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Foodies play a critical role in promoting responsible travel and ecotourism. Choosing what we eat and where we eat goes a long way in building communities and improving the health of travelers and locals alike.

Foodie Faves

Pulque y Tepache, Llano Park @ Oaxaca 09.2013
Fridays: Llano Park
Tepache and tejate

Keep these do's and don'ts in mind when shopping for food:

Visitor Do's
Find out what's in season where you are!
Choose locally produced food harvested in season.
Buy from local markets and small restaurants.
Ask where the food comes from.
Support organic or chemical-free growers where possible.
Visit organic gardens.
Patronize restaurants that work with communities.

Visitor Don'ts
Do not consume food made from endangered plants and animals.

Local Do's
Be proud of local food and traditions.
Explain the provenance of the local food
Offer tours or point the way to organic gardens
Ask your guests to fill out a simple survey: What are you favorite and least favorite foods?

Local Don'ts

Don't expect visitors to have the same palette as locals
Don't expect visitors to know the difference between the moles


Become aware of the new terms making the rounds around the world, including slow food -- use local seasonal produce and honoring traditional methods of preparation -- and food miles -- which shows the distance that food travels from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer. Introducing another new word - localvores -- people whose diet is based on what is produced within a 100-mile or 100-kilometer radius.

At the Market

Be patient. Meals are made to order. It takes longer for a chocolate de agua than a champurrado, longer for a memela than a tamale. If you need to wash your hands, bring your own cleaning gel or ask to use the bathroom.

Be Engaged on Flickr

YOUR TURN - Photos of the world food and markets are cordially invited in our World Food Group on Flickr:

Games: I'd eat that!

Kudos to Melissa Biggs for coming up with this game. Take a look at the Flickr pics in the World food group and figure out which photos would go into the following categories:
I would eat that
You can eat that, but I won't.
No one should eat that