Buzzword Bingo: Disruption


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Disruption = To throw into confusion or disorder

The term is bandied about. How about we reflect on

Disruption by Sector
- Academia
- Journalism

We're all over the learning curve!

Telephone / Google+ Hangout

What's changed? We're aware of the disruption. We benefit. We lose. It all depends on our relationships

Pictures or it didn't happen ... video or it didn't happen



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Recommended Listening

Watching the disruptors - The digital world is a world of disruption: New businesses have a way of coming from nowhere and turning industries on their head.

The great disruption - Paul Gilding first came to prominence with Greenpeace. Then he did what seemed unthinkable and put a few noses out of joint, by becoming a consultant to big business. And over the years he's worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world.

The Disruption obsession - Extraordinary popular businesses and the madness of digital disruption.


The Power of Disruption


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Change causes disruption


Air New Zealand

Buzzword Bingo: Disruption = To throw into confusion or disorder


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