Who's Who Working on Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in German-Speaking Europe
Who's Who Working on Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in German-Speaking Europe

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Criteria for Inclusion = Kriterien für die Einbeziehung

Any organization, group or website in German-speaking Europe which actively promotes, researches, or networks and offers space for exchange of ideas on topics related to responsible tourism, ecotourism, sustainable travel, ethical travel and green travel.

Jede Organisation, Gruppe oder Website im deutschsprachigen Europa, die aktiv fördert, forscht oder vernetzt und Raum für den Gedankenaustausch zu Themen rund um verantwortlichen Tourismus, Ökotourismus, nachhaltiges Reisen, ethisches Reisen und Green Travel bietet.

Spotlight: BMUD


Für das Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau & Reaktorsicherheit twittern Mitarbeiter_innen des Presse- und Informationsstabs = For the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction & Reactor Safety, employees of the press and information staff are tweeting


More about the Diesel Summit #Dieselgipfel




Paradebeispiel Quattropole: Touristiker diskutierten über Vernetzung beim Deutschen Städte- und Kulturforum
GIZ's playbook for tourism development - Devex @hinchberger @giz_gmbh
Sustainable tourism in Germany
Tourism is no guarantee for development
Um die Welt, immer online


Transforming Tourism The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (PDF)


Ecological Sciences for Sustainable Development
Biosphere Reserves in Germany
Project Profile: UNESCO World Heritage in Germany

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

working abroad


Forum Anders Reisen (FAR)" is an association of some 150 travel agents who have committed themselves to sustainable tourism. Our name stands for travel experiences that are based on humans and the environment. We use resources on the ground carefully and deliberately to encounter foreign cultures with respect. Together we will face the responsibility for economic and social development here and in the countries of travel. The members of FAR strive for a form of tourism which should be long term, environmentally sustainable, economically viable and ethically and socially equitable for local communities: sustainable tourism. They develop proven environmentally and socially responsible travel by a special quality that are economically feasible. And also on the market these services are sustainable: In the tourism industry, the organizers considered the trendsetter for innovative holiday ideas.
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Deutscher Reise Verband (DRV) is an association of the world’s largest outbound market for foreign travel. (6,000 travel agents and larger operators) represents the interests of small, mid-sized and large companies in the travel industry vis a vis service providers from inside and outside Germany and vis a vis German, European and international policy makers. DRV represents all tour operators and travel agencies of all sizes and organizational forms, service providers (suppliers of individual services in the travel industry) and foreign tourist boards vis a vis political and business circles inside and outside Germany. It informs the public at large about the advantages of tour operator travels and the professionals of the travel industry. All members from owner-manged companies down to listed international groups make DRV one of the biggest and most influential travel associations in the world. Over 80 percent of the turnover of the German travel industry is being generated by the members of DRV.

Each year DRV presents the International EcoTrophea Environmental Award to innovative, effective and exemplary> projects that give attention to tourism and environmental matters. 2011 award info

Allianz Selbstaendiger Reiseunternehmen (ASR), represents an alliance of independent travel companies (based in Berlin), created for travel agents and tour operators from the middle class. The ASR as an association representing exclusively the Interests of the independent middle class in the tourism industry. The aim is to obtain the greatest possible diversity in the market for travel agents as well as for tour operators. The ASR sees great importance in forming cooperations with all organizations involved in tourism.
Also: http://www.asr4you.de

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - The umbrella organisation for German International Cooperation was created in 2011 merging the programs and structures of GTZ, DED and InWent
März veranstaltet das Sektorvorhaben „Tourismus und nachhaltige Entwicklung“, durchgeführt von der GIZ im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ), im Rahmen des ITB-Kongresses eine Diskussion mit dem Titel

German Bundestag - Committee on Tourism - The Committee on Tourism works to create a favourable environment for the tourism sector, and seeks to ensure global trends are recognised promptly and incorporated into German marketing strategies.

Politischer Umbruch: Welche Rolle spielt der Tourismus?“. (PDF)

