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Cape Town (Afrikaans: Stad Kaapstad; Xhosa: IsiXeko saseKapa) is the metropolitan municipality which governs the city of Cape Town, South Africa and its suburbs and exurbs.

We'd like to explore this further: Cape Town is located on an underground river called Camissa, meaning “place of sweet waters”. In 2018 are reports of a looming water-crisis. The government has launched an online waterviewer. More info online capetownetc.

Day Zero

Current Time and Weather

Current time

If it is 4pm in Cape Town, what time is it elsewhere?

The tale of two slums in South Africa as residents seek to upgrade lives - @thisisplace
5 must-have mobile apps for Cape Town
Escape to the Cape, Share your photos

10 things to do in Cape Town (English and Spanish)
Responsible Travel in Cape Town
Responsible Tourism in South Africa
Responsible Tourism in Cities
South Africa
South Africa Slang
West Coast, South Africa


Cape Town - Google News
Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Pool


Tourism Portals

Responsible Cape Town

Twitter Top 10 (in order of interaction and engagement)

Note from Ron: Many, many thanks to these friends who consistently inspire with observations and insights about the Mother City. The Top 10 are ranked together in alphabetical order. Perfectly fine Twitter accounts follow the Top 10. This list will change over time. (February 2015)

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Recommended Listening (Radio and Podcasts)

Bush Radio - @bushradio
Cape Talk - Listen Live - @CapeTalk567
SAfm - @SAfmRadio
A History of South Africa - Rodney Bray
Cape Day Tours - Rodney Bray - @AssemblyRadio @MetropolistShow

Local News Sourcs

Cape Argus
Cape Times
Die Burger (Afrikaans language daily)
Cape Town Magazine


Flickr Groups

Cape Town Live It Love It - Images from this group are automatically pulled on a feed to the Cape Town Tourism Blog, so are seen by more people in this way. We will also feature a 'Flickr pic of the day' from the group on the blog, and will select pictures for their quality. We will always attribute the photographer, will provide a link back to the photographer's Flickr profile, and will inform photographers should their picture be selected to be featured in this way.

Cape Town Meetup
Two Oceans Aquarium

Cape Town Partnership

The Cape Town Partnership is a collaboration between the public and private sectors working together to develop, promote and manage Cape Town Central City.
@SkyeGrove @Darksjokolade @ctpartnership


Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve Trails


Cape Town Green Map


Cape Town Partnership
Responsible Cape Town
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Playlist of Cape Town Accents

Farmers Markets

Oranjezicht City Farm


Bo Kaap

The Bo Kaap is a historic part of Cape Town and the oldest settlement of Malay people in South Africa. It t has been a home to many Muslims and freed slaves after the abolition of slavery.

Responsible tourism in Cape Town


Nearby: Wupperthal

Wupperthal - Rooibos

Nearby: Intaka Island

Intaka Island, Century City

Cape Winelands

Indigenous Peoples

!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Center, 70 kilometers northwest of Cape Town offers you the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa. Located on the R27 on the West Coast, less than an hour's drive from Cape Town. GPS coordinates: 33⁰21’44.55” S 18⁰16’14.12” E
Coloured culture gap in the Cape tourism experience
Khwa ttu receives Fair Trade in Tourism certification


Where to eat

San Julian Taco & Tequila, 3 Rose Street (Mexican food)
Relax with Dax - restaurant reviews
Dash, Queen Victoria Hotel, Portswood Ridge, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town -

Where to stay

Cape Town Airport Hotel -
Dongola Guest House - flickr - twitter - facebook - youtube - tripadvisor
Vineyard Hotel

Travel Companies

AWOL Tours offers nature experiences, genuine cultural exchange and adventures by hiking and cycling in Cape Town.
Escape to the Cape - - run by Shaheed Ebrahim: Luxury tours at affordable prices. Shaheed won South African Tourism's Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (ETAYA) Award in 2012 and was featured on CNN Travel's African Startups on 1 July, 2014: 'Escape to the Cape, and share your photos while you drive. It was the first company in Cape Town to offer wireless connectivity on board its vehicles.


Western Province Rugby - facebook - twitter
Two Oceans Marathon (April)

Photo blog

Green Point Stadium and Cape Town blog: The Soccer World Cup Stadium of Cape Town has been reconstructed at Green Point.


Argus Cycle Tour (March)




Accessible Travel



The EarthFair Market (@
earthfairmarket) takes place Thursdays in St Georges Mall
Market Day at the Oranjezicht City Farm takes place Saturdays from 9am - 2pm


Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum

The Iziko South African Museum, founded in 1825 and situated in the Company's Garden, takes care of more than 1.5-million items of cultural and scientific significance.



Cape Town International

Transportation, Taxi Cabs, etc.

