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ipadio -- -- records calls from smart phone and can share them for immediate distribution. Reach the hard to reach.

Broadcast, record, play back and share high quality audio up to 60 minutes in length. Pause and resume recordings, add up to four high resolution photos and automatically geolocate your call. Premium services include live calls and broadcast-quality live-streaming from conferences.

Cost: Free to premium (live streaming)
Mobile app: Yes
Advantages: On the mobile, you can record with ipadio app and upload later
Shortcomings: Stats are private, only accessible from a personal account; difficult to record a conversation on the tablet in areas without wifi and upload at a later time; How does livestreaming work?


Can different people record to my channel from different phones?

Yes! You might want to collect audio from lots of different people; maybe you're teacher collecting homework from students. We understand that it's much easier if all the audio can be recorded under the same channel. The good news is you can do this without having to register 30 phones to the same account! Call up ipadio from an unregistered phone and you will be told the number is not registered and to enter one that is. Simply enter the number and pin of the account you all want to access, and start recording. Alternatively, if you don't want to give out your personal number to lots of people (especially if you're a teacher!) just register a random 5-digit number as the secondary phone number on your account - you can do this by clicking on the 'channel details' tab on your profile. This will then work as above. Entering this number when prompted, then the channel's pin, will allow others to access your channel from different phones, meaning all broadcasts appear in the same place.


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    ipadio is a wholly owned subsidiary of digital communication company Nemisys. Nemisys provide websites, database and communication solutions to sport, charities, government and business. ipadio came about after Nemisys built several sites displaying live results from sports events. However uploading data into web forms, e-mail or text message dampened the excitement of sport and live broadcasting from events was often too pricey, with expensive people, connections and specialised kit.

    It was whilst one particular competition was being displayed online using a scrolling chat method that the founders of ipadio (who were talking on their mobile phones about the challenge) wondered why it wasn't a simple task to stream audio from a telephone though a website in realtime. A year of development and one filed patent later (GB0820862.1) ipadio was born.

    We're now in an fascinating place. ipadio is live and available to everyone via and our Facebook application for Phone blogs, commenting, recording and updating the world, or simply letting your mates know what you're doing.


    ipadio combines the telephone with the blog to create an audio “phonecast” which is streamed Live to the Internet. You can phonecast from any phone, anywhere in the world - no need for a computer or even access to the Internet. Phonecasts can be cross-posted to social media and blogging platforms, embedded on any number of websites, or securely integrated with corporate databases and CRM systems. Phonecasts can be converted to text, geo-located and put on a map, and either streamed live or moderated (plus about 100 other options). As well as making phone blogging an easy means of communication for people around the world, this combination - the flexibility & power of the Internet plus the reach & simplicity of phones - has made ipadio ideal for business communications and operations.


    We support MP3,Wav,Caf and Flac formats up to 75Mb)


    Travelog - ipadio can be useful with travelogs of whatever kind. We've had people climb mountains, cross seas and visit far-flung landmarks, all whilst broadcasting back to ipadio so that friends, family and well-wishers can follow their progress. Not only that but linked to a Google map and we have a full clickable travelog – live and online.


    You just need a telephone and the right number to call. You then call ipadio's servers and we stream that call into your website, Facebook or other destination so others can listen to you live or later. At its most extreme, one call may be listened to by hundreds of thousands of other people for free.
    - Elevator Pitch: ipadio lets you broadcast your calls to the world


    The blogging platform Posterous has been gaining increasing amounts of traction recently, so I thought it was a good time to remind blog readers how they can setup their phonecasts to automatically cross-post there.
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