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Hangout = To relax completely in an unassuming way

Also a Google term for a live video conversation, private or public, aka hangout on air. Up to 10 people can join a conversation on screen and the focus of the video automatically changes to whomever is speaking. The video can be seen by an unlimited number of viewers. Since the video is on YouTube, it's easy to cast to TVs and larger screens.

Ron Mader hosts several Google hangouts on air, including chats about travel, parks and protected areas and Indigenous culture. These are unscripted, friendly chats that run 30-60 minutes. Viewers are invited to ask questions and participants are encouraged to share relevant web links. Hangout with us!

The majority of our hangouts are a relaxed, free-form, show-and-tell with friends around the world. Mostly we talk about responsible, conscious, ecotourism that benefits locals and visitors alike. There are plenty of glitches - microphones that don't work, video stutter, so please be patients as viewers and participants.

If you would like to appear on camera, let me know! We encourage the Planeta editors -- -- to show off recent changes and to add links to the sites mentioned on the hangout.

New to hangouts? Learn the basics:

Starting Time
A note about the starting time for the guests and viewers: There may be a delay due to technical glitches. We may be punctual, but delays of 5-10 minutes are common.

The Basics

How to join a Google hangout
•Before your hangout, test the software with a private chat. Install plugins if necessary.
•Bonus points. Learn how to set up the Lower Third screen.
•Use screenshare to show websites or photos already on your computer.
•It helps to have a Gmail address, but it's not necessary.
•Find a quiet space with ample internet signal strength.
•Bring something for show and tell. We love to see tangible folk art, food and lo-fi media: postcards, flyers, guidebooks, posters.
•You need a webcam. It helps to have headphones and microphone.
•Let the hangout facilitator/organizer know of your interest in participating.
•Confirm you are watching on the event page. This adds the hangout to your list of events

Extra tips
Use the Chrome browser to load

Turn off Skype as it can cause conflicts with the Google hangout.
Preference: Please hangout from your desktop or laptop computer. Calls can be made from a smartphone, but the visual quality is not as good.

Participants, make sure your webcam and microphone are working. Bonus points if you bring something tangible for show-and-tell. More bonus points if you can share the screen for show-and-tell (a virtual tour of your website or your online work).

For professional chats which are recorded:
If you have been invited to a hangout, be punctual. Using the Chrome browser, log in 10-15 minutes before the hangout begins to perform a system check to ensure you won’t run into technical difficulties.

Once you're logged in, prepare a ‘lower third’ caption.
Share the news. Announce the hangout using your own Google+ page, Facebook account, Twitter and other relevant channels.
Bring something for show and tell. We love to see tangible folk art, food and lo-fi media: postcards, flyers, guidebooks, posters.
After the recording, please visit the recorded YouTube video and give the hangout a thumbs up and post a comment with any relevant links or resources for further information.
Optional: Embed the video on your own website or blog.
Bonus points: if you are a wiki editor, please recycle the key points and web links on the relevant pages

How to watch a Google Hangout
If you want to watch a hangout, no login is required. You can view the hangout live.YouTube. Hangouts are also archived for later viewing.

FYI: You don't have to watch a hangout. You can listen to the hangout much like a podcast.

Please share the news. Click ‘+’ and ‘Share the event’ … You can also copy the link and post on other social web channels.

If the Q&A widget is on, ask questions before and during the conversation.

Viewers are encouraged to leave comments on the YouTube video.

How to Host a Hangout on Air (05.2017)
1) Go to create a live event and add basic info and adjust advanced settings

On this page, make sure that 'Quick using Google Hangouts on Air' is chosen

2) Click 'Go Live' which opens a second screen that lets you set up the hangout. You will be able to invite others to participate on camera. Participants each have the screenshare option if you want to show slides, websites, movies

3) When you are ready, you can start the webcast. It will take a few seconds to start

4) After the hangout, you can return to your Creator Studio - - and edit the video, trimming the start or end

Your Hangout on Air will now be broadcast on YouTube. You can broadcast for up to 8 hours. (05.2017)


Problems with the livestreaming? First go to the Creator Studio

You can also check the live dashboard


The old way
1) When you are signed into Google+ -- -- click 'Hangout' from the lefthand navigation menu
2) Now click 'Hangouts on air' and you will be given the choice of starting one immediately or scheduling a hangout for later (our preference is to schedule the hangouts for later, thus creating an event page that makes it easy to share and thus promote)
3) Enable the Q&A (Questions and Answers) Widget
4) When you are ready, click 'start' to Broadcast hangout and invite the participants (individually or by circle)
5) At the start and during the hangout, Ask viewers to submit questions and they will appear in the Q&A widget
6) Afterwards 'edit' the YouTube to include a link to the Google+ event page and other relevant links; optional: change license to creative commons attribution

Easy Mistakes: If you choose 'Event' instead of 'Hangout' from the lefthand column, the YouTube video link is NOT automatically created.

