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Tips for Wiki Editors

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Big News - The Planeta Wiki will cease to exist at the end of July 2018. We have exported the files and are busy looking for another way to build a wiki platform. We are also making major updates to Planeta.com.

Many, many thanks to the editors. If there is anything you'd like to see transferred sooner than later from the wiki to Planeta.com, let Ron Mader know.

How to edit the Planeta Wiki

1) Confirm with Ron Mader your interest
2) Register for an account on Wikispaces and login
3) Open the page you'd like to edit and click 'edit'
4) Make your additions/corrections
5) Click 'save'
6) Review your changes
7) Share the page by clicking icons for Facebook, Google or Twitter in the left-hand column
8) Repeat Steps 3-7

Seeking New Planeta Editors

Why wiki? It's a lesson in collaboration and open access, improved communication and a virtual road trip.

Becoming a wiki editor requires a willingness to learn new skills as all of us are new to wikis (they didn't exist 20 years ago!) and most of us to collaboration. This work is an example of open journalism and open access. If you can make the Planeta Wiki part of a routine, we'd love to have you onboard.

Beyond the wiki, let Ron know if you'd like to any of the features we've been working on would be good Planeta.com features.

FAQ: What does 'wiki' mean? The term 'wiki' is derived from a Polynesian word meaning 'quick.' Take a look at first few slides of the wiki wiki presentation. Bottom line is that wikis are a great way to show our work (literally) as we change the world (or at least this wiki). Editors are asked to join the occasional Bonus points to editors who have a Twitter account and can manage the occasional video chat.


August 2017

This message is going out to the editors on the Planeta Wiki

Many thanks to editors who made a small change on the wiki in July. And if you haven't done so lately, please contribute something in August. We are highlighting Indigenous culture and tourism all month long as we celebrate our Indigenous Peoples Week, August 7-13. That's right - it begins next Monday.

If you're present at a great event, please find a way of adding info or links to the relevant page. If you're not present but paying attention (so easy with Twitter and Facebook), again let us know by adding info and links.

Now is the time to be more open. With most crisis created by secretive information becoming public, we advocate making as much information public and transparent as possible - starting with tourism and conservation info. Are the details and social web links up-to-date?

Timely pages we're working on:

Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Indigenous Day

National Monument

Northern Territory

Street Food

Who's Who in Germany

Year of Open

Places in the spotlight - where some of you are working and traveling!



Mexico City


Zion National Park

Anywhere else?

Reminder: If you don't have the time to be a wiki editor, make an editorial suggestion here!

If you haven't already, please create your own blog or website AND to let us know. We're updating our wiki cheatsheets to Wordpress and blogs and would like to know what works best.


The big news is that Wikispaces has designated Planeta Wiki as an educational website. Let's make the most of this. I see this primarily as a tool for continuing education and adult learning. You.r contributions are much appreciated.

Technical queries
If you forget your login id, please direct message (DM) Ron Mader (@ronmader) on Twitter or Google+. If you forget your password, ask Wikispaces for a reminder.

Specific request for editors: please make sure that your editor info includes your social web links, particularly the Twitter handle and Google+ ID http://planeta.wikispaces.com/editors#table

Your edits on the wiki are much appreciated. I've heard a few reports of people unable to edit for technical reasons. If this is happening to you:
1) Reboot your computer
2) Login again to the wiki
3) Make a small edit to test this is working

If you have problems, let me where things fail. If you're having problems with one browser, you might try another. If you'd like, we can schedule a Facebook chat or hangout to talk things through.

Wiki Tip: Please help us embed information about responsible travel on the relevant regional pages. Lightning edits are much appreciated!

Technical Tip for Editors - When you are editing, if you see a funny squiggel, do not delete before checking - is it an anchor?

Quick Tips for editors

Budget time and create a routine that works for you.
Add the Planeta Wiki to your browser's favorites.
A word in favor of microedits: Small is beautiful. Instead of massive changes, lightning edits are good enough.

If you can't find a specific page, go the left column where it says 'Search Wiki' and enter the page title
Select three primary pages of which you'd like to edit.
Use the Google Hangout with Ron once in a while to get the inside scoop. (We can also record short videos to share with the world)
Make sure your wikispaces preferences allow you to receive messages. We send editors an update about 10 times a year, nearly every month.
Play nice.

