Foodspotting: Pescado en Amaranto Verde, Comala Restaurant @ Oaxaca 03.2012
How to make the most of Foodspotting

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Breaking: Foodspotting just celebrated a birthday and more than three delicious years of helping people find and share great dishes wherever they go. January 2013 News: Foodspotting is joining forces with OpenTable
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Background: In 2013 the Foodspotting database now had three million photos of dishes from all around the world, and users are adding a few hundred thousand photos every month.

Advantages - great way to see what's on offer nearby
Disadvantage - No mention of ambiance; no translation into Spanish


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Examples -

Foodspotting -- -- began in 2009 when cofounders Alexa Andrzejewski (Adaptive Path), Ted Grubb (Get Satisfaction) and Soraya Darabi (New York Times) realized that while there were many restaurant review apps, there was no easy way to find or rate specific dishes. We set out to create a new kind of local guide that is unique because:


Foodspotting helps you decide what to eat, not just where, by enabling you to find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good at a particular restaurant and discover the best foods around you wherever you go.


When you’re out and about and hungry, you don’t want to read long, snarky reviews. You just want to see what’s good nearby. By showing you photos of nearby foods and keeping our rating system simple (If you love it, nom it!), we’re making decision-making easier.


Because we know that even a “one star restaurant” can have one amazing dish, we want to know what you love, not what you hate. We encourage spotters to share only the foods that they like and to “nom” the foods that they love.


We believe that good food can be found anywhere, and built Foodspotting to work in any city, small town or country from the start. We want to encourage exploration and enable you to discover new foods and find them locally. Our goal is to cover the earth with amazing food sightings, and since launching Foodspotting in January 2010, over 598,101 foods have been spotted around the world.

Challenge: We challenge Foodspotters to upload photos of indigenous foods.


To host an eatup:
1. Pick a restaurant, date, and time. Our eatups are usually attended by a combination of foodspotters and friends you know. Check out our tips on how to host an eatup:
2. Create an online invitation. We like to use Facebook, but use any event invitation service that you like. Once you’ve created the invitation, start spreading the word!

Examples of eatup invites on Facebook
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