15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15)

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related: Aichi , Biodiversity, CBD, Indigenous

Editor's note: We've just learned that China will be the host country for the 15th Biodiversity COP, hashtag #COP15, in 2020

Translating: Por favor avisanos de los detalles
English: Please let us know the details
Arabic: واسمحوا لنا أن نعرف تفاصيل
Portuguese: Por favor, deixe-nos saber os detalhes
Maori: Tena, kia tatou e mohio ki nga kōrero
Maya: TK
Swedish: Låt oss veta detaljerna

Questions for #COP15

How will #COP15 be different from #COP14?
If you were to recommend any videos or presentations from #COP15 ...
If you were to recommend any news articles, Twitter moments or other publications from #COP15 ...
How can we become superfans of #biodiversity and #COP15?
What would locals like us to know about China?
How do we translate text into Chinese?

COP15 Wish List

Translating into Spanish and Chinese. Suggestions/corrections welcome!
How should we evaluate the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (#COP15)? Here is our wish list for the event:

1) We’d like to learn about biodiversity
2) We’d like COP15 to be a window into the CBD and partners
3) We’d like COP15 to be fully engaged via the social web
4) We’d like COP15 to engage locals in China and teach visitors about China
5) We’d like COP15 to be a catalyst for satellite events andviewing parties
6) We’d like COP15 to be particularly friendly to Indigenous Peoples and local communities
7) We'd like COP15 to serve as an example of responsible travel embedded in conservation events
8) We'd like COP15 to serve as an example of Open Access, Open Education and Open Journalism
¿Cómo debemos evaluar la 14th reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes (#COP14)? Aquí está nuestra lista de deseos para el evento:

1) Nos gustaría aprender acerca de la biodiversidad
2) Nos gustaría COP15 sea una ventana al CBD y socios
2) Nos gustaría COP15 que se dedica plenamente a través de las redes sociales
• Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, Periscope, Youtube
• Livestreaming y videos archivados
• Recursos para los participantes lejanos (remote participants)
4) Nos gustaría COP15 para participar locales e China y enseñar a los visitantes acerca de China.
5) Nos gustaría COP15 ser un catalizador para eventos satélitales (satellite events) y fiestas para ver (viewing parties)
6) Nos gustaría COP15 es particularmente amigable para los Pueblos Indígenas y comunidades locales
7) Nos gustaría COP15 para servir como un ejemplo de viajes responsables como parte de los eventos de conservación
8) Nos gustaría COP15 para servir como un ejemplo de Acceso Abierto, Educación Abierto y Periodismo Abierto

Specific requests: Twitter list of #COP15 partners, participants, superfans

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