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Big Picture

In order to create a productive experience for organizers, participants and our readers we ask that you help edit the relevant local guide on this wiki. Event organizers can also contribute suggestions to the relevant place-based guide which appears on and this wiki.

We would like our site to be judged after you have an opportunity to help us make it better. If no place-based guide exists, then help us create one! We reserve the right to make further edits and to polish the information in a way that respects locals and visitors. You are encouraged to add a link from the event page on your website to our place-based guide.

Example - if you are holding an event in a certain place, please help us provide the 'big picture' so that visitors better understand the natural world and cultural heritage of the place. If there are markets or parks to visit, help us put this into context. On a practical level, ask whether the information about transportation up-to-date. The rationale here is that events, whether they are tech conferences, academic meetings, tourism expos, have the potential for teaching us all all about the specific locale, the region and country.

Greening Events

We ask organizers to evaluate the conference in terms of being eco- and people-friendly. Are sustainable practices highlighted? Are locals engaged? Are there pre- and post-conference online conversations? If it's an official event with limited capacity, are there satellite events in other locations? We don't ask event to be perfect, but we would like to help everyone toward better documentation and engagement.

Finally, please note that we ask that conference organizers DO NOT add us to any email mailing list. Personal messages are fine, but broadcast messages are best suited to the social web applications.

Top Tips

Announce the event well in advance.
Make a poster - and upload it to Facebook, Flickr and Google
Create an event page on Facebook
Reach out! Don't just invite people online, in person (or at least via phone) invite some good friends and colleagues

Is there an event page on Facebook? = ¿Hay una página del evento en Facebook? #roofdog

Question: What is a media partner?

How to have promote your event. We request that include a link to from your web presence. You are welcome to use the logo.

Facebook - Announce

Engaging Ron Mader

I, Ron Mader, charge financially or in-kind for speaking engagements and workshops. Please let me know if there are ways I can assist in your event.

Time Commitment

Promoting and recapping event on Twitter
Account on Twitter
1 hour/week
Fave or retweet your post
Promoting and recapping event on YouTube
Account on YouTube
2-3 hours
Fave your video and/or add it to a playlist
Promoting and recapping event on Wiki
(Advanced) Account on Wiki
1-2 hours/month
Add links on relevant pages
Inviting Ron Mader to speak at the event
(Advanced) Mentioning event on Planeta Wiki
1-6 months including texts, facebook, facetime, flickr, skype, twitter, youtube, creating collaborative work agenda
Speak at your event and/or conduct workshops


We suggest that event organizers embrace the social web, particularly Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twitter, YouTube. Please document the process behind the scenes using tools that permit the participation of those who attend (or wish they could attend!) the event. Flickr, for example, can be used to create a collective pool of photographs. Facebook can be used to allow participants to exchange ideas through that platform as well. can comment on these third-party sites and include links on our site.

Let's talk if your constituents would benefit from personalized workshops logo

If we can come to an agreement, you are welcome to include the logo on your website and event materials. If you would like to use other artwork from our site, just ask.

Announce the event on your institutional website in advance. Print the page and show your partners. Get them on board so that they too announce the event online their websites. Be sure to use social web tools. Promoting events requires flexible strategies promoting communication and conversation. You have plenty of tools on and off the Web. Our top suggestion - budget time before, during and after the event to make the most of connecting the online and natural worlds. Be honest with yourself and your colleagues.

After the event, post a summary on your website (whether a formal media release or an informal review), accompanied by photos and presentations. You should also announce and summarize the event elsewhere on the Web.

We ask that you keep us up-to-date on your preparation, providing status reports before the event and a summary within a day or two after the event.

Our other request/demand is that you help us edit the specific place-based guide to where the event takes place. Search our site and if you do not find the town or city guide, help us create one.

If you are inviting us to participate in an event, send us a poster or a brochure to our online gallery. Examples: New Zealand Ecotourism Conference Brochure, Ecoturismo Urbano en la Ciudad de México and Taller Internet. We also recommend that you post the promotional images on your own Flickr gallery.

If you are inviting us to give a workshop, prepare certificates of attainment or diplomas with the event artwork. Example: Taller Internet

What not to do? Don't make your first announcement the same week as the event. The Web may be fast, but potential visitors need time to make adjustments to their schedule.

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