor of USA Sevens CCSD Community Partnership Adopt-A-Country Program. The program, which pairs each of the 16 participating international teams with a local school, has garnered attention with World Rugby and HSBC not only for its international education and ambassadorship curriculum, but also for its physical education rugby curriculum.
HSBC realizes how vital investing in the development of youth programs is to the continuing growth of rugby globally. Not only has the company sponsored the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, HSBC continues to foster the historic legacy of the sport through partnerships that will continue through the grassroots programs and the Olympics to introduce as many students as possible to rugby. More than 32,000 children around the world have participated in HSBC’s grassroots events in the last year alone, and that number continues to grow each day.
Additionally, HSBC wanted to align its brand with a sport with similar values and principles, and rugby couldn’t be more of a perfect match. HSBC appreciates the power of tolerance and understanding gained by the study of different nations and cultures. Rugby’s profound power to make the world a better place because of the sport’s specific principles on respect and teamwork. The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series also serves as an excellent metaphor for the company’s business strategy: to be at the heart of where the growth is, internationally connecting customers with opportunities in developed and emerging markets and helping fulfil potential.
This year HSBC will host the two remaining youth rugby Tournament of Nations Championship events and youth rugby clinics at a few of the schools.
The CCSD Community Partnership Program Office has offered a consistent platform upon which the teachers, principals, and rugby professionals can build to this program by providing a central source of information, a bank of and forum for curriculum ideas, and logistical mission control. The Adopt-A-Country Program has introduced over 35,000 Clark County students to an international culture and to rugby.

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The annual USA Sevens international rugby tournament is the premier rugby event in North America as well as the fourth event out of nine in the HSBC Sevens World Series. Fans in attendance will see 16 international rugby sevens teams play 45 matches during a three-day competition in an attempt to gain points in the Sevens World Series standings. Fans can stay updated on all the latest USA Sevens Rugby news, events and details by following on Facebook (USA Sevens Rugby Tournament And Festival), Twitter(@USASevensRugby) and Instagram (@USASevensRugby).
Played on the same size field as traditional 15-player rugby, rugby sevens is played with just seven players per team. Matches have seven-minute halves with two-minute intervals for pool and knock-out matches. The fast pace and short duration of matches makes every moment of the action thrilling for spectators.

Field level tickets are general admission

Ron Mader: For a world-class city, it is difficult to find a place to watch or bet on rugby in Las Vegas. Looking for a rugby ball? They are not flying off the shelves because they are not on the shelves. I say this to point out the city is in the slow process of changing. One day in the near future Las Vegans will be able to watch the Six Nations or the Rugby World Cup without having to pay $20 a head to watch the video. If I'm going to pay to watch sports, I want to see them live and fortunately Las Vegas hosts a tapas version of the big game with its annual #Vegas7s.

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