Tales from the Yucatán

Casa Maya, aka Jeanine Lee Kitchel

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Author Jeanine Lee Kitchel writes about Mexico, the Yucatan and the Maya. Jeanine is a frequent contributor to Planeta with her series Tales from the Yucatán. Contact Jeanine via her website at jeaninekitchel.com , emailor twitter: @jeaninekitchel

Her travel memoir Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya, is now available on Kindle from Amazon.com.

Maya 2012 Revealed

Have you heard enough about the December 21, 2012 end of the world Maya calendar debate already? And are you still confused? Author Jeanine Kitchel's non-fiction book, Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy, should put all your questions to rest. As an independent Maya researcher, Jeanine Kitchel brings a pragmatic approach to the doomsday question: paradigm shift or resetting the clock? Check out her new website jeaninekitchel.com for updates and short excerpts regarding the Maya calendar and her most current research.

Listen to Jeanine's interview on KCBX, NPR affiliate radio station, San Luis Obispo, CA, with interviewer Guy Rathbun on the Maya calendar and prophecy.

Maya Haiku:

Palenque jungle
Lofty pyramids stand where
Howler monkeys roar.

Maya Haiku:

Carved limestone slabs tell
Tales of wars priests kings and then
Forever silent.

Maya Haiku:

The great 'La Ceiba'
Tree of life holds up the world
Branches ever wide.

The New Maya Dawn
Check out video about Maya elder Don Alejandro in this link, The New Maya Dawn. More info in this year of the Maya.

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Maya 2012 Revealed

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