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Is there an easy way to get long/lat on Google Maps?
Is there an easy way to go from Google Maps to Google Earth
How do I embed a map from Google Maps? =
¿Cómo puedo incrustar un mapa de Google Maps?

Put your business on Google Maps

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you dropped a pin?
Have you saved maps for offline viewing?
Have you created a Google map?

Create a Google map

National Treasures in the Natural World Outside Las Vegas

Google Maps Getting Gamified on Google+




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Whether you’re traveling to far-off lands or staying local this winter, Google’s mapping tools have you covered. From today, you can join a new course from +Google Online Courses that helps you discover new and existing features of the new +Google Maps and+Google Earth.

Learn to plot points of attraction for an upcoming trip to share with your travel buddies, find and map all the best ice cream spots in town, or create a custom 3D tour of your summer adventures with Google Earth. The course is offered from June 10 - June 24. All registrants will receive an invitation to the new Google Maps.

Register now at



South Africa

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Seeing stars
When you star an item, it appears on your maps and is listed in My Places.

Using your phone? Just click the Local tab on to see starred items and quickly find hours, reviews, phone numbers, and more.

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Making Maps the Google Way - On the Media (2010) - Earlier this year, a government official from Cambodia wrote a letter to Google, complaining about one of the company’s maps. The letter claimed that Google’s depiction of a stretch of border between Cambodia and Thailand was “devoid of truth and reality, and professionally irresponsible.” As editor John Gravois points out in Washington Monthly, 21st-century mapmaking can be politically thorny.

This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at

All Maps API applications should load the Maps API using an API key. Using an API key enables you to monitor your application's Maps API usage, and ensures that Google can contact you about your application if necessary. If your application's Maps API usage by exceeds the Usage Limits, you must load the Maps API using an API key in order to purchase additional quota.
To create your API key, visit the APIs Console at and log in with your Google Account.
Click the Services link from the left-hand menu, then activate the Google Maps API v2 service.
Once the service has been activated, your API key is available from the API Access page, in the Simple API Access section. Maps API applications use the Key for browser apps.
By default a key can be used on any site. We strongly recommend that you restrict use of your key only to domains you administer, to prevent use on unauthorized sites. You can specify which domains are allowed to use your API key by clicking the Edit allowed referrers... link for your key.