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Instagram - - is an easy way to share photos.
Snap a photo with your smartphone, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot.


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Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you created an account on Instagram?
Have you liked a friend's photo?
Have you uploaded photos?

Pet Peeves

Difficult to edit photo captions on a desktop
No stats
No creative commons


How do i edit a photo caption on Instagram?

Instagram Pet Peeves: How do you edit a photo caption on a laptop computer?


instagram - Google News

Can I follow you on Instagram? = ¿Puedo seguir en Instagram? #roofdog

Headlines -
Instagram treads on Snapchat's ephemeral turf
Why ‘Instagram Hikers’ Are National Parks’ Saviors — and Scourges,2817,2473426,00.asp
Instagram video: Facebook aims to cut back Twitter's Vine - The Guardian
Instagram Simplifies Making Video Pictures While Lightt Aims At The Ongoing ... - Forbes
Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What's The Difference? - TechCrunch
Facebook unveils video feature for Instagram - USA TODAY
Instagram, take two: Video is the new picture - CNET

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Facebook buys Instagram - Facebook has paid $1 billion for a photo sharing application that has only 13 employees. So what's so good about an app that lets you put hip 70s filters over the photos you take on your phone?

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Instameet = Meetup of Instagram members






How do I remove a photo from my photo map?

Instagram Basics » Photo Map
You can remove photos you've previously added to your photo map. First go to your photo map and select thephotos you want to remove... See More

How do I add photos to my map?
Instagram Basics » Photo Map

When uploading a photo to Instagram, turn the Add to your Photo Map setting on to add it to your Photo Map for you and others to see. You can also choose a name for the location... See More

How do I add or edit the caption of an existing post?
Instagram Basics » Photo Taking, Editing and Sharing

You can add a caption to a photo or video you've already shared or edit the caption you originally included... See More

Ron Mader: Personally, I've preferred Flickr which includes the creative commons license. For anyone keen on open access and open education, this dorky license - preferably clicked with attribution-sharealike. That said, Instagram has its merits chief of which is communication with family and friends who are not on Flickr and are often pissed off at Flickr for various reasons.


2012 news: Instragram has been purchased by Facebook

Embedding gives a few options, but no creative commons license. Points to Flickr.
What is the future of Flickr with the status of Yahoo in doubt.

On Instagram one can
heart or comment on a photo

Not sure to edit

2014 news: 300 million users. 70 million photos and videos every day




Third Party Stats?


Scandinavia Day at Chef Flemming's Bake Shop (Instagram)


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Responsible travel hand book 2006 #weavingtheweb

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