Veronica's rug @ Oaxaca 2.2011
August 6-12, Indigenous Peoples Week 2018 #ipw8

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We are pleased to invite the world to the 2018 Indigenous Peoples Week August 6-12.

2018’s Indigenous Peoples Week (IPW) is our eighth annual celebration of Indigenous Peoples and travel and tourism. Our conversations continue. Hashtag: #ipw8

How to engage

• Promote the event via face-to-face conversation, online your own social web channels and by sharing / liking / hearting other people's #ipw8 posts. A little encouragement goes a long way!

• Develop an online presentation to be shared during Indigenous Peoples Week. The presentation can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. It could be a YouTube video, a Flickr album, a YouTube playlist or a Slideshare presentation. Give us something we can embed and promote.

• Participate in live public video before, during and after the week. Be a viewer and a creator. We'd love to see your #Periscope and #FacebookLIve videos with Indigenous culture in the spotlight.

• Suggest edits for Planeta.com. 20+ years running and we are just getting started. Help us embed local and Indigenous culture on our relevant pages.

• Host or join local events on the ground.

• Open your heart. Effective Indigenous tourism is mutually beneficial.