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Majority of doctors opposed to full access to your own electronic records
Question: How much does it really cost to go to the hospital?
December 1


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Sundowning = Symptom of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Confusion and agitation worsen in the late afternoon and evening, or as the sun goes down.

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John Wilbanks: Let’s pool our medical data

When you're getting medical treatment, or taking part in medical testing, privacy is important; strict laws limit what researchers can see and know about you. But what if your medical data could be used -- anonymously -- by anyone seeking to test a hypothesis? John Wilbanks wonders if the desire to protect our privacy is slowing research, and if opening up medical data could lead to a wave of health care innovation.

Keywords: Cancer, Informed Consent, Teasing Signals out of noise
Quotes: It doesn't take all of us. It only takes all of some of us.

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Decision Trees, gaming and personal health - There is a growing trend around the way technology can be used to improve our health and wellbeing.

Architecture, Art and Wellbeing - Explore design in healing environments and the wide reaching effects of creativity and culture in enhancing wellbeing and shaping healthcare policy.

Why it's still difficult for hospitals to share patient data - The infrastructure to deliver on the promise of information sharing is there, but business interests don't always align.

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    Triglyceride - Triglicérido


    Our research requires what i call the community of cooperation. You need cooperation between the scientists studying it, the clinicians studying it and the patients with the disease. This is why we have patient advocacy groups. They ask their members to participate in research. Research is a way to create care for that particular condition.
    - Toby Chai, What it means to discover (minute 2.40)


    A question about disinfection:
    What product to use as a substitute for chlorine? = Una pregunta acerca de desinfección: ¿Qué producto utilizar como un sustituto de cloro?



    Question = Pregunta

    What is the difference between health and well-being? = ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la salud y el bienestar?

    What is the difference between health and well-being? = ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la salud y el bienestar? #roofdog

    World Parks Congress Stream 3: Improving Health and Well-Being #WorldParksCongress #WPCHealth @WPCSydney

    Translating: Health and Well-Being (double checking translations!)

    Afrikaans: Gesondheid en welstand
    Estonian: Tervis ja heaolu
    French: Santé et bien-être
    German: Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden
    Maori: Hauora me te pai-Tokotaha
    Nepali: स्वास्थ्य र राम्रो-जा
    Portuguese: Saúde e Bem-Estara
    Spanish: Salud y Bienestar
    Swedish: Hälsa och välbefinnande

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