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Ten+ years of online conferences!

We held the first conference focusing on North American Ecotourism in 2000. This was followed by regional conferences focusing on the Americas and topical conferences. The peak event was a dialogue before the World Ecotourism Summit in 2002.

Since 2009 have conducted Responsible Tourism Week conducted via a number of platforms.

2015 Responsible Travel Week
2015 Indigenous Peoples Week

2014 Responsible Travel Week
2014 Indigenous Peoples Week

2013 Responsible Travel Week
2013 Indigenous Peoples Week

2012 Responsible Tourism Week
2012 Indigenous Peoples Week

2011 Responsible Tourism Week

2010 Responsible Tourism Week

2009 Responsible Tourism Week

Food, Health and Building Communities: 2008-2009
Food, Health and Building Communities

Tourism and Climate Change: 2008-2009
Tourism and Climate Change

Ecotourism Challenges Dialogue 2007

Dialogue on Linking Tourism and Protected Areas: 2007

Tourism and Migration Conference: 2007

Ethical Travel Dialogue: June/July 2006

Ecotourism Emerging Industry Forum, November 2005

Rural Tourism Conference: April/May 2005

Urban Ecotourism Conference: September 20-30, 2004

Environmental Impact of Transportation - October 2003

Ethical Marketing - July 2003

NGOs in Tourism and Conservation - October 2002

Financing Sustainable Tourism - June 2002

Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - April 2002

Communities and Tourism - March 2002

Media, Environment and Tourism - November 2001

Green Building and Tourism - May 2001

International Year of Ecotourism - 2001-2003

Reimagining Ecotourism in Central America - February 2001

Ecotourism Certification - 2000-2003

Reimagining Ecotourism in South America - November 2000

Reimagining Ecotourism in Mexico - September 2000

Reimagining Ecotourism in North America - May 2000




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