IRT Airport Shuttle to the CBD
Excite Taxis - metred cabs, 24-hour service http:// -@ExciteTaxis
Testimonial: ("This is my preferred service" - Planeta Wiki editor Martin Hatchuel, Tourism This Week)

Siteseeing Bus

Hop on Hop off City Sightseeing bus


Cape Town Station

Cape Town Station

District Six


African Centre for Cities


Cape Town
South Africa


Accelerate Cape Town
Cape Peninsula
Soccer 2010 - Cape Town Government
Cape Town - Lonely Planet
Cape Town Ecotourism -
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
Cape Town - Travel Comments
Cape Town Shopping Secrets - Afrikatourism
Northern Cape - As real as the people who choose to explore it
Tourism Cape Town
Market section - Living green in Cape Town
Cape Craft and Design Institute

Current time
Cape Town
A scintillatingly sexy city.

History: Slavery
Slave Heritage Walks, Route 1 (East City Circuit)

Tourism Industry

The state and prospects of the visitor industry in Cape Town

Table Mountain

In 2010 the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway welcomed its 20-millionth visitor since it opened in 1929. -

Silvermine`s name originate from the early Dutch Settlers, whose quest for finding silver on the Peninsula, was unsuccessful. Although no silver was ever recovered from the “Zilvermijn” area, the name stuck, and it later became the Silvermine Nature Reserve.

False Bay Ecology Park

The vision of the False Bay Ecology Park (FBEP) is to become one of the leading conservation, environmental education, recreation and ecotourism centres in the country, providing environmental, tourism, social and economic opportunities and benefits for all Capetonians, particularly those in the disadvantaged areas.The FBEP covers 1 200 hectares and includes Rondevlei and Zeekoevlei Nature Reserves, a coastal strip, the Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment Works (CFWWTW) and the Coastal Park landfill site. CAFDA Stables Craft and Culture Centre on Rondevlei Nature Reserve’s boundary is integral to the park's vision.


Cape Town is a great place for ocean swimming, provided the shark flags aren't up.


In Spanish the name of Cape Town is Ciudad del Cabo
The distance to Durban is 1,606 kilometers.


What can I do on a rainy day?


Cape town has a million stories 2 tell. Please not two. This is false. the economy is not binary. It is quantum
- Iain

To be a great place to visit, we must first and foremost be a great place to live. But the reality is that, for most, Cape Town is not yet a great place to live. This has to be our biggest goal. Tourism, and in particular responsible tourism, can be a vehicle for real economic growth and social transformation. We will not be able to build a sustainable and responsible destination without our citizens. As Baba Dioum says, “At the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, we will only understand what we are taught.” It is time to redefine Cape Town beyond the well-known beautiful stereotypes. It is time to involve all the people of Cape Town to tell our full story, warts and all. As the tourism sector we must commit ourselves to a sector that is more accessible, more relevant and more beneficial to all our people.
- Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold, Responsible tourism must be the foundation of tourism development

2011 Marketing Launch

October 17 - Live webcast and launch of Cape Town marketing campaign
Ron's Reveal Blog


Local is lekker (good). Support responsible travel by purchasing local products, food, art and crafts.

The deeper you go, the more beautiful it is.


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Urban Mobility on the Move
Nearly 100% dependent on coal-burning power plants some 2000 km away, Cape Town is taking on the challenges of energy security, diversity and sustainability. Gain an overview of the City’s approaches and learn how these fit into climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Visit Kuyasa, a gold-standard certified CDM project, the largest solar heater roll-out project in southern Africa. Also, gain insight into the newly developed Integrated Bus Rapid Transit system, as urban mobility is vital to a sustainable city. The tour will give insight into climate change mitigation among the poor with a visit to an urban agriculture project in Khayelitsha under Abalimi Bezekhaya, where fresh produce is grown for the market and related merchandise will be sold.

Splash - Coastal and Marine Tour:
Cape Town’s most important socio-economic and environmental asset is its coastline, which supports an extensive fishing industry, unique biodiversity and recreational uses. The largest coastal metropolis in South Africa, Cape Town is also one of the most unique coastal settings in the world. Coming under increasing human-induced pressure, the coastline and those who depend on it also face threats from climate change and associated impacts such as sea level rise and storm surges. The Coastal Tour will provide a ‘front row’ experience of these pressures, unpack the challenges in addressing them, and outline the practical strategies being implemented, from urban design to engineering to ecosystem management and more.

The Web of Life - Ecosystems and Biodiversity Tour:
Cape Town is a global biodiversity hotspot, a treasure of natural riches that attracts visitors, but can be taken for granted by locals. Explore some of these floral and faunal riches in places off the beaten track, and gain greater understanding of the importance of preserving healthy ecosystems in building a resilient city. Visit important biodiversity on the Cape Flats and see how nature conservation can alleviate poverty, then travel via a coastal nature reserve to the False Bay Ecology Park, one of the most important destinations in Cape Town integrating biodiversity conservation with recreational enjoyment.

We Need Cape Town

We Need Cape Town Blog




The Green Goal 2010 Progress Report