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Influence = The power to change or affect someone or something

Also see: reach

Influence on the Social Web

In January 2014 hosted a series of hangouts focusing on Influence on the Social Web. It's been clear for years that what motivates visitors are often the comments and ratings from other travelers. Simply put, there is social currency for recommendations from people you know. So what are the key takeaways for those working in travel and tourism?
  • At its basic level influence can be perceived as being direct or indirect. What matters is the level of engagement.
  • 'Likes' and 'liking' generated from clickfarms, fake followers on Twitters and inauthentic fandom may elevate numbers at the cost one's reputation.
  • We want to know which local, regional and national tourism boards have strategies in place to leverage visitors' experiences and the way this is communicated on the social web? Frankly, it seems that most campaigns are geared to announcements rather than interactions.
  • Influence can be measured and monitored. That said, what can be measured and monitored may not necessarily answer the big questions: Does influence bring tourism businesses new customers?


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Review Pro: Impact of Traveler Reviews

Livestreaming webinar: Impact of Traveler Reviews
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Review of ReviewPro: Excellent webinar with participation from ReviewPro and UNWTO. Good insights and discussion about online reputation in the tourism world. On a technical level, I was disappointed that the platform was gotowebinar instead of a hangout. The screen was mostly static, showing individual screens of a presentation and we did not see the speakers except for photos and Twitter IDs posted at the end. That said, what was shown and said was well worth listening.

On this wiki: we'll be updating this section with a recap and links.

March 31 join UNWTO in attending ReviewPro’s free live webinar “The Impact of Traveler Reviews on Destinations & Hotel Rating Systems” to learn more about how different players in the tourism sector are using online reviews and review data. More information and registration:

One-hour webinar on Tuesday, March 31st 2015
5pm Central European Time (GMT+1)
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Ahead of the seminar, download the joint UNWTO/Norwegian Accreditation report “Online Guest Reviews and Hotel Classification Systems: An Integrated Approach”, which looks into how hotel classifications and online guest reviews can be integrated to reduce the gap between guests' expectations and experiences:


The explosive popularity of traveler reviews has obliged destinations around the world to rethink their approach to hotel rating systems. Are “official” rating systems still relevant? Is quality measured in stars, diamonds, bubbles or aggregate scores? And who decides - travelers, governments, associations, the media or hotels?

In the next ReviewPro webinar we discuss how leading destinations, travel associations and hospitality consultancies are using online reviews and review data to:

  • Integrate the voice of the traveler into hotel rating systems
  • Analyze traveler sentiment
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase accountability and transparency among hotels
  • Enhance visitor trust, satisfaction and advocacy

Panelists :




Christopher Imbsen
Deputy Regional Director for Europe

David Ermen
Manager, Lodging & Tourism Clients Group
PwC Switzerland
Josiah Mackenzie
VP of Business Development

Daniel E. Craig



Artwork / Cue Yourself

You can influence how your story is told.
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