Buzzword Bingo: Fan Art
Fan Art

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Fan art = Art made by a fan

Also see: artwork, fanboy, fangirl

Special request: please help create your own poster for Responsible Travel Week 2017


Do we encourage fan art?

In Oaxaca, Mexico it is difficult to find information about an event until the official poster is published and distributed, sometimes days or weeks after the event has occurred. Two things have changed: Facebook allows the distribution of posters in record time and with LOLcats and the like, there's been an explosion of fan art.

Should we not all be creating our own fan art of the products and places and events we love?
Can we fill out this page with examples around the world?

Here's my promotion of Christmas in Oaxaca with a slogan that sums up what I've learned in 10 years: Come for the Rabanos, Stay for the Totomoxtle

Digital Literacy Skills

Be generous: Pin any of these images to Pinterest
Be creative: Make your own fan art
Be creative: Publish your own fan art on Flickr
Be creative: Tweet where we can find your fan art

Bonus points: please help create your own poster for Responsible Travel Week 2014 and Indigenous Peoples Week 2014



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