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Downtown Las Vegas

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Note: Downtown Las Vegas is on our list of favorite places to explore. Editors are welcome to add new info. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming meetups, photo safaris and bike rides. Scheduling Periscope sessions during the Immersion Travel Conference.

Downtown Las Vegas (commonly abbreviated as DTLV) is the central business district and historic center of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the original townsite and was the gambling district of Las Vegas prior to the Strip, and the area still incorporates downtown gaming. - Wikipedia


“I absolutely see tourist travel increasing into the downtown and becoming explosive, a place of which millennials and even their parents can come and enjoy living, and being productive and having a phenomenal time.
- Carolyn Goodman, #StateofVegas January 2017

Street Art

Electric shuttle buses would offer free rides in downtown Las Vegas by 2017
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh: What I regret about pouring $350 million into Las Vegas
355-page document
Troubling questions surround impoverished area in Las Vegas - @jlnevadasmith
Downtown Las Vegas is now a place to stay, shop and play after a glitzy makeover
Good news is bad news for downtown's image
downtown-on-the-rise-gaming-revenue-up-two-years-i - @thejdmorris



Downtown Las Vegas


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Downtown Las Vegas: A Dream Deferred? - KNPR - @joedowntownlv @PandoDaily @KNPRnews @DowntownProjLV @markorowlo
Downtown closures attributed to growing pains



Downtown: Container Park

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Container Park - Ron Mader/Flickr

Downtown's Container Park: A good fit for all businesses?
Joe Downtown: Does your business fit into a cube? Container Park seeks tenants

Writer's Block

Atomic Liquors


Fremont Street

Fremont Street Experience
Fremont Experience opened in 1995


Where to eat

La Comida
Cosmopolitan Mexican fare and fresh fruit margaritas in a delightfully funky atmosphere.
Located at 100 Sixth St. Las Vegas.
100 Sixth Street

El Sombrero Las Vegas
@elsombrerovegas -

Bocho derives from the Japenese word for “Knife”. Bocho is a traditional Japanese restaurant with standard seating upstairs and an 18-seat sushi bar downstairs.

Bike Share

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The bikes are specially designed for both you and the city: they fit people of all sizes, thanks to an easy-to-use adjustable seat post. A great front basket provides a space to store your belongings while riding and automatic lights help keep you safe at all times of day. The bikes are equipped with three speeds, that are perfect for your short commute.
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Conversation Starters

What are no official boundaries?
About 5% of Las Vegas' overnight visitors stay downtown every year

Downtown Master Plan

Downtown Master Plan
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Elsewhere on the Web - #visionlv
@DTLVfans - @DowntownPodcast
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Bars and Pubs

Banger Brewing, 450 Fremont



The Beat Coffeeshop, 6th and Fremont



Challenge: Find a cool place to sit

Rediscover Downtown

The mission of REDISCOVER DOWNTOWN is to encourage locals to visit and rediscover the heart of Las Vegas.


Downtown Projects Map
@EmergencyArts - @TripleGeorge

Bike share

Downtown Neon

El Sombrero Cafe (Mexican Food), Downtown Las Vegas 10.2015 #dtlv


Are there walking tours in Downtown Las Vegas? = ¿Hay caminatas en el centro de Las Vegas?
Where can I rent a bicycle?

#DTLV Request: Friends are visiting. What's your favorite walking itinerary including Container Park and El Cortez? Where to visit? Who to visit? Suggestions welcome! Also, for future reference, where could we go if we had bikes?

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