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Carbon = Chemical element

Also see: Decarbonize = To remove carbon from

TAMS: Failed experiments with carbon in Madagascar

Carbon capture can’t rely on fine-tuning old technologies
What happens if the carbon intensity of the grid improves?
The Burning Issue of Carbon
California’s Low-Carbon Fuel Rule Is Working, but Threats Loom

US Carbon Emissions

Carbon Dioxide

Recommended Listening

Science with Chris Smith: carbon dioxide photosynthesis - Imagine if carbon dioxide emissions could be captured, and then with the help of sunlight, turned into useful products like biodegradable plastics, or even other fuel sources.

Soil carbon conundrum - There’s been a breakthrough with soil carbon trading that could get rural Australia sequestering carbon in the ground and earning credits for it. Soil carbon holds the remarkable promise of dealing with two national crises at the same time - climate change and our extensively degraded soils. But it’s deeply politicised, and the science is not clear.

Exploration - December 23, 2014

Recommended Viewing

Carbon mystery tour - Of all the elements in the universe, what makes carbon so special?

Greenwash. Guy Pearse on Big Brands and Carbon Scams - Going green is the new black for big business. But how real is the climate-friendly revolution that's being advertised?


Carbon dioxide:
Carbon Cycle:


Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) is a scheme where governments, companies or forest owners are recompensed for not cutting down forests and the calculation is made as to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions saved. It has many critics as it has lead to forest peoples being evicted from their land while the main beneficiaries have been carbon traders.

Emissions Trading - @timbales


    Autonomous Observations of the Ocean Biological Carbon Pump


    Biochar is charcoal created by pyrolysis of biomass, and differs from charcoal only in the sense that its primary use is not for fuel, but for biosequestration or atmospheric carbon capture and storage.

    Carbon Bubbles



    Carbon Footprint of Electric Cars

    Carbon Footprint of Travel

    Carbon Pricing (Australia)

    Carbon Tax


    Carbon offsets – part of the problem or the solution?

    Carbon Offsetting

    Carbon offsets may be well-intentioned, but they don't fulfill their goal. Carbon offsets are not a viable solution to the huge problem we have with carbon emissions and climate changes. Instead carbon offsets give individuals the incentive to just continue travelling and that is very seductive. What we really need is to reduce our emissions, not to offset them. We need to change to low carbon energy, to renewable energy. Tree planting has nothing to do with reducing emissions. We need to restore forests for many reasons but to make up for our emissions is not one of them.

    Question: Do you offer a volume discount for carbon offsetting?


    "Offsets are an imaginary commodity created by deducting what you hope happens from what you guess would have happened. " (Welch, 2007)

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    Carbon Reduction Institute


    Carbon offsets can do more environmental harm than good

    Gold Standard

    A carbon offsetting organisation enables you to calculate the amount of CO2 emitted by your travels and to pay for the same amount of carbon emissions to be prevented through specific projects. Gold Standard Projects also have socio-economic community benefits. Atmosfair for example only supports Gold Standard projects.


    Carbon leakage




    Where is the Carbon Going?

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