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Ecotourism NZ

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EcotourismNZ facilitates collaboration among local ecotourism operators, most of which are small businesses. Another role is to educate guides and other tourism pros to keep a high standard of interpretation of New Zealand's stunning natural environment. New Zealanders are quite proud of their country and they really love to show people around and offer a relaxed style of hospitality. Check out the training opportunities.

In 2012 we focussed on looking at how we manage ecosystems to help species recover. We also just want to know about species so we can tell their story. This will increase awareness of how special they are aid us all in the task of keeping them amongst us.

ETNZ is undergoing some exciting new changes and we will keep you posted
This is a picture of our students tracking kiwi in a creche near Greymouth, New Zealand, they are too young to go out and face the introduced predators so we keep them safe until they are big enough to fend for themselves (about 1 years old)

We also have been working with one of New Zealand's foremost seabird experts Kerry-Jayne Wilson and she has been informing us of the amazing feats of some sea birds such as the Westland Petrel (see this story for an insight into their strange habits).

This picture below shows us waiting for the Westland Petrel to fly in to land in the rainforest, it is a sight worth waiting for!
We are passionate about our unique species here in Aotearoa New Zealand and want to tell their stories

Recent Events

We have been focusing on trying to support the tourism industry in any way we can but things are a little rough right now for tourism globally.
This said, we are always excited about the future and what exciting thing may be around the corner.

October 2012 21 years of outdoor education at Tai Poutini Polytechnic! - Facebook event
Former staff and students are invited to celebrate 21 years of outdoor education at Tai Poutini Polytechnic! On Friday the 19th of October the polytechnic will host a graduation ceremony for our current students. On Saturday the 20th people can choose to join in on a mass descent of the Arnold River or fly by helicopter to the start of the Croesus mountain biking track!


Does NZ Stand For Anything Other Than Rugby?

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EcotourismNZ Conference

We are having a great time on the Certificate in Ecotourism programme this year... wow what a place we live in!!
OKARITO beach in the rain
Kayaking Okarito Lagoon

New Zealand
The great thing about New Zealand is that it is warm when the rest of the world is cold, the perfect escape. It also has some great things to offer. The scenery is at times stupendous, the people are relaxed and friendly and there is a unique culture, an amalgamation between the European settlers and the indigenous Maori people.

The ecotourism industry has grown in recent years, mainly because there is a lot of natural environment to be visiting and there is a unique flora and fauna from long isolation in the Pacific Ocean.

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New Zealand, the land of sunsets
Land of Variety
New Zealand has a lot of Geological and climatic variety. The following photos show that it has many moods and a varied makeup.

12 mile reef
Limestone is common along New Zealand's coastline resulting from the uplift from the meeting of two major tectonic plates (Pacific and Australian)
stormy West Coast

Beam to the sea

The storms that lash the West Coast of the South Island are most common in Spring

If you ever want to visit New Zealand, there are so many things you can try, it has something for all:



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Mountain ribbonwood homer tunnel (2)

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And of course the People

We are really excited to announce that EcotourismNZ will be hosting a conference in 2010 in Rotorua New Zealand

I have decided to give you my personal top 10 Ecotourism destinations in New Zealand. This is through my personal experiences with those operators

Number 10
Franz Josef Glacier Guides

Number 9
WaiMaungu geothermal valley

Number 8
Real Journeys overnight cruise in Milford Sound
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milford&dunners 062

Number 7
White Island Tours

Number 6
Okarito Nature Tours
marae nohofranz2009 014

Number 5
Encounter Kaikoura

Number 4
Kapiti Island Alive

Number 3
Wilderness Lodges - Arthurs Pass and Lake Moeraki
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Number 2
Abel Tasman Wilsons Experiences guided walks
Abel Tasman - Awaroa

Number 1
Okarito Kiwi Tours

New Zealand Ecotourism Brochure 2007 #2