Besides editing the wiki pages, you can also like them on Facebook, tweet them via Twitter and mention them on Google+.

Feel free to talk up the pages that you edit and the pages you visit simply to be informed.

Don't know where to pitch-in? Our To Do List can help you with specific actions that can use your help.

Last year (2014) we got the hang of hangouts. This year we are making most of the format. Public, recorded Google+/YouTube hangouts are indispensable for the public conversations about topics of mutual interest -- indigenous culture, responsible travel, conservation, parks and protected areas. Private hangouts can also be arranged. More about hangouts on the wiki --
http://planeta.wikispaces.com/hangout -- and on Slideshare where I offer a crash course in watching, joining and hosting --

More tips:
Come back to the same page on a weekly or monthly basis.
Find a routine that works for you.
Keep it simple!
Remember: if it's not fun, it's not working.

Style Guide
A few words about country and city pages: There's no fixed order, but pages should have exterior links to the following
Official tourism portals, including their Facebook and Twitter channels
Flickr users and/or albums relevant to the place
Tripadvisor pages relevant to the place
Twitter users with insights on the place
'Elsewhere on the Web' includes a mix of links relevant to the place. If we have enough outside links, add them to categories such as Environment, Indigenous Culture, Markets, Parks, Sports, Travel. If we have an abundance of links, we'll shift them to a links page. Examples: ozlinks, southafricalinks

A few words about photos: Please do not add images to the storage here unless absolutely necessary. We prefer embedding photos and videos with code. Recommendation: Post your own photos on Flickr or find Creative Commons-licensed photos to embed the code with the widget. What's a widget?!

Clearing Styles
Tip: When you copy and paste a link and text seems to be formatted differently, just 'clear styles' during the editing. That option is available during editing, by chosing the 'Select Text' button in the top navigation bar.

Clear Styles


Social Web Channels
Fernando Aguinaco
yogafernando.com delicious flickr @ojoqtv @yohagoyoga G+
Marcus Bauer
Austria, Germany, Who's who in German-speaking Europe
@respontour, flickr
Melissa Biggs
Colorado Springs
Tom Buckley

Gerhard Buttner
What to do in Cape Town, South Africa, South African slang,
Who's who in the UK, Lima
Geoff Button
ecotourismnz, nz westcoast
Enrique Cabanilla
community tourism
Andy Drumm
Defending Our Rainforest, Wales, Haiti, Ecuador, Honduras
Marlene Ehrenberg
df (mexico city)
Facebook: Drumm Sustainable Tourism Consulting
Sallie Grayson
people and places
Raj Gyawali
socialtours - @KingGyawali @socialtours
- facebook
Ronda Green
Andres Hammerman
and Michelle Kirby
Black Sheep Inn
Greg Hubbs
transitions abroad

Anders Kärrstedt
sami, sweden, Swedish Lapland, senses
Nutti Sami Siida Facebook
@nuttisamisiida Flickr YouTube
Zoltan Kun
Deborah McLaren
agriourism, local travel usa

Aivar Ruukel
Estonia, Finno-Ugric
Soomaa National Park
Anna Spenceley
Parks and Tourism Webinar, TAPAS
Shams Uddin
Chitral and Pakistan
@shamstheguide, flickerblogspot
Alex Vilca
John Williams
Abhishek Behl
India, Wildlife
@AbhishekKBehl @WildNavigator , Facebook,, Flipboard,

Best way to become acquainted

What's a wiki? = ¿Qué es un wiki?

Rate Your Wiki Engagement

0 – Barely consult the wiki
1 - Consult the wiki
2 – Return to the wiki at times
3 – I’m familiar enough with the wiki
4 – I’ve bookmarked the wiki
5 – I’ve tweeted about certain wiki pages
6 – I’ve edited the wiki
7 – I’ve edited the wiki this month
8 – I’ve created new pages on the wiki AND I’ve updated them
9 – I’m livestreaming a wiki hangout
10 – I have my own wiki
Rate Your Wiki Engagement

Quick Donts

Please do not be a wallflower.
Please do not copy text from another website for which you do not have copyright.
Please do not add images to the storage here unless absolutely necessary. (We prefer embedding photos and videos with code)
Please do not forget your ID and password.

