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Gaeilge (Irish)

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2018 has been declared the official year of the Irish language, or Bliain na Gaeilge.

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Question: What are your favorite words in Gaeilge?
- Craic = fun,news,scandal,merriment

Irish is one of the oldest and most historic written languages in the world. The earliest evidence of this is preserved in Ogham inscriptions dating from the fifth century. Now Irish can now be found in more than 4,500 books, on the television, on the radio, in the newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet. -

Irish (Gaeilge), sometimes referred to as Irish Gaelic or just Gaelic, is a Goidelic language of the Indo-European languages family, originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish is spoken as a first language by a small minority of Irish people, and as a second language by a rather larger group. Irish enjoys constitutional status as the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland, and is an officially recognised minority language in Northern Ireland. It is also an official language of the European Union. The public body Foras na Gaeilge is responsible for the promotion of the language throughout the island of Ireland. - Wikipedia


March 1-17 Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that takes place each year in Ireland and around the world.

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If every week is Seachtain na Gaeilge on RTÉ, do we need TG4?
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Blarney Stone (Cloch na Blarnan)


Fáilte = Welcome
Sláinte! = Cheers!
Dia dhuit = Hello
Slán = Goodbye
Craic = fun,news,scandal,merriment
Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! = Happy St Patrick's Day to you!
Lá Breithe Shona dhuit! = Happy birthday
Go raibh maith agat = Thank you (to one person)
Sláinte = Cheers = Salud
Erin go Bragh! = Ireland Forever
Seachtain na Gaeilge = Irish Week
Leithghabháil chultúrtha = cultural appropriation

Fionnat = White = Blanca