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Diversity = A range of different things


May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity


In 2018 how about celebrating the week of May 21-25 as #DiversityWeek?






Is our storytelling keeping up with our diverse cultural reality?
- Beyond the Anglosphere, ABC (2009)

If we cannot end our differences at least we can make the world safe for diversity.
- John F. Kennedy

Mix it up.
- Popular saying


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Diversity and Travel

discovering world's diversity by Jana Halloun and Alexander Gabriel
"While travelling by bike we would like to discover world’s diversity by getting to know it’s amazing people and beautiful nature. Besides that, we would like to offer some of our competencies to local communities we pass. Furthermore, we would like to gather good ideas, positive experiences and life philosophies from people we meet"

Diversity Abroad
"Diversity Abroad was founded on simple concept; connect a fast growing and diverse population of students and young professionals with meaningful international opportunities that will prepare them for future education and career opportunities"

The Wealth of Diversity Project in Serbia’s Ethnic Villages

"In the province of Vojvodina and part of eastern Serbia, an area where tourism has yet to be tapped to its full potential, an undertaking called the Wealth of Diversity project has been set in motion."

Exploring Lebanon’s Culinary Heritage: Cultural Diversity, Natural Landscapes and Simple Pleasures in Life
"Lebanon has a lot going for it: Mountains, sea, history, natural beauty, diversity, energy, culture, and a culinary heritage to be envied. The wine-growing tradition here is one of the most ancient; its origins can be traced back to the sea-faring Phoenicians."

"IGLTA - The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the world's leading global travel network dedicated to connecting and educating LGBT travelers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way."

Buzzword Bingo

Biodiversity - Diversity - Inclusivity - Melting Pot




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Nuestro objetivo puede no ser encontrar un lenguje común = Our objective may not be to find a common language