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Delicious -- -- used to be one of our fave social web tools. Now cluttered with ads, it's not as helpful as it once was.

New Delicious site design coming in early January!

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Delicious: Levels of Engagement - Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be attentive
Add button to your browser
Agrega button a tu browser
Be creative
Haz etiqueta
Be generous
Save other people's tagged pages
Guardar etiquettas de otra gente
Be generous
Embed RSS
Incrustar RSS

Core Skills

Add button to your browser
Update your profile image (aka avatar, buddy icon)
Add link
Add tag


        Delicious iPhone app
        Consolidating tags and stacks
        Stacks go social


        Delicious -- -- lets you store your bookmarks for private or public viewing. You can tag, save and share links to web pages. You can then access the bookmarks from any computer. It's an ideal platform to exchange relevant bookmarks and recommended reading/viewing.

        Delicious is decidedly low key. That said, it's a great tool for sharing bookmarks among colleagues. Plus, it generates RSS!

        Need tools? Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website

        Brainstorming ... If we can get a half dozen colleagues using this service to keep track of relevant news and resources about a specific topic or proposal, it would be of great help in keeping us all focused on the opportunities at hand. Examples: itbw10 used for articles and features relevant to the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award

        Dig deeper – join Ron's delicious tag network.

        Requirements: Account on Delicious
        Advantages: Easy to create RSS and networks of people you’d like to follow
        Delicious -- -- es un sitio web de los medios de comunicación social que le permite almacenar sus marcadores. Puede marcar, guardar y compartir páginas web desde una fuente centralizada. A continuación, puede acceder a los favoritos desde cualquier ordenador y usted puede agregar los marcadores desde cualquier lugar. Es una plataforma ideal para intercambiar marcadores pertinentes y recomendó la lectura / visualización.

        Delicious es clave decididamente bajo. Dicho esto, es una gran herramienta para compartir favoritos entre los colegas. Además, genera RSS!

        Necesita herramientas? Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website

        Lluvia de ideas ... Si podemos obtener una media docena de colegas de usar este servicio para realizar un seguimiento de noticias relevantes y los recursos sobre un tema específico o propuesta, sería de gran ayuda para mantenernos a todos se centró en las oportunidades a la mano. Ejemplos: itbw10 utilizada para los artículos y las características de interés para el turismo indígena y la biodiversidad página web del Premio

        Profundiza un poco más - Unirte a la red de Ron

        Requisitos: Cuenta en Delicious
        Ventajas: La manera fácil de crear RSS, redes
        Delicious -- -- ist eind Social-Media-Website, mit der Sie Ihre Favoriten/Lesezeichen online speichern können. Sie können damit Links zu einer Webseite speichern und beschlagworten, und sie anderen Benutzern zugänglich machen. Sie können von jedem Computer aus auf diese Lesezeichen zugreifen bzw. neue Lesenzeichen hinzufügen. Es ist eine ideale Plattform, um relevante Lesezeichen auszutauschen und nachzulesen.

        Delicious ist ausgesprochen einfach zu handhaben. Das heißt, es ist ein großartiges Tool für den Austausch von Lesezeichen unter Kollegen. Zudem generiert es RSS!

        Weitere Zusatzhilfen erforderlich?Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website

        Brainstorming ... Wenn ein halbes Dutzend Kollegen mit diesem Service Überblick über relevante Neuigkeiten und Ressourcen zu einem bestimmten Thema schaffen, wäre dies eine große Hilfe, um uns alle über bestehnde Möglichkeiten auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Beispiele: itbw10 als Schlagwort für Artikel verwenden, die für den Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award relevant sind.

        Mehr zum Thema - Ron's Delicious Netzwerk

        Anforderungen: Account auf Delicious
        Vorteile: einfache Möglichkeit RSS-Feeds und Netzwerke aufzubauen
        Delicious -- -- on sotsiaalse meedia veebisaidi, mis võimaldab salvestada järjehoidjaid. Võite silt, salvestada ja jagada veebilehti Tsentraliseeritud allikas. Seejärel saate juurdepääsu järjehoidjate igast arvutist ja saab lisada järjehoidjaid kuhugi. See on ideaalne platvorm selleks, et vahetada asjakohast järjehoidjaid ning soovitas lugemist / vaatamist.

