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The word chocolate comes from Mexico's Aztecs and is derived from the Nahuatl word xocolatl which combines xocolli, meaning bitter and atl, which means water. And if you're in Oaxaca City, play the chocolate treasure hunt! My personal favorite is Chocoluchy!

The USA's National Confectioners Association created National Chocolate Day, celebrated this Friday (October 28).
In Henderson, Nevada, Ethel M Chocolate celebrates the grand reopening of its chocolate factory. The venue is one of the best entertainment values in Las Vegas, not a secret but not as well known as it should be. Family-friendly, self-guided factory tours and chocolate and a lovely cactus garden. Keep an eye on the Twitter account for details @EthelMChocolate

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Mexico City: - @ChocolateMUCHO

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The Toledo District of southern Belize hosts CacaoFest. The Maya first discovered the 'magical' process that transformed cacao (cocoa) into chocolate. This special event includes tours to organic orchards where the pods are grown, harvested and transformed into chocolate.

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If life hands you cocoa, make chocolate
Spanish: Si la vida te da cacao, haz xocolatl


Chocolate Oaxaca

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A Taste of Chocolate and Fair Trade


You can't label chocolate as something else -- or, worse, sell it as different-tasting vanilla -- for long. Eventually chocolate just has to be chocolate. And so, more and more, if/when an editor balks at anything with responsible leanings simply because it uses weightier words or admonishes travelers for bad behavior, I'm less and less hesitant to hold my tongue.
- Ethan Gelber, LinkedIn


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