Buzzword Bingo: Geolocation = Technological process of determining the geographical location of an Internet user


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Geolocation = Technological process of determining the geographical location of an Internet user

We have long yearned to understand where we are on the planet and now it's easier than ever. Maps and geolocation services are among the most commonly used features on smartphones and tablets.

PC World Article on geo-location 101
ABC Radio National 'By Design' segment on geolocation



Geolocation, geolocation, geolocation


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Dropping the Pin on Artesanias Teresita

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It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know - Tracking a customer’s whereabouts is part and parcel of what phone companies do for a living. Every seven seconds or so, the phone company of someone with a working cellphone is determining the nearest tower, so as to most efficiently route calls. And for billing reasons, they track where the call is coming from and how long it has lasted.

Geolocation tops social media trend - Cities could dot the landscape with checkin posts that offer information on the neighborhood or track and reward you for being on foot.


Buzzword Bingo

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Drop the pin = Letting people know where you are through Google maps or any app that shows your location on a map.

SoLoMo = Mobile phone apps that combine social networking and location data. [Social+location+mobile.]

wherever it is is the right place (ost)