En español (Spanish Speakers!)

Las videollamadas hacen que Hangouts sea más divertido

Tips: Learn how to pronounce the guests names BEFORE the recorded hangout begins
Organize a viewing party



Before We Begin

Those interested in appearing on camera for Planeta's hangouts are asked to download the Google+ hangout plug-ins (if necessary). You will need a working webcam and microphone. Test this out beforehand! Please let Ron Mader know ahead of time if would like to join on screen and your gmail address. While the hangouts can be viewed by everyone, those appearing on screen are by invitation. Everyone is welcome to provide specific examples via Google+ or via Twitter by including @RonMader in your tweet.

Google+ Tip: Please circle Planeta

Click here for upcoming events facilitated by on Google+

Upcoming conversations

See hangouts 2016

Q&A App

Tip: A few days before the hangout, remind viewers to ask questions in the Q&A app. Here's an example:
The Q&A app is enabled for the Best of US travel hangout! Click 'Q&A' in the video screen and ask your question before or during the hangout.

More about this app online

Tips for those organizing a hangout

Before the hangout: Schedule the event, blog and tweet
Just before the hangout: Start hangout 15-30 minutes early, gather participants, turn on lower-third, enable Q&A
After the hangout: Edit the video's show notes; update blog to include video and participants' twitter handles
Optional: Edit captions; add to a playlist

Troubleshooting for those invited to a hangout but who have not received an invitation
Sometimes the actual chat is delayed, but most professional hangouts open 15 minutes prior to the start time.
Sometimes there are glitches and invitations are not received.
Invitees, please give a shout out via the Google+ private hangout. Tell the organizer that you have not received the invite.

Troubleshooting for those invited to a hangout but who cannot access the call
Turn off Skype.
Reboot your computer.

Troubleshooting for those working in an institution
Ask your IT department for help accessing the hangout

After the Hangout

•On YouTube give the video a thumb’s up
•SHARE the video on the social web – Facebook, Google+, Twitter
•Embed the video on your blog or website
•Bonus Points: Add the video to a YouTube playlist
•Bonus Points: Remix the video to feature highlights
•Bonus Points for Planeta Wiki editors: Add new info and links on the wiki
•Bonus Points for hangout hosts: Edit the captions (creating a transcript)


Bonus for those calling the USA: hangouts can make calls to any phone.

Start or schedule a Hangout On Air

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Click Create a Hangout On Air.
  3. Type a name and a description.
  4. Choose a start time:
    • Now: Start the Hangout On Air immediately after you create it.
    • Later: Fill in the date and time when you want your Hangout On Air to start.

  1. Choose your audience. This is the audience that can see the Hangout On Air.
    • For maximum reach, “Public” is recommended.
    • Adding specific people and circles ensures they receive a notification.
    • If you don’t want your Hangout On Air to be widely publicized, you can also make your event unlisted.

  1. Click Share.
People can RSVP to your Hangout On Air through the Google+ event page and view on multiple devices.

Start broadcasting your scheduled Hangout On Air

  1. Go to your Hangout On Air event in your Google+ Events page.
  2. Click Start in your event.
  3. Invite your participants.
  4. Click Start Broadcast to go live.
Once you start your Hangout On Air, you can also add more features and apps to your Hangout On Air.

Hangouts with external camera


The best in audio conferencing now paired with the best in video conferencing. UberConference gives you a free permanent phone number for your Hangout. Participants can join from any device, any way they want.

World Wildlife Day

Monday, March 3 is World Wildlife Day which celebrates and raises awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. Hashtag: #WorldWildlifeDay

830am PST - 430pm Edinburgh - 630pm Kiruna
Guests: @AbhishekKBehl @WildNavigator @nuttisamisiida, @andydrumm

330pm Las Vegas - 1130pm London - Tuesday 930am Brisbane - Darwin 9am - Auckland 12:30pm
Guests: @RondaJGreen, Denise Goodfellow

January 2014

Influence on the Social Web

January 14, 830am PST: Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements and Testimonials
Participants: @ThisTourismWeek @Ruukel @localtravels @TransAbroad @nuttisamisiida
Blog: Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements and Testimonials

January 21, 830am PST: How powerful is the influence of peer review travel sites?
Participants: @ThisTourismWeek @Ruukel @localtravels @TransAbroad @alastairmck
Blog: How powerful is the influence of peer review travel sites?

