Buzzword Bingo: Kitchen Hopping = Visiting kitchens in local homes on a customized tour
Kitchen Hopping

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Kitchen Hopping = Visiting kitchens in local homes on a customized tour ... comparable to couchsurfing but with kitchens instead of couches!


March 10, 830am PST Kitchen Hopping Hangout
Guests: @ThisTourismWeek @TransAbroad

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Places: Italy, Mexico, South Africa, USA

March 13, 830am PST Food with a Story Hangout
Guests: @MealSharing @bookalokal @nuttisamisiida
Buzzwords: Collaborative Consumption, Dining, Gourmet, Hyperlocal, Entrepreneur, Language, Meal, Millennials, Peer-to-Peer Review, Proactive, Transparency, Verification
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Kitchen Hopping




Bookalokal helps guests seeking a local food experience pair up with hosts willing to offer home-cooked meals, food tours, cooking lessons and other creative "food events." Guests range from travelers passing through town to newcomers and expats looking to meet locals and learn about a new city over a meal. Hosts range from people who love to cook and enjoy entertaining interesting people, to food bloggers and aspiring chefs who want to showcase their skills while covering the cost of their meals or earning extra money along the way.

Meal Sharing


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Buzzword Bingo: Kitchen Hopping