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Edit = To prepare material for publication

One of our favorite forms of engagement are readers (aka the audience) edits. More often than not, text ought to be more pliable - able to be modified. Think of citations, quotations and translations. That said, most people don't know how to suggest an edit to a guidebook writer, blogger, website, newspaper or tourism board. Wiki? those born before the social web have a poor understanding of collaborative editing.

How to motivate the ... laggards? We need face to face encounters that should be used. Example - holding a photo safari!

For, highly appreciated are short emails without attachments that provide specific suggestions. Here's how to make contact.

Editing is a collaborative endeavor that can be mutually beneficial.
Useful edits are simple and direct.
If you come across dead links, report them.
When submitting a correction for a website, include the URL.
Learn to use a wiki.
Participate in independent forums and social media.
Be positive.
Be proactive.
Be more productive.
La edición es un esfuerzo colaborativo que puede ser mutuamente beneficiosa.
Útil ediciones son sencillas y directas.
Si encuentras enlaces muertos, informa sobre ellos.
Al presentar una corrección por un sitio web, incluir la URL.
Aprende a usar un wiki.
Participa en foros independientes y los medios de comunicación social.
Sea positivo.
Sea proactivo.
Sea más productivo.

Buzzword Bingo: Microedit

Buzzword Bingo

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Among the stones in the road are those potential collaborators who are either far too patriotic or too cynical about their own countries. We need to find ways to engage specialized experts, who might be a bit difficult to work with in collaborative ventures.

There is no cookie cutter solution that works for all.


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Editing Tips