Social Web Tips

Create a Twitter account so we can give you public kudos
Consult out the Slideshare presentation wiki wiki and please favorite this and add a comment (or question)
Please learn about open journalism and the potential for engaging more people

Core Skills

Have you created an account on Wikispaces?
Have you checked this month's stats?
Have you checked recent changes?
Have you checked the history of this page?
Have you checked how many times has this page been edited?

Criteria for Editors

Membership to this wiki is by invitation. To be an editor, it helps if you have already written for Planeta,com or have suggested a few edits. Bonus points to those who comment on Ron's blog, tweet (and retweet) Ron's tweets and participate in our favorite Flickr groups. If you think you can contribute to the wiki, just ask via email, google hangout or face-to-face conversations.

Editors who are not active for a few months are unceremoniously removed as editors. If this should happen to you and in you would like to rejoin our wiki, just let Ron know.

Expectations: Wiki editors are virtual volunteers asked to budget some time each month for reading and editing, starting with a page you'd like to take some ownership. When you have time and interest, we ask you to make a small change (more micro edits, please!) to a region or topic of interest to you. Bonus points if you twitter about your edits.

You ask WIIFM (What's in it for me)? Collaborative editing has major benefits. First is the satisfaction that comes from putting information into context in a collaborative manner with colleagues around the world. Second, it's a good learning opportunity to see how specialized wikis work. You can take lessons learned here and other wikis. And finally, if you help edit the wiki on a regular basis, we find ways to talk up your participation.

Our editors are encouraged to use this wiki to draw attention to your corner of the world or places that are of interest. You can use this site as a versatile whiteboard in developing a wiki page with text, links and widgets. Editors receive heartfelt thanks, plus the occasional mention in the Planeta Update and kudos announced to the world via twitter. We would love to offer editors even more so if you have ideas of what would make this work for you, let us know.


Ideally we'd like to see you make a few edits a month -- 15 minutes/week -- to share ideas or quick links. We need you to be patient and willing to collaborate. Please make the edits as you see things instead of saving them up until you 'have the time.'

Tip: On your browser, if you have a collection of favorites, place the Planeta Wiki in a place convenient for you to find it on your browser. Make it easy to return to the pages you are editing.

Try editing the test page! We love experiential learning and it's great to have a test page to test things out.

If you are seeking ideas for what to edit on the Planeta Wiki beyond your personal page, check out the To Do List

If you find any of these pages useful, talk them up via Facebook and Twitter and your own blog or website. Be generous! Be proactive!!

Keep it simple! It is critical you are willing to explore in a friendly, collaborative manner the way a wiki works. Simply put, the cost of admission is active participation or engagement ... and a bit of patience as we all learn how to use the communication and conversation tools. The point is to share meaningful information and have fun.

Instead of adding graphics directly to the wiki, learn how to embed the code directly from Flickr (or other sites). What's the difference? First, embedding an image allows the audience to click an image and go directly to the source, thereby adding heaps of context. Second, it reduces the amount of files in the Planeta Wiki archives, which I shouldn't fret about but I do after years of maintaining Planeta.com archives when archiving images took up valuable space.

Dead links: If you spot a dead link, you are asked to remove it. Bonus points if you search and find a new relevant link and make replace the dead link with the one that works.

Advanced: Going somewhere?

We ask editors to help edit the places of where you are going on vacation or business trips. We don't need your itinerary but we would love to have your favorite links to news websites, weather and inspiring links. Feel free to embed photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube.

Many Thanks to our Editors for recent updates

Kudos Melissa Biggs @melisu_b for updates to Mole, Chiles and Austin

Kudos Andy @andydrumm for edits to Wales, Ecuador Parks, Defending the Rainforest, Dominican Republic

Kudos Tom @TomBuckley519 for updates to DF

Kudos Neill @Timeunlimited for updates to Time Unlimited and Auckland

Kudos to Ronda @RondaJGreen for edits to Wildlife Tourism Australia

Kudos Kiahlo @kialowinters for updates to Dine

New editor:

Kudos Aivar @Ruukel for edits to Estonia and European Ecotourism Conference

Kudos John @eurapart for updates to agritourism, drone, WTTC

Kudos Marcus @respontour for edits Austria, France, Germany and Who's Who in German-Speaking Europe

