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Fort Wayne is a riverine city in northeast Indiana. The state's second largest city, Fort Wayne was built at the confluence of three rivers: the St. Joseph River, St. Marys River and Maumee River.

Some history. In 1794 the 'fort' in Fort Wayne was built near the Indigenous Miami village of Kekionga. In the language of the Miami tribe, 'kekionga' may means Blackberry Patch though this is disputed.


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Fort Wayne Parks

Thursday, October 12 @FortWayneParks will hold a public hearing on its 5-year master plan. The hearing begins at 530pm at the Riverlodge Pavilion in Shoaff Park (6401 St. Joe Road)
Public Notice (PDF)

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Keeping fun afloat
A Festival of Three Rivers #TRF2016
Floats get prepared for parade


July 7-15 Three Rivers Festival - Fort Wayne's biggest summer party since 1969. Highlights include a parade, a bed race, a running race, raft race, heaps of junk food and (to be confirmed) bike valet service. The festival is an annual tradition and begins the Saturday after Independence Day (July 4) and runs nine days. Hashtag: #TRF2017.

Details on the Three Rivers Festival website -- -- and Facebook and Twitter: @threeriversfest

Saturday morning: The Three Rivers Festival Parade winds through downtown beginning at 945am. The parade is sponsored by Lutheran Health Network. Other festival highlights this weekend include Art in the Park, Chalk Walk, river excursions, antique shows and rummage sales. Free leisurely pontoon rides on the St. Mary!

the international village takes place on the last two days of the event and features tasty foods from nine countries: poland, laos, italy, burma, ethiopia, philippines, mexico, vietnam and kenya. For updates, check out the International Village's Facebook page. Admission is free, entertainment is free, food is very reasonably priced and extremely delicious!

Many activities take place at Headwaters Park.

Three_Rivers_Festival - Wikipedia

September 16-17 Johnny Appleseed Festival
Each year the people of Fort Wayne invite visitors from throughout the nation to celebrate the pioneer spirit of John Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed," Chapman was a colorful character of the Indiana frontier in the early 1800s. During the latter part of his life, Chapman traveled the countryside on foot, planting orchards in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. In the process, he became a national folk hero and his gravesite memorial area in Fort Wayne's Archer Park has been designated a National Historic Place. There is NO admission fee for this family fun weekend event. The 2014 iteration is the 40th anniversary of the event.

Miami Indian Heritage Days -

June 2018. 38th Greek Festival and enjoy a large variety of Greek cuisine + entertainment including live music, & dancing. Opa!







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Thursdays & Sundays
5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm

Riverfront Fort Wayne Historic Boat Tours are your chance to learn more about our city’s heritage through its riverfront. Your guide will lead you through a different riverfront history lesson by boat. Take the opportunity to sit back, relax and hear stories of yesteryear while being surrounded by our urban waters.

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The Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association (NIPRA) works to link Fort Wayne to Chicago, stops in between and eastward, via passenger rail. Facebook

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Points of Interest: Filtration Plant

The Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant was constructed at the confluence of Fort Wayne's three rivers in 1933. When it was built, it had the capacity to produce 24 million gallons of treated water per day (MGD). Since the original construction there have been two major additions: a 24 MGD expansion in 1955 and a 24 MGD addition in 1981. The total capacity of the Plant today is 72 million gallons per day, enough to supply the needs of Fort Wayne for at least the next 10 to 15 years.

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