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Common Ground

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Question: How do we use the Google+ hangouts to highlight what's local and what's taking place next around the world?

June 5 World Environment Day Hangout

9am CDT
2pm CDT

June 12 Travel Labels and Certification Hangout


June 19

June 26

Greetings and Saludos! The past two months we've had a ball playing with Google+ Hangouts and we will continue this as a weekly feature to connect with friends passionate about local travel, responsible tourism, ecotourism and blossoming field of conscious travel.

The way this works is that anyone can watch the videos live via YouTube. To be on camera and chatting up what's new and what's next is your corner of the world, let me know you want to participate and what you might want to talk about. Think of this as a global show-and-tell. To participate online
you'll need to have a gmail address. It helps if you 'circle' on Google+

15 minutes before the hangout begins, we'll announce the specific link where you can watch.

If you cannot make the live chat, no worries. These conversations are archived on YouTube

Final tip, if you want to keep track of these and other events in real-time, follow me on Twitter


We want to record and webcast an amiable conversation and friendly chinwag among those working toward responsible travel, conscientious tourism and the local travel movement. Chats include previews and summaries of events and a a lively dialogue which invites questions and thoughtful answers. Said one participant: "These chats help fight back the isolation of home work and help me to converse with people I haven't yet had a good chance to share with and learn from."

Big Ideas and Future Plans

This is a conversation moreso than an interview.
Anyone can ask questions.
Editors are welcome to edit the wiki including info about yourself, events in which you are participating or other 'talking points'
In the future we'd love to webcast this in real-time. Step by step!


brief introductions, followed by what's new or what's on the radar
Discussion about one or two big ideas.
Recommended reading? Listening? What would you recommend have you read, seen or heard this week that's available online


The agenda will be shared with the group on the Google+ event page
For about 10-15 minutes we will connect, banter and the discuss agenda, learn the rhythm and solve any possible technical glitches.
For about 20 minutes we'll record the audio using ipadio in a relaxed, friendly manner.
Ron will conclude the recording and begin the upload process while we schedule future chats and edit this wiki.

Technical Tips for Participants

Get a gmail address
+1 the page
Download any necessary plug-ins
Test your microphone.
If there's too much echo, please use a headset and microphone

2012 efforts

Recording Tuesday, September 27 (world tourism day)
TBA, times


Ron Mader
Ethan Gelber
Anders Karrstedt
Kurt Ackermann
Aivar Ruukel


Our initial guests are colleagues with whom we have a relationship and who are comfortable with skype.

Tuesday, August 30
Chat #1 Ron, Ethan, Aivar, Anders, Kurt
recorded but not uploaded due to technical problems

Tuesday, September 6
Participating talking: Ron Mader, Ethan Gelber, Aivar Ruukel
Participating silent: Anders Karrstedt
ESTC Conference
Parks Web 2.0
Local Travel Movement
Conscious business
Anniversaries: ITBW Award, European Ecotourism Conference
Review: Indigenous People's Week

Tuesday, September 13
Participating: Ron Mader, Anders Karrstedt, Kurt Ackermann
South Africa; New NMSRT launched
NMSRT Launch
RT Pilot to be launched, new RT How-To Guide for local industry, e-Tourism Africa conference in town this week - Fringe Networking with Sally on Saturday!
Mexico: hursday/Friday is Mexico's Big Independence Day Party with 'Grito' at midnight. Earlier on Thursday I am working with a local language school showing off photos kids took at the July FotoSafari ... Also, Parks Web 2.0 Workshop underway
Sweden: Sámi companies forms a cluster for Kiruna destination management
DERTOUR academy, 600 German travel agents coming in late November with huge media attention.

World: ESTC2011, September 15-16 First International Congress on Ethics and Tourism
WTM app (Smartphone application för World Tourism Market, London) Favorite Free Apps


How do we embed sustainability and communication in tourism-related discussions/projects/initiatives/media from the get-go?
How do we rewrite the rules so that travel sustains the values inherent in something like the LTM?
How can writers and editors be made quietly complicit in the process of choosing responsible content and quoting sustainable operators when they write about travel?
How do we foster continuity?
How can we make the kinds of conversations we're having through Common Ground (with accompanying wiki documentation) the basis for similar such conversations throughout the industry (and beyond)?


Establishing common ground within the movement toward local and responsible travel

Invite! (Once we work out more of the bugs!)

Anna Spenceley
Joshua Berman
Catherine Mack
Anna Pollock
Heidi Van der Kamp
Sallie Grayson
Greg Hubbs
Harold Goodwin
Ayako Ezaki

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