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Potato patties, served with lettuce, fried egg and sometimes chorizo (sausage).

Llapingachos - Wikipedia
Llapingachos recpie
Llapingachos recipe


Potato soup

Tomato del Árbol
Tree tomato

Biche - Seafood in a peanut soup (from the Manabi province)

Soup toppings often include popcorn - cheap croutons!

Where to eat in Quito?

Fruteria Monserrat - highlight is the veggie ceviche

What foods to avoid if you are a vegetarian?

Elsewhere on the Web

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Organic Agriculture

PROBIO – Ecuadorian Corporation of Biological Producers

PROBIO - Corporación Ecuatoriana de Agricultores Biológicos

Directorio de Producción Orgánica

Ministerio de la Agricultura

Mouth-Watering Variety: Eating Out in Quito