Handbuch Tourismusplanung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Matthias Beyer, Eschborn 2014. (pdf, 6.25 MB, DE)Tourism Planning in Development Cooperation: A Handbook. Matthias Beyer, Eschborn 2014. (pdf, 6.21 MB, EN)Der Beitrag des Tourismus zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung und zur Erreichung der Millenniumsentwicklungsziele. BMZ-Strategiepapier 2|2011 (pdf, 0.27 MB, DE)The contribution of tourism to sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. A BMZ Position Paper 2|2011e (pdf, 0.18 MB, EN)Masse und Klasse: Welchen Tourismus brauchen die Entwicklungsländer? Klaus Lengefeld, in "eins Entwicklungspolitik Information Nord-Süd", Frankfurt am Main, Issue 02-03-2007.Klaus Lengefeld: Community-based und Kleinunternehmen – oder Masse: welchen Tourismus brauchen die Entwicklungsländer? (pdf, 0.18 MB, DE)Klaus Lengefeld : Approche communautaire et PME ou tourisme de masse : quel tourisme pour les pays en développement ? (pdf, 0.17 MB, FR)Klaus Lengefeld: Turismo basado en la comunidad y en pequeñas empresas, o turismo masivo: Qué tipo de turismo necesitan los países en desarrollo (pdf, 0.18 MB, ES)Tourism – International cooperation perspectives. Burghard Rauschelbach, in “Rural 21” Vol. 45 Nr. 4/2011: “Sustainable tourism” (pdf, 0.88 MB, EN)Benefits for rural areas. Klaus Lengefeld, in “Rural 21” Vol. 45 Nr. 4/2011: “Sustainable tourism” (pdf, 0.95 MB, EN)Pro-poor tourism needs sustainable land use. Manuel Junck, in “Rural 21” Vol. 45 Nr. 4/2011: “Sustainable tourism” (pdf, 0.74 MB, EN)Exploring the leakage effect of tourism in developing countries. Lea Lange. GIZ, Eschborn 2011 (pdf, 1.78 MB, EN)Tourism as a Contribution to Sustainable Development. GIZ, Eschborn o.J. (pdf, 1.18 MB, EN)Tourism as a Field of Activity in German Development Cooperation. GIZ, Eschborn 2007 (pdf, 2.24 MB, EN)eDossier Nachhaltiger Tourismus/Sustainable Tourism (pdf, 0.29 MB, DE)Theme pack tourism (GIZ press office)

Heidehof Foundation was founded in 1971 and renamed in 2005. The mission is to commit to a dedicated scope of education, health and social issues, handicapped persons as well as ecology and nature conservation. Within this scope, the Foundation therefore peruses sustainable tourism development and uses education to highlight the importance of and biodiversity protection through the promotion of ecology, landscapes and indigenous peoples.

Ecotrans is a European Network with members throughout 12 European countries. They all are engaged with subjects related to tourism, regional development and the environment, so that with practical attempts and initiatives long-term sustainable and sustainable tourism can be developed. This charitable and independent organisation was founded in 1993.

The University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde is dedicated to the sustainable development of rural areas. They offer a masters programme on Sustainable Tourism Management. Staff: Wolfgang Strasdas

ICRT Germany - German branch of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism





Oct 9 - Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism: The German Experience

More organizations


Invent - Innovative Marketing Concepts for Sustainable Tourism Products (Market Segmentation Study)
Verkehrsclub Deutschland - ("The German Mobility Association") - is a registered non-profit organisation lobbying for a sustainable travel policy, i.e. a environmentally and socially acceptable, safe and healthy mobility.

DED Tourismus - Tourism Programme of the German Development Service

ECPAT - began as a campaign against child prostitution in Asian tourism, which is closely tied to the issue of child sex tourism. The national ECPAT groups in Austria and Germany also act as the local representative for the Tourism Child-Protection Code (http://thecode.org)

sustainable-tourism.com - Consultancy

www.studienkreis.org - The Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung (Institute for Tourism and Development) concerns itself with development related information and education in tourism. In this context it edits material for publication, it organises international contests, it offers training and seminars for people employed in the tourism sector, it is active in the area of tourism research and consultancy and it is involved in the public debate on tourism development issues.

http://akte.ch - The arbeitskreis tourismus & entwicklung (akte) is concerned with the social, cultural, economic and ecological impacts of tourism on development. It aims to raise public awareness, advocates fair trade in tourism in a critical dialogue with the travel industry, and encourages travellers to be informed consumers.

http://www.fairunterwegs.org/ - the other travel site for a tourism with future

http://tourism-watch.de/ - TourismWatch is a quarterly newsletter that provides reports and background information about tourism in developing countries.

http://www.reisemitdemplus.at/ - is an initiative of young innovative Vienna travel agencies, dedicated to sustainable travel.

respect - Institute for Integrative Tourism and Development - "the voice of sustainable development in tourism: takes a close look at the interdependence of tourism, the environment and the people. respect encourages and promotes tourism and development projects that are culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable. They advocate participation and self-determination of regions and communities in the context of tourism development."


Alpine Pearls - The Alpine Pearls is a network of 20 communities that offer easy, yet comfortable ways to enjoy holidays in environmentally conscious fashion. Climate protection and nature conservation via soft mobility are part and parcel of the Alpine Pearl association's focus. In 2011 the Alpine Pearls were awarded the Tourism for Tomorrow Award by WTTC - World Travel and Tourism Council.

ALPARC - the Alpine Network of Protected Areas - "Sustainable Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Soft Mobility" Working group

Viabono - National Tourism brand for natural enjoyment in Germany - incl. booking engine.

Kiel Earth Institute

Zukunft Reisen - Portal for sustainable tourism in Germany
Viabono - national marketing platform for ecological sound tourism.

