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We love folk art! These are the physical reminders of a shared history from one's own family or collected via travel. The embroidered handkerchief. The wooden box. It's what's made, what's purchased, what's exchanged and what's been received as a gift. How many of us have an antique from one's own family.


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Nov 13-15 Feria Maestros del Arte
Feria Maestros del Arte

Spotlight on Oaxaca

We talk a lot about the folkart in Oaxaca, Mexico where Ron Mader lived for more than ten years. This was a transformational decade in terms of technology and communication. Artisans whose towns had only one phone line now had direct access via cellphones. How many of us have a set of alebrijes from Oaxaca, Mexico? Woven rugs from the Central Valleys?

August 16, 730pm Oaxaca, 530pm Las Vegas Celebrando la Historia de la Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño
Guest: Nicodemus Bartolo Vásquez
This week we are hanging out with Don Nicodemus, proprietor of La Jacieria El Arte Oaxaqueño. Please join us Sunday, 730pm Oaxaca and 530pm Vegas-California. Questions and greetings are welcome in English and Spanish. The hangout will be conducted mostly in Spanish with Ron translating a bit here and there. Oaxaca Wiki editors are encouraged to spiff up the pages you are working on. Bonus points for improving our coverage of folk art and mercados.

16 Aug: Celebrando La Jarceria El Arte Oaxaqueño Hangout #OaxacaToday #OaxacaHoy @edgarbartolo @melisu_b


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Would you like to publish a directory of artisans online? = ¿Le gustaría publicar en línea un directorio de artesanos? #roofdog


Would you like to publish a directory of artisans online? = ¿Le gustaría publicar en línea un directorio de artesanos?

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Artisan trade - Are you into beading, embroidery or woodcarving? While many types of artisan crafts and trades are booming, some traditional trades such as tatting are on the verge of extinction. Why are the artisan trades so fascinating? And how do we best nurture and protect such craftsmanship?

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska State Council on the Arts recently produced an updated Customs Guide on Alaska Native Arts. Long recognized as an excellent tool for the Alaska Native art market, the online guide helps artists, arts patrons, and retailers interpret the complex wildlife laws that affect the international trade of some of Alaska’s most unique products. Details and Download (PDF)

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Now a pet peeve: the word 'artisanal' used on factory-made items. If you're going to call something artisinal, you should know the name of the artisan.


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Call for Conservation
Markets invaded by curios made in other countries and sometimes other continents.

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National Museum of Popular Art, Mexico City

July - Santa Fe, New Mexico


Expo Fonaes November 24-27 (elephant in the room!) @FONAES_Mx #ExpoFONAESInvierno

Fabricando Nuestro Futuro: Guia para amigos y artesanos usando redes sociales

Mexico Parks and Crafts Conversation

Me encanta la liga, pero un hay un directorio de los artesanos o donde se vende sus productos? Trabajo en turismo y escribo articulos acerca parques nacionales y la cultura local. Podemos conectar los artesanos con visitantes extranjeros y nacionales.