Kudos Margie @NatureWriterVgs for updates to

Kudos Razvan @VillageLife2015 for updates to Romania

Kudos Abhishek @AbhishekKBehl for updates to access and pinterest

Kudos Deborah @GetLocalFlavor for updates to Responsible Local Travel in the USA and agritourism

Kudos Shams @shamstheguide for edits to Chitral and Pakistan

Kudos Zoltan @zkun1971 for edits to Hungary and PanParks

Kudos Martin @martinhatchuel and @ThisTourismWeek for edits to Mossel Bay and South Africa Slang

Kudos Anna Moore for updates to Bogota and Colombia

Kudos Geoff @tuisong1 for edits to EcotourismNZ, NZ West Coast and NZ Wildlife

Kudos Barbara @sustourismire for edits to Ireland

Kudos Alex @ChalalanEco @alexvillca for edits to Bolivia

Kudos Tom for updates to Wellington

Kudos Gerhard @gerhardbuttner for edits to Peru, Peru Slang, Cape Town and South Africa Slang

Kudos Fernando @ojoqtv for edits to Yoga and Plastic

Kudos Enrique Cabanilla @ecabanilla for edits to community tourism, Ecuador and sustainability

Kudos Anders @nuttisamisiida and @anderskarr for edits to Sami, Sweden and Swedish

Kudos to Sallie @pandpvolunteer for edits to volunteer and people and places

Kudos to Carlos @topete for edits to ICO, Envia, Volunteer

Kudos Raj Gyawali @KingGyawali @socialtours for updates to the Nepal wiki

Kudos WINTA @localXplorer for updates to the WINTA wiki

Kudos to Pedro Martínez for edits to Colibri

Kudos to Anna @anna_spenceley for edits to TAPAS

Kudos to Chris @CReidTaylor for edits to accessible travel

Kudos to Jeanine for edits to Casa Maya

Kudos to Andres and Michelle @BlackSheepInn for edits to Ecuador, Awards and Twitter

Kudos to Marlene @marehrenberg for edits to Mexico City, Mexico City Food and Guadalajara

Previous editors

Kudos to Kurt @kurt_a for edits to Responsible Tourism in Cities and Cape Town

Video Tutorials

Also ... Wiki in Plain English

Technical Tips

Be sure to write down your login id and password.

Make sure you know how to locate the pages you're editing, how to bookmark or favorite a page, and how to use the wiki search engine.

Add content to the page itself, not the discussion page which is less visible. We would rather see your content - what you know or what you'd like to know (Questions!) on the relevant page itself. In theory the discussion link is helpful, but the messages tend to be hidden and this confuses the newbies.

Content Tips

We are seeking details about the natural and cultural worlds that help locals and visitors alike better understand places. We are particularly interested in indigenous tourism. Sustainable practices, good food and recommended travel tips are always welcome. Upcoming events should be announced on the top of this page.

Practical Tips

Budget time for your participation. It should be at least one hour per month of reading and editing (we stress the need to see your collaboration as an edit). Be proactive. Don't wait for suggestions on what to edit. Be focused and proactive and try to edit a bit each month. On this page Please DO include the link to your primary website. Other links that are welcome should go to your social web channels including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
Have a look at similar pages. That might inspire you.

Tip: If you're asked, please edit from the recovered draft.

Questions and Answers

When I go to the page it says 'protected' where it should say Edit. Help!
Tip - You need to click 'Sign in' (top right-hand corner)

What are the responsibilities of the editors?
Editors are asked to help co-develop specific features, prepare reader surveys and summarize dialogues. Please make sure that the information about your edits is accurate in the table above.

What are the requirements of the editors?
Ideally we'd like to see editors make at least 2-3 edits a month which would take about one hour of your time for reading and editing. When viewing stats, we are keeping an eye on how many editors are participating and we'd like to see the number continue to rise and you become more comfortable.

Can I add a media release to this wiki?
Yes, you can add this to your page. Be aware that if you are copying and pasting from another document, the formatting might be awry. You can clean this up through the Wikitext editor (right of the 'Save' in the navigation bar).

Can editors help edit the editor's page?
Yes! A wiki improves with age and nowhere is the clearer than the editor's page (what you're reading now). Make sure your social web links are up-to-date.