January 28, 830am PST: Storytelling on the Social Web: making your presence felt
Participants: @ThisTourismWeek @localtravels @WildNavigator
Blog: Storytelling
Buzzwords: The Aleph - Jorge Luis Borges - Story - TED - Weavers from Teotitlán del Valle

Social Web Channels: Disqus, Facebook, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google, Klout, LinkedIn, Outbounding, TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon, Yelp, Zagat

Buzzwords: Anonymous, Constructive Criticism, Crowdsourcing, Digital Echo Chamber, Endorsement, Feedback, Friends, Influence, Like/Dislike, Peers, Privacy, Rankings, Ratings, Recommendation, Reputation, Reviews, Social Web, Storytelling, Testimonials, Top10, Trust, Undorsement, Verified, Vortex, We Story

We need to talk about TripAdvisor

Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements and Testimonials 01.2014
How powerful is the influence of peer review travel sites? 01.2014
Storytelling on the Social Web 01.2014

January 23, 4pm PST, January 24, 11am AEST Australia Travel Hangout: Biodiversity, Parks and Wildlife (Online Google+ Hangout)

Explore Australia's Wildlife, Biodiversity and Parks in this online hangout, Monday, Jan 27 4pm PST in Las Vegas and Tuesday, Jan 28 11am AEST in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We will be talking with friends in Australia about the upcoming World Parks Congress and the status of conservation and nature travel in Australia today. will be updating the relevant wiki pages. Virtual volunteer wiki editors are cordially invited to help us.



Australia Travel Hangout 01.2014

2013 Hangouts

November 6 Responsible Travel Networking

Buzzwords: Awards, Conscious Travel, Eyjafjallajökull, Festival, Food, Fringe, Hyperlocal, ITBW Award, Outlier, Raidu, Remote Participant, Slow Adventures, Slow Food, Wildlife, Wine
City Spotlight: Las Vegas, London, Mossel Bay, New York City, Oaxaca de Juárez, Sydney

Nutti Sami Siida / Anders Karrstedt

Sustainable Tourism Ireland / Barbara Tomasella

That's PR / Lynne Gray

This Tourism Week / Martin Hatchuel

Transitions Abroad / Greg Hubbs

Host: / Ron Mader

Twitter: @lynnerosie @Transabroad @ThisTourismWeek @sustourismire @nuttisamisiida
Facebook: Transitions Abroad Thatspr This Tourism Week Nutti Sámi Siida Sustainable Tourism Ireland

August 19, Ecuador Parks: Yasuní

August Indigenous Peoples Week

July 17, 9am CDT Google+ Hangout Travel in Parks and Protected Areas

July 17 Travel in Parks Hangout on Google+

TK, ** Google+ Australia Travel Hangout: Biodiversity, Parks and Wildlife

Key Links


Video statistics on the watch page can be accessed by clicking the chart icon below the video.

How NOT to participate in a hangout

Use a faulty mike
Use a faulty webcam
Keep skype running in the background
Use a browser other than Chrome
Webcast from a noisy room
Webcast from a place with low internet signal strength

What to do in case you drop out of a hangout

Rejoin. You might need to find the invite on the main page of your Google+

Translating: Hangout


Tip: How to show Powerpoint presentations
Select: Set up slide show
Show type: Browse by Individual Window
Test this out!

Template Reminder Message
Greetings, all

Tomorrow is our Google+ Hangout on Air

Many thanks for your time and interest in joining this conversation. A few housekeeping tips:

Please log in about 15 minutes before the start time just so we can make sure there are no technical glitches.

I would recommend using Google Chrome Browser and headphones/microphone.

To avoid technical mishaps, I also recommend rebooting your whole computer a half hour before the hangout. This way you’re not running a zillion applications or over tapping the system memory.

Content suggestions: have in mind a few things you want to talk about, that you want others to know.

If you have a few photos on your computer, open them up and you can share them on screen using the hangout application called appropriately enough ‘screenshare’

If you have tangible objects — folk art, food, postcards, books — have them at your side that you can show during the hangout.

Finally, click ‘share event’ on the top right of the event page to help promote the hangout
You can also share this link with others via topical forums, relevant pages on Facebook, or as tweets on Twitter. The hangout will be streamed live and archived on YouTube. I’m expecting more people to watch afterwards than in real-time, but it helps build a buzz if we can get a few friends, colleagues and interested strangers to watch the live hangout!

Recent Hangouts

New roles for travel media, destination marketing, locals and visitors

Technical Tips

Other examples include the astronomy hangouts

Hangouts on Air

create a calendar invite. That way people can go to, open the calendar event and click into the hangout. Perhaps use for future hangouts

Other Examples: Astronomy
Deep Astronomy

Other Examples: Northern Territory, Australia

Other Examples: TCBHOA

Wednesdays, 5pm London Time: Travel Coffeebreak Hangout on Air #tcbhoa on Google+, Twitter and YouTube @alastairmck

Example: Future of Travel Conferences

Travel Coffee Break On Air Hangout
sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and your thinking caps as we all get together to enjoy the view of the vast expanse of the Universe and discuss its beauty, complexity and most importantly the wonderful science behind it all!

