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Take a ‘First Bite’ of the cultural, social, scientific, historical and sensual world of food with Michael Mackenzie on ABC Radio National.

The program ventures on to the street, and into the eateries, laboratories, libraries and kitchens around the world in a quest to uncover the conundrums of consumption. Michael talks to industry movers and shakers, shares personal stories and the latest food news and views.

Live Saturday 9.30 am (230pm Friday in Las Vegas)
Repeated: Wednesday 2.30 pm (730pm Tuesday in Las Vegas)

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Come for the scenery, stay for the food
Travel may broaden the mind, but these days it's just as likely to stretch the palate.
Food travel, that is visiting various parts of the globe to experience the cuisine, is starting to eclipse other reasons for getting on that plane.

Food branding Australia
If global food travellers demand an authentic, hands-on and unique food experience is that what Australia offers?

Fave Features

RN First Bite from Orange Wine Week
RN First Bite's Michael Mackenzie broadcasts from the Orange Conservatorium of Music where he is in conversation with a German cheese maker, a University wine maker, an investment banker turned vinegar producer and an Iraqi born oboist who still honours the food of his birthplace.

"Cook simple food. Cook it well and enjoy it with the people you love. It doesn't have to be a great performance. The best meals you've eaten you can't even remember the food. It's about the experience and the people who are there." - Lesley Russell 51.30

Top Songs To Cook To

Say that again: tales of noisy nosh
So many of our modern eateries are built with reflective surfaces, floor included. So when a place heats up the last thing you can hear is the person sitting across the table.

Compost Cuisine
How much food to you throw away at home? Those bits of wilted bok choy or bendy carrots rattling around your crisper or the leftover Indian takeaway are probably destined for the bin.

The future of the cookbook is up in the air
What's the future of cookbooks in our shelves and kitchens when that essential recipe is just a mouse click away? We talk to a long-time publisher and a self-confessed 'foodie tech head' about what sells on paper and what doesn't anymore. Is there room for peaceful co-existence between the digital world and that dog-eared, food-stained tome we hold in our hands, or is the cookbook relegated to being a gift that no longer gives?

Fresh food wars
Like the charm of a local market but the convenience of a one-stop supermarket? There's concern Australia's supermarket giants are trying to muscle in on the popularity of farmers markets by beefing up their fresh food credentials. But are they really taking on the small guys, or is it just a battle for perception over reality? We walk and talk through the aisles and the stalls.

Fast Food Fact: Origin of the Easter egg
RN's Alan Saunders, presenter of The Philosopher's Zone, ponders the chequered history of the Easter egg and questions our contemporary obsession with it being chocolate.

Origins of the restaurant
Ever wondered where the very first restaurant originated? Ancient Rome, China and France are all on the cards -- but which was it? Alan Saunders from The Philosopher's Zone has been investigating for RN First Bite.

Shopping for food conglomerates in your local supermarket
Selling us food is a multi-billion dollar global business, so who owns what? Are we really shopping for choice? Throw in the homebrand power of the big two supermarkets and the waters start to get very shallow and hard to navigate. We tour the shelves to reveal the facts.