Ecological Tourism in Europe (Ökologischer Tourismus in Europa) - a non-profit organisation that provides a forum for NGOs working in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection, sustainable tourism, youth, leisure activities and culture.

Portal for sustainable tourism in Germany
Forum Tourismus & Kritik iz3w, A project on tourism to Third World countries

GATE - Netzwerk, Tourismus, Kultur e.V. - GATE is a German organisation and wants to establish anthropological perspectives and ideas within the tourism industry. In particular, we are striving to create social relations between tourists and local communities which are beneficial and satisfying to both sides. In other words, tourism that corresponds with anthropological concepts!

EUROPARC represents 441 members. These include protected areas, governmental departments, NGO's and businesses in 36 countries, who themselves manage the green jewels of Europe's land, sea, mountains, forests, rivers and cultural heritage. Office is located in Regensburg.

Nationale Naturlandschaften is a network of 14 Nationalparks, 16 Biosphere Reserves and more than 100 Nature parks in Germany.
Naturschutz und Entwicklung (Conservation and Development)

DZT (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus)

TourCert - CSR-certification association with the not-for-profit goal to encourage sustainable economic activity by offering a credible auditing and certification.

EUROPARC Federation - endeavours to exchange expertise, experience and best practise as well as to collaborate with others to ensure the value and meaning of protected areas is at the heart of Europe. They coordinate the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.

NFI (Naturfreunde Internationale) - With over 500,000 members in 50 member and partner organisations, the Friends-of-Nature movement, founded in 1895, is one of the largest non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide. NFI's work is focused on shaping the sustainable development of our societies and includes in particular protecting, cultivating and making people aware of our natural and cultural heritage; consciously engaging with nature and culture, the two pillars of a global, socially sound and fair societal development;making the right to a healthy environment and living conditions a reality for all people; treating people from diverse countries and regions with respect, irrespective of their gender, origin or colour;mediating between the interests of the visited and the visitors;encouraging sustainable mobility;ensuring that nature-based tourism is environmentally compatible.

VISIT (Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism)

Lernen und helfen sprachreisen

Touriseum - the Museum of Tourism, located in Meran/South Tyrol, is the only museum in the Alps devoted exclusively to the history of tourism. A virtual tour is available.

The Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism (Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen für Tourismus) certifies accommodation, camp sites, catering services. The Austrian Eco-label was created in 1990. The logo symbolizes the elements of ecology: earth, water, nature and air.

Sustainability Code of the German Speaking event industry - http://www.fairpflichtet.de/en

Swiss Parks: National parks, regional nature parks and nature discovery parks are the most original natural and cultural landscapes in Switzerland.The Swiss parks support a network. This is used for exchange of experiences and supports public relations. http://www.paerke.ch/en/index.php

Zenat - Centre for Sustainable Tourism - Institute linked to the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

Alpine Convention - Sustainable Tourism Working Group - http://www.alpconv.org/en/organization/groups/tourism



Tourismus mit Verantwortung

Recommended Viewing

Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism Panel… (29:53)
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Carbon offsetting

climateaustria is a carbon offsetting scheme in Austria
myclimate is a carbon offsetting scheme in Switzerland
atmosfair is a carbon offsetting scheme in Germany

Contests / Awards

TO DO! International Contest Socially Responsible Tourism
TOURA D'OR - Film Contest for Sustainable Tourism
signaTOUR - Media Award for a Tourism with future
Sonntag Aktuell Touristikpreis - Tourism Award Sonntag Aktuell Magazine
DRV Ecotrophea - International Award of the German Travel Association, highlighting positive expls for ecological and social developments http://www.bundeswettbewerb-tourismusdestinationen.de National Sustainable Destination Awards

Ferien-Messe Wien 2012

Other Events

TourCert Forum 2015

ITB - CSR in Tourism: Sustainability as an overarching theme at ITB Berlin
New ideas and a fresh impetus for more corporate social responsibility in tourism - ITB CSR Day with controversial topics and a presentation of an exclusive study in association with the GfK on the subject of "Top CSR companies from the customers' viewpoint"

IMEX - Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events - Environmental IMEX -
Austrian Eco-Label for Green Meetings - http://www.greenmeetings.umweltzeichen.at/
EVVC e.V. - Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. - European Associaton of Event Centres - Certification Scheme -

Green Meetings and Events Conference, Feb 26-27, 2013 - http://www.greenmeetings-und-events.de/



Institut für interdisziplinäre Tourismusforschung - Universität Salzburg

The University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde is dedicated to the sustainable development of rural areas. They offer a masters programme on Sustainable Tourism Management. Staff: Wolfgang Strasdas

Institut für Tourismuswirtschaft ITW - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

MODUL University Vienna - BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management, MSc International Tourism Management


Willy Scharnow Foundation for Tourism, Frankfurt

http://www.quality-magazine.ch -


Germans spend more money (€61.5 billion) on trips abroad than any other nation.







EcoTrophea 2011