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Google Earth -- -- opens a window to the world, allowing high-resolution aerial views and satellite imagery. You can access the world literally at your fingertips. Convert any place into a Google Map and you can embed the code into your website.

Requirements: Google Earth application for mobile, smartphone, tablet or other device and for desktop/laptop computers
Mobile app: Yes

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Google Earth: Levels of Engagement - Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

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Google Earth Engine brings together the world's satellite imagery—trillions of scientific measurements dating back more than 25 years—and makes it available online with tools for scientists, independent researchers and nations to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences to the earth's surface. Using this new tool, Google helps scientists develop applications for detecting deforestation and mapping land use trends, and have started working with individual countries to develop their own apps. features 40 real-world tales of how people around the globe have used Google Earth to conserve nature, map history and share what they have learned about the planet.

Google Earth

As of September 2011, Google Earth software has been downloaded more than one billion times.

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How Google Earth Is Preserving, Sharing Indigenous Culture
The Year 2011 in Google Earth



Learn Google Earth: Recording a Tour

Street View

Google Maps and Google Earth

Why has Google decided to keep two similar Online World Maps? The answer is probably in its rather separate strengths.

Google Maps is all about finding routes, addresses and businesses (with huge commercial databases) in a 2D map and satellite base that can very easily be inserted into other websites. Streetview is an addition that adds photos to urban areas, again mostly of use for exact locations. It is also has a normal website interface and is fast to open.

Google Earth is 3D and gives a far more real picture of landscape at different scales and allows options of rotating for a real 3D effect. It has far more accurate coordinate tools and allows the user to export to professional map programmes (which are of course challenged by an ever more professional Google Earth). It is a stand-alone download allowing for more complex geographical features.

TIP: If you ever wish to find specific latitude-longitude coordinates you were given in Google Maps you can either type in the coordinates (for example 17° 4'5.46"N, 96°43'11.00"W) which will then automatically zoom you to that location and also show you a nearby address or business in the data base (remember: that is what Google Maps was created for!) or if you click on New in the top right corner of the screen, you can enable a coordinate marker (among other interesting features).

  • Zoom from space to street level — tour the world
  • Find maps, driving directions, hotels, restaurants, and more

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Tip - See Five Cool, Easy Things You Can Do in Google Earth.

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

Google Earth 5 features:
  • Historical imagery from around the globe
  • Ocean floor and surface data from marine experts
  • Simplified touring with audio and voice recording
View tutorial.
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Is there an easy way to create a link from Google Maps to Google Earth?
You can easily go from Google Earth to Maps (There is a button top left in Earth) but the other way is more tricky.
You can see Earth view in Maps (button top left) but you can't see special facilities in Earth such as street view..
One way to go is to install a little app from Google labs (you will find a tab "news" on top in Maps) that allows you to put a marker with long/lat references anywhere on the map. Then you can serch this references in Earth and it will take you to the right location.
An other possibility is to create a place in Maps (My maps) and when that is done you can click "Show in Google earth" tab on top. That will take you to the same place in Earth. That place will also have a link in Maps so you can pass it on to others.
Are there examples of creating a virtual tour using Google Earth?

The ultimate geo mashup platform

More than just points or KML, create a Map with custom imagery and road tiles based on your data. Synthesize terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data to make a quick mapping application for your users. Use the Google Maps API to connect to your existing GIS systems and create search and spatial query tools. Google Earth Enterprise works with your existing GIS systems to add value to the stored data by exposing the data in 2D Google Maps or 3D Google Earth globes.

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Example: NSW ocean baths on GoogleEarth


google map of indigenous tourism case studiesGoogle Earth and GoogleMaps
Google Earth can and should be combined with GoogleMaps, which is similar but web-based as opposed to software-on-the-user's-computer-based. Program a 'layer' of points in GoogleMaps and export them as a file which can then be used in GoogleEarth by the user, with all the additional 'fun' that the latter provides.

Google Earth and Travel
Google Earth is a wonderful, and free, opportunity for travel businesses to display a wealth of information - both to their clients and to the wider web audience. There are many examples, but think of a hotel which instead of placing a 2-dimensional, schematised map of its location in a city on its webpage, can now place a 'live' map that the user can explore to get a better feel for its location. What's more, the hotel can give any amount of information it wishes to display on the map, too, thus enhancing the usefulness and added value of its map page.

Another great example is a tour operator which wants to show a client a 10-day tour. With Google Earth Plus (a small investment) the operator can now program the whole itinerary, with a 'flight path' all the way, and with all the information the operator wants to display at any point. This is exported as a .kml file. The potential client downloads this to their own computer, opens the file, presses play and is away (with a decent broad band connection and a decent computer).

Google Earth, Maps and Quito
Many Visitor Bureaus are using Google's mapping technology to enhance their visitors' experience and promote their destinations on the web. New Zealand is a fine example of how the organisation has combined its web-based information on sites and activities with Google's mapping technology.
In Quito, the Visitors' Bureau is working along similar lines. They have begun to 'geo-reference' points across the city on their official map, and provide a .kml file of all these points that the user can download and display on their computer. By using the GoogleMaps technology, the hope is that interested surfers will find the official tourist map and from there (through the links on every point/attraction) follow through to the offical website.
In 2009, the ambition is to inter-link the Travel Planner which is under development with the mapping tecnology. So a user will be able to see the trip they have planned displayed in map form. The aim is not only to improve the visitor experience of Quito and its surrounding region, but obviously to make the user more aware, through the map particularly, of all the attractions and activities there are close to the trip they have already put together and are visualising - and thus decide to spend more time in the region.

Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus features the following enhancements:
  • Faster performance - enhanced network access
  • GPS data import - read tracks and waypoints from select GPS devices
  • Higher resolution printing - greater than screen resolution
  • Customer support via email - not just website
  • Annotation - draw outlines and shapes
  • Import - read address points from .CSV files

Video Night in Oaxaca de Juárez


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Street View

Streetview Maps


Is there a way to control how layers are uploaded to Google Earth? (Hay manera tener control de los layers subido a Google Earth?)

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Google Earth is a free application that blends satellite photos with a virtual globe to let users fly around the world and zoom in on any area, including specific street addresses. Images are photographs taken by satellites and aircraft in the last three years.
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100% Pure New Zealand Layer on Google Earth
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