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The web encourages comments -- commentary posted by readers of blogs, flickr photos, youtube videos and more. The conversation that took place solely via email or face-to-face dialogue is now added as a public response through the social web.

Where is the conversation? Check the comments. You can even rate the comments (see disqus).

How do we avoid vitriolic comments?

Is commenting on your own post like scoring an own goal?

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Comments good ... but where to look? how to read, respond

I don't want to have to register to leave a comment, El Pais
My comment would be - How do we download the application? =
¿Cómo descargar la aplicación?

10 tips for responding to comments

Outbounding examples

Examples of Comments that go off-track

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A post without a comment is like a dog without a bone. Pretty sad and lonely … I contend that blogs without comments turned on are in fact not blogs at all. My position is that comments are mandatory.
- Joseph Jaffe, Join the Conversation

Dos and Don'ts

One of the benefits is that even those without an official website can establish their web presence by leaving a response. Comments facilitate engagement.

Our tip for those with a blog or other social web site: manage comments. You should allow some degree of access but you do not have to accept everything. Be sure you are able to manage or moderate the responses.

Our tip for those leaving a response: make sure that your comment is helpful. You might want to run your comment through a spellcheck if that option is not automatic. Don't leave a message just to leave a message. Provide some insight that reflects on what you've read.


Consider how you will moderate comments. YouTube, for example, gives you the choice of permitting all comments or screening comments. Wordpress blogs also allow the blog owner to decide the level of comment moderation. Decide which option works best for you.

Which messages to get rid of? Responses have to be more meaningful than 'visit my website' or 'this suuuuuuuuucks.'

If you are going to solicit comments, read them.

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Civil Comments user guide.


Comments for Ron Mader

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Online Comments - a "wicked" problem

Online Comments – the view from the trenches

The Use of Comments in Awards

Example: Innovation Award Winners Announced


House Rules - ABC
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Lessons from YouTube: The Value of Comments

Here are a few examples

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Cat herding (Arreando el Gato) <>
Who says you can't herd cats? actually, I think the broom steals the show in this one.

Como evitar el uso de bolsas de plastico <>
Before, I remember that most items we bought in the markets were wraped in leaves, corn husks, and "de estraza" paper, we used to take our own containers to buy milk or oil, which made bags, plastic wraping and bottles unnecessary. Everything was put in baskets, or "manta" bags a little bigger than the ones you show here. If we made then, we can reduce their use today. Nice to have this alternatives being rescued, little changes can still make a difference.

Caldo de Piedra (Stone Soup) <>
espectacular tanta riquesa prehispanica existe en mexico con la gran variedad claro que los visitaremos por supuesto felisidades MI MEXICO

Llano de las Flores: La Cabaña <>
yo conosco ese lugar es mas yo estuba ahi me ancanto ese lugar gracias por subir ese video te invinto a presenciar el carnaval de san predo yolox ahi si q bas a ganar audiencia si lo gravas y lo suves aki en youtube

Danza de la Pluma <>
La Danza de la Pluma se difundió en todo el Valle de Oaxaca, pero en Teotitlán del Valle algunos elementos evolucionaron hasta volverse muy distintivos e inigualables, tales como los penachos de círculo completo con diseños en colores primarios y muy firmes, la grecas en sus pantalones y una constante evolución en los pasos y coreografías, sin perder el carácter místico de su ejecución. Esta danza en general, muestra en cada ritmo y cadencia, nuestro llamado "mestizaje". Felicidades !!

Chinanteco phrases from san felipe usila <>
tig' kmaah' hahaha chai salu'do asaigh pari kie la haing asianh jejew jaink' hehe


Postcard @ Oaxaca 11.2010

  1. external image 8841945@N06.jpg?1181586898#8841945@N06
Cardando e Hilando Lana
  • Gracias a Ron tenemos esta foto

Earth (from a Pacific Perspective)
Earth (from a Pacific Perspective)

indiginz says: actually a Maori perspective (-:. . . north (the tail of Maui's fish) is down to us, the rest of the world is too...the Antartic is up . . .whose to say otherwise? haha


Marlene Ehrenberg says: A splendid lung for our City of Mexico, 40,000 trees and palms, around 100 different species in 700 hectares of park


caldo de piedra says:

muy interesante seria muy bueno visitar usila. un conjuntos de montanas se llama ámá

