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Citizen Journalism

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The term citizen journalism is used to describe the way in which citizens play an active role in collecting, reporting and distributing news and information (adapted from Wikipedia).

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Making journalism public - Veteran US journalists Jay Rosen and John B. Judis discuss how the recent US shutdown augers for the future of both political parties, as well as a look at the role of citizen journalism, and how the media can serve the public interest when the public themselves are now becoming involved in the media.

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'Skyful of lies'

BBC Presenter Nik Gowing has carried out a study titled 'Skyful of Lies' and Black Swans in which he investigates how changes to technology is making institutions of power, from the media to government, more vulnerable.
The new tyranny of shifting information power in crises

Skyful of Lies and Black Swans


ABC: If you're there when news happens, share it with us.

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