World Bank

Hangouts on Air

To create an event that anyone can attend, click + Invite names, circles, or email addresses and select Public. Anyone can find the event page of a public event and see the event details, guest list, and any photos and videos that have been added to the event. On the event page of a public event, anyone can say whether they are going, comment, add photos (unless this setting is disabled by the event owner), +1 photos, send invitations, and more.
Comments, guest lists, photos and videos added to a public event or an event on air can be seen by anyone.

Events on air

When you make an event on air, you create an event that anyone can find and view. However, events on air have a limited guest list. The people you invite can comment and add photos, unless you disable these options. Event viewers who aren't on the guest list will be able to see the content of the event page, including who's attending and the event photo collection. These viewers will also be able to +1 photos and share the event for others to view.
To create an event on air, click the Event options button in the create event box, click Advanced, then select 'Make this an event on air'. You can't enable on air for events you've already created.


Schedule Hangouts
Confirm participants in advance
Consider how to invite and respond to comments

Technical Tips for active participants in a hangout (not necessary for those viewing on YouTube)

Turn off Skype
Login using Google Chrome

Do you know how to make a Lower Third? = ¿Sabes cómo hacer un Lower Third? #roofdog
How to make a lower Third

Lower Third works for the public hangouts on air. Those appearing on camera have the option of showing their name at the bottom of the screen.

Features about YouTube Hangouts

Setting up the Google Hangout

Embedded Tweets

You’re about to join a Google+ Hangout On Air

Travel Coffee Break
Travel Coffee Break

Oliver Gradwell
Oliver Gradwell

Before you join, you should understand that:
  • A Google+ Hangout On Air is a video call that is streamed live on Google+ and YouTube.
  • People who you don’t know will be able to watch you.
  • Everything that happens in the video call will be recorded and made publicly available for later playback.
  • The moderator of the Hangout On Air is able to control your audio/video settings during the call (such as turning your camera on or off), and also has the ability to eject you from the call.

You must not include any material that you don't own or have the appropriate rights to, and you must comply at all times with the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy, and with YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
I have read and understand this information about Google+ Hangouts On Air and agree to the rules.

Google Hangout App

Start a Hangout On Air immediately without an event page
To start a Hangout On Air right away without a Google+ event page, go to
Start or schedule a Hangout On Air with an event page:
  1. Go to Hangouts On Air.
  2. Click Schedule a Hangout On Air.
  3. Create a name and a description in the first two boxes.
  4. Choose a start time:
    • Choose Now to start the Hangout On Air immediately after you create the event page.
    • Choose Later and fill in the date and time for when you want your Hangout On Air to start.

  1. Choose your audience: This is the audience that can see the Google+ event page. For maximum reach, “Public” is recommended. Adding specific people and circles ensures they receive a notification. Regardless of the audience you choose here, the Hangout On Air will be publicly viewable on YouTube.
  2. Click Share to schedule your Hangout On Air.
People can RSVP to your Hangout On Air through the event page and view on multiple devices.

Hangouts have two distinct audiences: viewers who watch and interact with the hangout live and viewers who catch up to the video later. The reach depends on how much the hangout is promoted. My expectation is that with a week’s promotion, the hangout would be viewed live by 5-20 people and archived by 100-300. In addition, soundbites of the hangout appear on blogs, wikis and Google+ itself.

Promoting Hangouts

Pet Peeves

Technically - Difficult to edit event page on occasion
Socially - It's difficult to host a live recorded hangout with someone who has not installed the plugins and is uncomortable and impatient with the technology

Easier way to receive questions
I like the hearts from Periscope
Wish there were a way for host to rate the hangout or provide warnings like glitchiness alerts

Need Help? Check the forum!forum/hangouts

Hangout Toolbox

Lower Third
Lower Thirds are banners at the bottom of your screen, letting your audience know who you are and what you do.

Set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live

You can use YouTube Live to create a Quick event with Hangouts On Air, or a Custom event using an encoder. Learn how to set up a live stream with YouTube Live.
Follow these steps to set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:
  1. Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
  2. Click New live event.
  3. Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
  4. Give your live stream a title.
  5. Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.
  6. Use Hangouts to broadcast live.

Schedule a YouTube Live broadcast

YouTube Live has built-in events scheduling that lets you schedule your event for a future date and time. This feature is similar to Google+ and Calendar integration for Hangouts On Air.

Control who can see the broadcast

When you create a new event, you can select one of three options:
  • Public - Anyone can see and access the event.
  • Unlisted - The event isn’t shown publicly but anyone with a link can join. This is identical to the previous Google+ Hangouts On Air setting.
  • Private - Only people you specifically invite can join the event. You can share the event with a domain, group, or individual.

Access Google+ Hangouts On Air content

You will continue to have access to your recorded event on YouTube. Google+ will have your event content available in read-only format in the Activity Log.