Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT)

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CAMAT (Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism) works for culture-rooted, environmental-friendly and community-based tourism in the mountain of the Hindu Kush in northern Pakistan.

Indigenous communities include the Kalash, Kho and Wakhi.


CAMAT (Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism)
Authentic Website about Chitrali Culture
Incredible Beauty of Chitral Gol National Park, Chitral, Northern Pakistan


UIAA--International Mountain and Climbing Federation
CAMAT Qualifies for UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2013

Remembering a Polo Legend
Shandur Festival 2013





CAMAT Chitral
CAMAT facebook

Kalash ATV Interview
'Broghil' on GEO tv
Chitral Reformative Commedy Chitral reformative commedy normally a parody of politicians intended to ciriticise the wrong doings and falls commitments of the politicians. Here the major performers are: Munawar Ghamgeen, Jabbar and Aftab Alam.
Hoop Giye--A Famous Folksong in the Hindukush by Mr Gul Nawaz Khaki, the expert of folksinger.

Elsewhere on the Web
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Environmental-friendly Tourism

CAMAT & Grassroots Journeys
Grass Roots Journeys Pakistan
CAMAT's Grassroots Journeys
Eastern Pamir [Broghil] as Destination
Kalash Valleys as Destination
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Markhor Hunting Permits Auctioned for 2,86,000
The Snow Leopard Beyond the Myth
Birds Need Our Help!
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Reshun, Chitral
Hindukush Heights, Chitral
Booni--the Growing Tourist Destination in Chitral, northern Pakistan

Tourism & Education
Pakistan Tourism, Kalash, Chitral
Kalash Guest House Village, Bron, Bumborate
Beautiful Chitral, Pakistan
From Tourism Comes Education
Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht (IBCSK)

World Park Congress
Chitral Gol National Park, Pakistan
Fair, Festival and Music
Shandur Polo Festival Attracts Thousands of Tourists Every Year
Kalash Women Flutist
Normal Life in Kalash Valleys
Kalasha Folk Dancel
Glimpses of Kalash Music
GEO News on Qaqlasht Fetsival, Chitral, Pakistan
Qaqlasht Festival 2011 Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
CAMAT's Celebration of Local Cultural Festival
Qaqlasht Festival Promotes the Culture of Social Heritage of the Chitral Valley.
Kalash Winter Festival Begins
Broghil Festival 2010 in the Eastern Pamir
Broghil Festival 2010 Concluded
Barwazi--the Famous Folkdance of Chitral The mountainous kingdom of Chitral in the extreme north is rich with traditoinal folkdance and folksongs. One of such songs is Barwazi to be performed by an expert folkdancer during Jashan-e-Chitral 2008 facilitated by CAMAT.

Impacts of Global Warming on the Mountainous Communities
Hashoo Foundation Launches 'A Safer Tomorrow--Disaster Preparedness in School
Devastating Flood that Destroyed the Village of Booni, Chtiral, Pakistan
CAMAT's Climate Change SoS Copenhegen 2009
Climate Change Day Observed
Solar Technology Comes to Chitral

Tour & Treks
Booni, the Village of Hospitality, Diversity, Cool Orchards and Fresh Fruits
Government Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa on Chitral with lovely rubab music as background music
Hindukush Trail, Chitral
Adventure in Eastern Pamir
Community Initiatives for Tourism in the Hindu Kush
Untapped Toruism Products in Chitral, Pakistan
Automn Tourism in the Hindu Kush Region
The Karambar Lake in the Eastern Pamir

Free Style Polo
Free Style Polo in the Hindu Kush

Paragliding Chitral
Paragliding--A Newly Introduced Adventure Sport Chitral is considered to be a heaven for paragliders. In recent years it has become a focus of international paragliders who participate in different festivals. You can be in contact with us if you intend to come to experience the thrill of paragliding.

Pakistan Flood
TIES Member on Flood in Northern Pakistan
Support Pakistan's Flood Victims
Standing Togather in Climate Disaster
Save the Life of Flood Victims
The Movie of Booni Flooding and More, Thanks to Jurgen Depicker

CAAMT Organizes Reception for Norwegian Mountaineer
CAMAT Organizes Cooking Training for Youths
Remembering a Polo Legend
Shandur Polo Festival 2012
World's Indigenous People's Website
International Day of World's Indigenous People
Art and Craft Exhibition Held in Chitral
CAMAT-TCKP Organise Art and Craft Exhibition
UK royal couple invited to Shandur Aqil Shah
GB Participates in Shandur Polo Festival 2011
Chitrali Journalist Selected for USEFP Program
Peaceful Chitral
Escalating Food Prices Force Habit Change
36km Road Can Link Pakistan-Tajikistan
Captive Democracy
Wakhi Culture on Displa y in Lok Virsa, Islamabad
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Book on Pakistani tourism released
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Survey of ecotourism potential in Pakistan's biodiversity project area (Chitral and northern areas): Consultancy report for IUCN Pakistan
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Chitral`s Garam Chashma popular for its healing touch
Germay to Build Hydropower station in Chitral
Pakistan Tourism--Kalash Valleys in Chitral District
Revival of tourism in Chitral sought
A Day of Culture and Cuisine on Nauroz Festival
Tourism Can Create Huge Job Opportunities
The Bliss of Ignorance
Suggestion for Pollution-free Chitral
HRMC Formed in Booni
First Ph.D Scholar from Chitral
Job Problems for Educated Women of Chitral
Kalash Women Resisting Cultural Change
Three Months on Hotel Management Concludes
Pilot ECD Projects by AKDN
Poetry on Romantic Songs Held in Booni, Chitral
The Politics of Relief Goods!
Chitral Artisan Participate in Lok Virsa Looming/Handicraft Exhibition
Relief Goods Politics Rife in Chitral
No Education in Special Education Institute
Fall Colour Garden at Ayun, Chtral
Emotionalism should Take a Back Seat
Government Contractors Denuding Bumborate of Forest
Deforestation in the Kalash Valley--Protest the Elders in a Press Briefing
Poetry on Women Right by Anjuman-e-Taraqi Khowar, Chitral
Brooth to Replace Langlands
The Dying Education Sector
'Rediscover greater Chitral' screened
Remembering Good Leader
Let's Bring Forth the Undiscover Chitral
International Climate Day Celebrated in Booni, Chitral
Khowar Language Included in School Curriculum
AKCSP Gets UNESCO Cultural Award
Chitral Needs a Citizens Committee
MNA Lashes out at KP Govt For not Helping Chitral after Floods
Flood Wrecks Havoc in Booni, Northern Chitral
Booni—The Day the Glacier Broke
Chitral __Cultural__ Troupe Participates in 'The Roof of the World Festival'
The Flooding in Pakistan, Update from an ATTA Member
ECOCLUB Report on Booni Flooding
ECOCLUB Award 2010--Supporting Ecosially Just Tourism
'Melting Glaciers Contributed to Heavy Flooding'
Plan Sought for Revival of Tourism in Chitral
Geoffrey Langlands’ Honour
London Charity Match for Langlands School & College, Chitral