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Engage RT (Engaging Responsible Travel) takes place in Mossel Bay, South Africa (May 29, 2015) and makes the case for responsible travel to South Africa and the world. It is followed by an online hangout. Details: Travel Mossel Bay!
Location: Garden Route Casino

FYI, there are some bandwidth issues at the venue. The video hangouts are postponed


Thursday, 28 May

Hosted tour operators’ programme

  • Invited guests only.

Hosted tour operators travel from Cape Town to Mossel Bay by luxury coach (thank you, Hylton Ross Exclusive Touring!) - with stops along the way for coffee and rusks with Guillaume Marais (tourism manager for the Hessequa region) at Delish Restaurant in Heidelberg; for a wine tasting and pizzas at Mossel Bay’s only wine farm - Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar; and for elephant feeding at Indalu Game Reserve. Dinner at Café Gannet in Mossel Bay.

Friday, 29 May

Hosted tour operators’ programme

  • Invited guests only.

08:00 Post cards from The Tree each buyer will write a real, printed postcard, and post it from The Post Office Tree in the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex (their postage stamps will be marked with a special commemorative frank). Afterwards, depart for a full-day Tour of Mossel Bay.


  • Mossel Bay Tourism’s ‘Tourism Development Conference’
  • Open to all. Free of charge.
  • Venue: Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

09:00 Customer Service with Denise Lindley of the François Ferreira Academy - defining service; dealing with conflict; teamwork; attributes of good F&B service staff.
09:50 Tea
10:00 Basic Table Service with Denise Lindley - wine and drinks service, etc.
10:50 Tea
11:00 Cooking with Coffee - a cooking demonstration with François Ferreira of the François Ferreira Academy (ends 12:00).

Mossel Bay's ‘Engage RT’

  • International online and real-world conference on responsible travel.
  • Open to all. Free of charge.
  • Venue: Bravo Lounge, Garden Route Casino
FYI, there are some bandwidth issues at the venue. Presentations are delayed a bit.

13:30 Engaging Responsible Travel with Ron Mader (owner of - the world’s oldest responsible travel web site - and editor-in chief of the responsible travel wiki: Live streamed from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Google+ Hangouts:
14:20 Responsible Travel Workshop (part 1) with Caroline Ungersbock of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme. Live streamed from Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Google+ Hangouts:
15:00 Tea
15:20 Responsible Travel Workshop (part 2) with Caroline Ungersbock. Live streamed from Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Google+ Hangouts:
16:00 Deborah McLaren (Author of Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel). Live streamed from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Google+ Hangouts:
16:40 Wrap up with Ron Mader. Live streamed. Ends 17:00
Google+ Hangouts:

Mossel Bay’s Local Produce Party

18:30 Partayyyyyy! (Ends 20:30)
19:00 Caravel Awards Ceremony- live streamed from Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Google+ Hangouts:

Saturday, 30 May

Hosted tour operators’ programme
  • Invited guests only.

09:00 - 15:30 Mossel Bay Tourism’s Mini Indaba
19:00 Dinner at The Point Hotel

Mossel Bay Tourism’s Mini Indaba

08:00 Exhibitors’ set-up
09:00 Exhibitions and and speed networking session with lucky draws
14:00 Exhibitions end
14:00 The Point of Human Origins Experience: a presentation by Dr. Peter Nilssen (the archaeologist who introduced the Pinnacle Point Caves to science. The Caves have since revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour.)
14:30 Responsible Tourism: a presentation by Caroline Ungersbock of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (Ends 15:00)

Sunday, 31 May

Hosted tour operators’ programme
  • Invited guests only.

09:00 Visit the Pinnacle Point Caves with Dr. Peter Nilssen
11:00 Depart for Cape Town with stops in Albertinia (lunch and a tour of the aloe products factory at The House of Aloes); and in Still Bay (tour the Inverroche Distillery - which makes the world’s first fynbos gin).

Working Notes for Ron's presentation
Ron Mader will address the event online from Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron will introduce the core values of responsible travel and provide case studies, aka examples, from around the world.

Ron's slideshare presentation will be posted online Slideshare and updated before, during and after the event. These are the working notes

Games (Gameification On)

Take photos and videos and share online. Give yourself one point for each successful upload and another point for interaction (likes, favorites, comments)

Take me to the water - Show us local water conservation and recreation.
Flickr Group: World Water -

Name that tree - Take a photo of a tree that catches your attention. Bonus points for flowering trees. Then share the photo online with the name of the tree if you know it. If you don’t, title the picture something along the likes of 'What is the name of this tree?'
Flickr Group: World Trees -

Eat or drink something delicious. Visit a locally-owned restaurant and try a regional delicacy. Flickr Group: World Food -

Find Responsible Travel on the map - Take a photo of people interacting with a local map. Get their permission (of course!) and share the picture with a brief description. Bonus points if the map is also available online.

Tweet your neighbor - Don't be shy. Reply and retweet the posts from other participants. If you cannot tweet, retweet. Bonus points for vrywilligetweetisme

Engaging Responsible Travel: Games and Social Web Challenges. Bonus points for vrywilligetweetisme
Gameification On

What distinguishes responsible travel from irresponsible travel? empathy. Empathy for the other, empathy for the future. We draw upon deep values including stewardship and are open to the tides of change and innovation.

I want to make the case that we all need to step up digital literacy skills so that visitors and locals have better chances for mutually beneficial interaction, aka responsible travel. In 2015 we have the power to highlight individual artisans, wonderful places off the beaten track and hidden treasures in our cities. I'll measure the effectiveness of this presentation by the amount of storytelling and storysharing I see from you on the social web. Call them contests, games or scavenger hunts, at the end of this presentation I'm going to ask to consider doing a few things with that smartphone or laptop or the old-timey desktop computer.

Locals and visitors alike have the opportunity to engage one another in new ways. Some of which are old-school, and some are never-thought-of-before revelations.

Need to work across generations, need to be digitally inclusive. How? Lessons from wales, new zealand - nethui

Our stories are now woven across different platforms and look different depending on the device from which we view our deluge of digital confetti

Spotlight on the Western Cape
Mossel Bay
Cape Town
Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve

Case Studies

Las Vegas - Container Park. World Rugby Sevens. Dogs and Drones, net zero city, bike valet

Nevada - basinandrange, sloancanyon, lostcitymuseum

Oaxaca, Mexico - Pochote Friday/Saturday Market, Bicicletas Pedro Martinez and Teotitlán del Valle, Guelaguetza

Mexico City, Mexico - Wikimania, tesoros

New Zealand - te matatini

Australia - Sydney: Centennial Park,

London, England - - @LondonNP

Case studies; controversies; the what of RT rather than the why; but we also mentioned discussion of what USA can learn from RT in SA.

Buzzword Bingo

App - Biodiversity - Biosphere - Cape - Caravel - Culture - Downward Accountability - Early Humans - Empathy - Engagement - Human Origins - Intentional - Journey - Livestreaming - Mainstreaming - Markets - Seafood - Silo - Story - Vibe - Virtue - Vrywilligetweetisme

Engaging Responsible Travel

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Buzzword Bingo: Downward accountability = HOW an organization engages with its ‘beneficiaries’, builds relationships, and is accountable for results

Responsible Travel Week 2015