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Gameification = The idea of turning an otherwise mundane process into a game, to give people more of an incentive to do it.

Get into the game.


gameification - Google News

Native Innovation Conference

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access - achievement - altruism - appointment - attention - awards - badge - behavior - challenge - communal discovery - competition - contest - engagement - fun - game - gameification - happy hour - incentive - influence - interaction - leader board - level up - leverage - loyalty - manipulation - mastery - metagame - motivation - play - players - point system - prize - progress bar - recognition - rewards - serious games - traffic - trust - unlock



Recommended Listening

Gamification - why shouldn't life be a game?
And now, the weather... from 1914
Fighting Talk (not precisely about gameification but the program awards 'points for punditry')

Recommended Viewing

Seth Priebatsch - TED Talk on the game layer


Google Maps Getting Gamified on Google+

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The last decade was social. The next decade is gaming.
- Seth Priebatsch, The game layer on top of the world

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Gameification On (h/t @martinhatchuel @ThisTourismWeek )

The last decade was social. The next decade is gaming.
Earth Day Contest (Concurso Dia de la Tierra) @ Oaxaca 04.2012
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