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lvrj: new owner (Dec 2015-ongoing)

One of the most bizarre chapters in US journalism is still unfolding at the Las Vegas Review Journal. Also see the links to Twitter accounts of LVRJ reporters and editors

Why I’m out at the Las Vegas Review-Journal - @stephgrimes
Stressing ‘company loyalty’ Las Vegas Review-Journal threatens to fire staff that share internal information

.@jlnevadasmith leaves the R-J, and takes the paper's credibility with him

john l smith's resignation letter (april 2016)
Dear friends,
I learned many years ago about the importance of not punching down in weight class. You don’t hit “little people” in this craft, you defend them. In Las Vegas, a quintessential company town, it’s the blowhard billionaires and their political toadies who are worth punching. And if you don’t have the freedom to call the community’s heavyweights to account, then that “commentary” tag isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed.
It isn’t always easy to afflict the comfortable and question authority, but it’s an essential part of the job. And although I’ve fallen short of the mark many times over the past three decades, this is a job I’ve loved.
But recent events have convinced me that I can no longer remain employed at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a spirited newspaper that had battled to remain an independent voice of journalism in this community. If a Las Vegas columnist is considered “conflicted” because he’s been unsuccessfully sued by two of the most powerful and outspoken players in the gaming industry, then it’s time to move on. If the Strip’s thin-skinned casino bosses aren’t grist for commentary, who is?
It’s been an honor working with you all. Your hard work and dedication remind me every day that journalism is better than ever — even if management leaves something to be desired.
Take care,
John L. Smith

@jlnevadasmith - @TheSinCitySiren

John L Smith Resignation Letter, April 26, 2016 @jlnevadasmith
Journalists as ‘hit squad:’ Connecting the dots on Sheldon Adelson, the Review-Journal of Las Vegas and Edward Clarkin in Connecticut -
There’s battle lines being drawn - @jlnevadasmith


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Ralston Critiques

Vegas Now

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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders 2-16-16
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Livestream: 530pm (M-F, Pacific) and

Regardless of whether you liked or didn't like Ralston, there is no reason the program should have been cancelled so abruptly. Tom Axtell undermined viewers trust in Vegas PBS and should offer his own resignation. Personally, as a newcomer to Nevada, I valued the program as an entry into local politics. The only fault I had was the fact that Ralston Live was never live in Las Vegas and savvy Internet users had to seek out the livestream direct from Reno. Again, this is a mark of failure from Vegas PBS where one could only watch the show 90 minutes later at 7pm or seek it out on the app the following day.

John L Smith
- panamapapers
John L. Smith: State's Lax Non-Transparent Laws Made Clear In Panama Papers MAY 31, 2016
John L. Smith says Nevada's secretive laws of incorporation need to be toughened.

2:30 "Why are Nevada's laws a joke when it comes to transparency?"

Ongoing trainwreck. You don't miss your water until it's gone.
Las Vegas Review-Journal that was.