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This page - a work in progress - documents the development of a ginger group espousing the need to connect the travel and tourism sector with a long-term commitment toward low-carbon lifestyles and preparing ourselves for the impact of climate change.

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Currently this page is divided into five sections: an internal discussion, a focus on the issues we wish to address, methodologies, miscellaneous ideas, choice buzzwords

Internal Discussion (Organizing Ourselves)

  • Core concepts that will focus a shared vision
  • Protocols for adding new people to this group
  • Where the travel and tourism industry stands now in its understanding and relationship to climate change; what are the benefits of becoming involved with our ginger group?


  • Our primary focus is climate change and how we prepare ourselves for low-carbon lifestyles
  • We would like to develop short-term (2011) and long-term (2020-2050) time tables in creating a greener economy mosaic
  • Promoting a dialogue and discussion online and at key tourism events
  • How do we broaden the ownership among stakeholder groups? Maybe by sketching the advantages and dangers to each?


  • No long soap box stuff
  • No artificial consensus; we need multi-point of view debate and discussion

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere


  • Is there a way to visualise the overall green economy (and tourism within it)?
  • If society doesn't fix it everything else - however important is re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic
  • Assume the case can't be definitively proven but enough evidence to put a big onus on the disbelievers
  • 2050 and 2 degrees are excellent as benchmarks and Kyoto is the essential framework BUT do they force impossible commitments
  • Innovation is the missing element in the equation and by definition its impact cannot be assessed
  • What constitutes green growth?


Tourism and Climate Change: Spotlight on Cancun

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