Black Sheep Inn Sign

Black Sheep Inn says:

The Black Sheep Inn put up this sign in 2001 when the 'new' Latacunga bus station opened. Since then the phone company has added another digit to all telephone numbers in Ecuador. Our telephone number was 03-814-587 and is now 03-281-4587. The bus station did not ask us to pay for the space, but they did require that we make 10 additional signs asking people to keep the bus station clean and throw their trash in its place. These signs were given to the bus station authority, but for some reason never used. We are not sure why. -???-

The bus schedule is still the same. Two buses, Transporte Iliniza, leave Latacunga daily at 11:30am via Sigchos and 12 noon via Zumbahua. Both buses take approximately 3 to 4 hours to arrive in Chugchilán. If you are hiring a private 4x4 from Latacunga to the Black Sheep Inn, your driver often meets you under this sign. ((;-0)


javi2401 said:
Es una buena guia rapida para tener una idea de como escribir un boletin de prensa, pero esta un poquito somero
Como escribir un boletin de prensa

  • i had to sign in to make the comment....does that mean that only
  • flickr users can make comments???

menu de comida mixe (ayuuk) 07.2009

external image 13089460@N03.jpg?1244050908#13089460@N03
Isabel Alarcón said: Esos tamales son riquisimos mi abuelita Amonaria lso prepara riquisimos, ella es de Asunción Cacalotepec, en Tlahuitoltepec tambien los hacen muy ricos!!

Encouraging comments

external image 44664386_a1c1df5ecc_s.jpg
Imagine being one of the first to ever see it and there being no road.

Thank you for your submission. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive.

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What is this? Que es?

One of advantages of Web2 is that those reading or watching can post comments. Software options allow either immediate or moderated posting.

Comments can be posted in any language.


I Heart Central America’s Random Taglines – Travelojos

Do tourism slogans actually work? I doubt it. At best, they manage to associate a place with some unrelated, but positive concept. At worst, they make a fantastic punchline about a destination that few people would want to visit.

Frankly, I don’t like the sound of any of these slogans. Panama sounds like it has a disease. El Salvador doesn’t seem to be trying. Costa Rica seems to be its own worst greenwashing enemy. Honduras, what are you thinking? Belize, do you want to remain a secret? If so, what is the point of a marketing campaign? Guatemala, how many Maya people work as officials in the tourism department? If you’ve got heart, it would be good to have soul!
Mind you, Central America is a beautiful corner of the world with great people, healthy food and inspiring tours. I wish the official marketing would move beyond the pithy promotion and engage locals and visitors on the ground and on the Web. I’m more inspired by photo galleries on Flickr and the homemade videos on YouTube than the official sites.

Slogans are kind of old school. It’s like saying: “here’s how we want you to think of us.” That of course never works. Have you ever met an actual “cool person” who told you that you ought to think of them as being “cool”?


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Why is responsible marketing and communications so poor in tourism?

Flickr does allow a number of settings. We'll look into this. What's the advantage of signing in? It's about leaving a trail - when you post a comment that has your ID, it will link back to your photo gallery.

2009 Challenge: Oaxaca Market Project

For readers (and commenters)
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For those with websites (including news, blogs, flickr and youtube)

When to offer comments
When not to offer comments

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Give people a fun, exciting 'catch' activity and use that as the baseline from which more meaningful dialogue can evolve. - Tom Walter


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Is commenting on your own post like converting your own try in rugby?

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I'm confused, what is No Walls actually doing? Simply sharing photos/videos with an online community is not a panacea for "inspiring a new generation" with nature. No Walls needs to offer an actual service for people to get outside! What tangible activities IN nature are you planning? What incentives/resources are you providing for people to get outside now?

People already know how beautiful nature is, especially our world's protected areas. If I wanted to see 'brilliant videos' of nature, there are already hundreds of places on the internet to go (far better than No Walls). This video isn't making it any more accessible or affordable for people, especially younger generations, to explore nature which is the main barrier to 'connecting' a new generation.

What's worse is that this video probably cost a pretty penny to make (even though most of the shots are rehashed from other videos and obviously using free music). Wow, what a scam!

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