Can editors be removed from the wiki?
If editors do not provide a few edits, they may be removed after a four month lull. Previous editors are invited to return. Just contact Ron.

Any don't s?
Please do not add more than one page without talking (or skyping) with Ron
Please do not edit the home page without talking to Ron
Please do not edit the left column navigation bar
Please do not add links willy-nilly
Please do not be a perfectionist

Any technical tips?
Try not to copy and paste directly from Word documents. It can be done, but it leaves a lot of garbage HTML that needs to be cleaned up via the text editor by getting rid of all the unnecessary code.

Anything else?
We want to see more editing than talking about editing. You can't just think it. Make it real!

Please check out criteria and responsibilities for Planeta Wiki editors. We should arrange a google hangout.

A Few Words about the Format of the Page

For beginning editors, ignore the format. Please do not change the color or the size of the text and let Ron handle the basic template. Yes, this is boring but we try to keep things simple so that the text can be copied and pasted on other pages with minimal hassle. Having the same format across the wiki helps in this regard. Almost all of the pages use the following format.


The title and subheads are in Heading 3. All other text is normal. The only color at this time is black. Please keep things simple as we focus first on content. We may explore other formats in the future.

Pages often end with a series of questions. They're not meant to be answered but are posed for reflection. Feel free to add questions of your own.

City guides usually include the weather forecast and current time at the top of the page.

A few words about hyperlinks

There's an interesting thing about hyperlinks. If you add the http:// ... it automatically converts to a working link. We can also link the link during the editing (select the link icon from the navigation bar during the editing process) and insert the headline or relevant text.


We use the journalism concept of headlines to showcase timely news on topical and regional pages. Usually the sections are anchored with #headlines


Request: If the author of the news feature has a Twitter address, please include after the headline

When the news gets old, the sections are either deleted, pushed down further on the page under a new heading or split off on a related notes page.

Style Guide

Here is the Planeta.com style guide which accompanies our Writers' Guidelines.

ABORIGINAL -- Capitalized

AMERICAN -- Refers to residents of the North and South American continents, not just the United States.

DATES - We prefer to use the USA style of month first, then date.

ECOTOURISM -- spelled as one word without hyphen. See definitions for usage and interpretation.

NORTH AMERICA -- Countries include Canada, Greenland, Mexico, the United States and all of the Caribbean and Central America.

NUMBERS -- Spell out numbers less than 10, use digits for numbers greater than 10. Do not use Roman Numerals. Example: Instead of XIX century, use 19th century.

PUNCTUATION: COMMAS -- We do not require the serial comma before the last item in a list. Example: "Canada, Greenland and Australia," not "Canada, Greenland, and Australia."

U.S. -- Abbreviation for the United States of America. This is acceptable as an adjective, but not as a noun. Slang: We accept "Usian" to describe a person from the USA.

WEBSITE -- This should be spelled as one word -- website.


Meters, miles, centimeters, kilometers -- spell out the words.

If you use an acronym, explain it. Put the acronym in parentheses () after the first use.

Use alumna when referring to one female graduate and (alumnae in the plural), and alumnus for one male graduate (alumni in the plural). Use alumni when referring to a group of men and women.

Most of the documents on this site are written in American English. That said, for UK writers, we allow spellings such as "organisation" and "practises"

Examples: We first traveled to Costa Rica in the 1980s. I returned sometime in the '90s.

Use 'good practice' instead

Use with caution. We are looking for a better word to describe indigenous culture in Latin America. We also try not use pre-hispanic and prehistory.

Use 'archaeological sites' instead. After all, these are the tangible remains of culture.

When referring to something that can be counted, use 'more' than rather than 'over.' The word over tends to refer to spatial relationships. Examples: More than 20 companies have pledged to support Responsible Travel Week. The plane flew over Ecuador.

When comparing sizes, do not use a reference that is not universally understood, such as comparing a country to the size of a particular state.

Under discussion: We sometimes the variant spelling "vender" for no specific reason.

Technical Tip

The first tech tip is social. Be prepared - early drafts are MESSY.
Please do not change the color, size or format of the text without consulting with Ron first.
Remember that documents can be edited by multiple editors.

Social Tip

When reading the articles online, ask yourself 'what Ron means to say is ...' and if your response is different than the wiki, consider editing for clarity.