        Delicious on selgelt madal võti. See tähendab, et see on suurepärane vahend jagamise järjehoidjate seas kolleegidega. Plus, see tekitab RSS!

        Vajad tööriistu? Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website

        Ajurünnak ... Kui saame pool tosinat kolleegi teenuse kasutamisel jälgida asjakohaseid uudiseid ja ressursside kohta konkreetse teema või ettepanek oleks suureks abiks hoida meid kõiki keskendunud võimaluste vahel. Näited: itbw10 kasutatud esemete ja funktsioonid on seotud põlisrahvaste Turism ja bioloogilise mitmekesisuse Veebileht Award

        Dig sügavam - liitu Ron's delicious tag vörku

        Nõuded: Konto Delicious
        Eelised: Lihtne viis luua RSS, vabatahtlik võrkude

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        More Examples

        Weaving the Web: Linking Delicious and Twitter

        "The new Twitter Connector on Delicious gives you the option of tethering your accounts together, so any link you tweet, retweet or favorite on Twitter is also saved to Delicious. (Note to web speed junkies: sometimes the link-saving process can take a few minutes or more depending on system demands, so be patient!)"



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        Topical Examples



        Google Unveils Delicious Bookmark Importer
        Delicious vs. Google

        delicious tags

        What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Delicious?
        Who's in your Delicious network?
        Can you tell how many people are looking at your bookmarks?
        How is the word 'delicious' translated into other languages?
        How can we integrate various delicious accounts under one umbrella?
        How can we bring different language tags into one common bookmarking?
        How do we create RSS feeds with new Delicious? Example


        Delicious was founded in 2003 by Joshua Schachter, who is no longer involved with the business. It was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, In 2011 changes are afoot as the service separates from Yahoo. Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Delicious will become part of their new Internet company, AVOS.

        In May 2014, AVOS sold the site to Science Inc.


        What is a Network?
        Your network connects you to other Delicious users - friends, family, even new people you run across while exploring Delicious. You can add people to your network and keep track of their latest bookmarks right here. And when you save new bookmarks, you can share them with people in your network simply by clicking on a username. Learn more about using your network.

        How do I follow someone on Delicious?
        So you found a user on Delicious who's collecting great stuff? Click on their profile pic or user name to get to their profile page, and click the follow button.


        Because Delicious was bought by Yahoo! (a place where most innovation goes to die) the next round of innovation had to come from elsewhere – places like Instapaper, which is a beautiful service for … bookmarking!
        - The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery


        worksheets: delicious, tags
        art: delicious label

        delicious in a can!

        Most frequently asked questions

        Learn more about Delicious

        Need tools?

        Help sections


        Surfing Tools


        Save items by posting them online

        or use the browser buttons

        Here's my account


        Tag Rolls - A great way to post your delicious tags on your website and drive traffic to your links - another way to build trust and create a value add for you and your customers


        How do you say 'delicious' in other languages?

        Sabroso - Spanish
        Nashé - Zapotec, Oaxaca Sierra Sur
        Nanishi - (Zapotec, Oaxaca Istmo
        Njalgie - Sami
        Mixtec - Adi
        German -
        delicious = schmackhaft - lecker

        What's new?

        New and tasty features of Delicious
        Delicious has a bold new design that is more powerful and easier to use, along with a revamped search that's faster and more robust. It's also full of useful features that people have been requesting for years.

        Browser buttons for saving bookmarks

        Add your bookmarks and tags to your website or blog

        Add badges that encourage people to bookmark your website or blog

        Documentation for developers

        • API – a HTTP interface for your own bookmarks
        • Feeds – RSS and JSON feeds for your aggregator or feed reader, and fetch data about bookmarks, networks, and URLs.
        • HTML – HTML feeds to fetch your bookmarks.

        Tools made by the Delicious community

          Network BadgesShow your readers that you are a member of Delicious and give them an easy way to add you to their network.
          Link RollsDisplay a list of your recent Delicious bookmarks as part of your website.
          Tag RollsDisplay a cloud or list of your Delicious tags as part of your website.
          Blog PostingExperimental feature that can automatically post entries to your blog every day containing your latest links.