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The Fawcett Saga
Over the centuries many searches for legendary cities of gold have been transformed into solid history as a result of archeological findings.

Re-grouping in Latin America
Is a new age dawning for Latin America? Thirty-two Latin American and Caribbean countries have agreed to form a new regional grouping in direct competition to the US-dominated Organisation of American States (OAS).



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El periodismo está en crisis debido a la desnaturalización y a las cuatro "grandes lacras o plagas": el oficialismo, la declaracionitis, la superpolitización y el desconocimiento del mundo exterior.
- En peligro el periodismo en America Latina


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Tales from the Yucatan - Jeanine Kitchel
Baja California's Wild West - David Brackney
Border Crossings - Soll Sussman
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Latin America Media Project debuted in October 2003.


If we wish to develop such noble concepts such as 'fair trade' and 'responsible travel,' we need to consider how to implement Fair Trade in Travel Writing and Photography.
Unfortunately, the paying market for articles, books and other media focusing on Latin America has declined in the past decade.
Top-notch journalists could expand the coverage of such pertinent issues as community-based tourism and park management strategies if there were more reliable funding. Portals that feature sustainable development issues should begin paying retainer to journalists in the field. It would be good to see more grants for independent travel and research and a lucrative publishing market.
LAMP encourages members and supporters to work toward expanding the paying market for news that makes us better aware of the changes occurring in the region. Improving the quality, accuracy and visibility of regional reporting is our goal.
This idea is expanded in the Sustainable Tourism Wish List.


Support the work of our members. You can purchase newsletters and books, buy advertising space and contribute to niche projects. Institutional support toward developing LAMP is also welcome and we have a number of proposals outlined in Planeta's alliances.




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If a Tribe Fell in the Forest - Miguel Angel Cabodevilla (translated by Nathan Horowitz)
Welcome to the online home of Patagon Journal, a quarterly magazine in English and Spanish about the people and nature of the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. Founded in 2009, through engaging, high quality articles and extraordinary photography, Patagon Journal seeks to build a greater appreciation, understanding and stewardship of one of the planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places. Our magazine will have a particular focus on the environment and the natural world, culture, outdoor sports, and travel in Patagonia.