Travel Companies

When relevant, please include listings of companies featured in Planeta.com's World Travel Directory


Invitees receive the following message:

You are cordially invited to join the Planeta Wikispace as we edit the proposal for upcoming collaboration. You can also use this Wikispace to develop related initiatives and to test out wiki-style editing in a friendly environment. Cheers, Ron

Requests from people Ron knows receive the following:

I'd be happy if you came on board to help edit the wiki

I do ask editors to review the responsibilities and guidelines -- http://planeta.wikispaces.com/editors -- and to commit to a regular basis of editing, about 1 hour/month or 15 minutes/week. This keeps everything lively.

About wikis

Wikis get better with age. Some pages are noticeably messy, aka information dumps. Example: digital natives

Recent Events

This month I will be a virtual visitor to World Parks Congress that takes place in Sydney, Australia. While not present at the event, I am updating the wiki http://planeta.wikispaces.com/worldparkscongress

You can help edit the parks-specific information on the relevant country pages. We are also developing more park-specific wiki pages. Examples
Great Barrier Reef - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/gbrmp
Grand Canyon - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/grandcanyon
Kruger - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/kruger
Uluru - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/uluru
Zion - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/zion


I'd like to focus our attention on the favorites: embedding responsible travel tips, indigenous culture and news about parks and wildlife on relevant pages. Start with the places you know or where you are traveling. Share short links.

Social Web
We highlight your edits on Twitter by paying kudos. (It works if you have a Twitter handle!) You can also show your thanks on Twitter by clicking the "Tweet" button in the left-hand column on any page. You can also share the wiki pages on Facebook and elsewhere on the social web.

If you have a gmail address, it would be great to connect on Google+, particularly via our hangouts --
http://planeta.wikispaces.com/hangout (and if you can add Planeta to your circles, this is much appreciated --
https://plus.google.com/b/117694449145790663688/117694449145790663688/posts )

My best wishes to you an your journeys. If there are any ways that I can be supportive, let me know. We can use the wiki to develop collaborative work and generate background interest in the places and topics of interest.

If for any reason you'd rather not be an editor, just let me know so I'm not bothering you with pesky editing requests.

This past week I facilitated a hangout with two of our wiki editors - Marlene Ehrenberg and Verena Gerber. In our post-hangout chat Marlene expressed her confusion about the social web and where to go for what kind of information. Truth is, it's easy to be distracted online. My analogy is that the social web (which includes this wiki) is much like a traditional market in Mexico: overwhelming! There's fresh fish, palm hats, coffee, chocolate, textiles, herbs, chiles and the list goes on and on.

What I saw in the Oaxaca markets were the groups of foreign visitors who would stream through the Benito Juarez market without stopping, without engaging with locals. What they need in the market (and what Marlene needs online) is some sense of direction. You're not going to find fresh cheese in the fish aisle. Know what you're looking for and seek it out. If you're lost, ask for directions! On the social web it's much the same. It's easy to get disorientated, but if you get lost, ask for directions. I'm happy to schedule a hangout at a time of mutual convenience and we can walk through the pages on the wiki (and elsewhere) that will help you 1) find what you're looking for and 2) find what you can add to the pages you're editing.

Question for Planeta Wiki editors: do you have the interest and time (15 minutes/month) to continue editing this year? If not, no hard feelings. And if you cannot remember your id or password, that's something easily fixed. Either way please let me know via email (editor@planeta.com) or Twitter DM (@ronmader) .

For those continuing to edit, please continue to add tidbits about the places you live or visit, quality links to news and culture on the relevant pages. We appreciate the quick, short edits the most.

If you have time and interest, take a look at http://planeta.wikispaces.com/livestreaming ... This is one of the pages that has everything but the kitchen sink. It's muddled. If you can help tighten the text, that's much appreciated

You are cordially invited to our live YouTube hangouts. Let me know if you would like to appear on camera or if you'd like to watch and ask questions. We can also schedule private hangouts to walk through the wiki editing process.


Buzzword Bingo: Voluntweetism (Vrywilligetweetisme) = Getting people together to share on the social web a specific topic or place @ThisTourismWeek #MBTravFest

July 4 Independence Day (USA)
July 14 Bastille Day (France)July 17 and 24 Guelaguetza (Mexico)
July 18 World Listening Day