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Keen on learning new lingo? Our collection of Buzzword Bingo spotlights colorful slang and new words chosen to educate and inspire. Down with the tedious weasel words and up with new lingo!

The following is our crack at a collection of key words and idioms, mostly in English but with a smattering of Afrikaans, German, Spanish, Swedish and indigenous languages including Ayuuk, Diné, Māori, Sámi and Zapotec.

How to play = Como jugar

The rules of the game = Las Reglas del Juego
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2017 Faves

2016 Faves (also on Flickr and Slideshare)

Nature: anthropocene, biodiversity, bioblitz, bison, cites, coral, decarbonization, earth day, ecosystem, ex situ conservation, feral cats, giraffe, holocene, ivory, legumbres, papahānaumokuākea, predator free, pulses, quiet, ranger, super bloom, tule springs

World wide web: 360 degree video, algorithm, anchor, autocorrect, backup, blockchain, buffering, encryption, embedded tweets, facebook live, fake news, hierarchy, interface, live video, night mode, notifications, periscope, personalize, predictive search, remember me, twitter moments

Around the globe: aloha, brexit, dl!!’ prairie dog, ecocidio = ecocide, global goals, kaitiaki = guardians, nawghaw poa = mountain sheep trail, paisaje lingüístico = linguistic landscape, puebloan peoples, songlines, utu, weltschmerz

Emerging language: after party, antidisciplinary, burning question, civic disaster, communication strategy, destination wedding, gig economy, gravitational waves, grocerant, hyperloop, impact investing, linear tv, peak obituary, post-truth, quantum entanglement, repair café, rolling change, spacetime, trust deficit, woke

Old school: aid, analog, armchair traveler, block party, carpool, election, entrepreneur, equity, framework, inclusion, motivation, movement, ombudsperson, orality, playbook, qualification, ridiculous, tax, transcript

Ronisms: conscious collaboration, conversational whiplash, immediate now, mom shui, viewing party, virtuous circle, wayfinding guide, wee stories

2015 Faves (also on Flickr and Slideshare)

Favorite word of the year? This year's faves include Holacracy, Sage Grouse and Voice Writing. Most of the words presented are in English. Also featured are contributions in Diné: Nizhóní (Beautiful), Maya: Ki'imakóolal (Happiness), Maori: Matariki (Pleiades) and Zapotec: Xigie.

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Natural World: Basin and Range, Bears Ears, Biodiversity Offsets, Bird Song, Brenton Blue Butterfly, Carrying Capacity, Confluence, Denali, Drought, Estuary, Extinction, Floral Kingdom, Gold Butte, Homo Naledi, Indicator Species, Mukuntuweap, National Monument, Phytochorion, Pluto, Prairie, Sloan Canyon

Web: Ad blocking, Chromecast, Digital Assets, Green Room, HT, IoT, Library, Mute, On Demand, Personal Hotspot, Periscope, RN, Timestamp, Tunein, Voice Writing

World: Corroboree, Gift Economy, Ki'makóolal, #LibSpill, Load Shedding, Matariki, Mottainai, Nizhóni, Paris, Potlatch, Ratbag, Red Peak, Talanoa, Te Matatini, Tikanga, Whakatauki, Xigie, Zapovednik

New School: Bike Valet, Deep Dive, Disaggregate, Edutainment, Encyclical, Flipped Classroom, Geo-Engineering, Green Passport, Holacracy, Hydration Station, Millenial, Mind Map, Mothership, Neo, Net Zero City, Optimistic Geography, Outdoor Classroom, Outrospection, Microbeads, Pay What You Want (PWYW), Poverty Porn, Psychogeography, Public Facing, Rapidación, Rapidification, Rooftop Solar, Powerwall, Share Plate, Voluntold

Old School: Activist, Audience, Awareness, Balance, Beauty, Collision, Dutch Oven, Enthrall, Factory Tour, Fluency, Gravel, Guest List, Human Rights, Labyrinth, Light, Questions and Answers (Q&A), Referendum, Refugees, Ripple, Sincerity, Sovereignty, Stress-Free, Value, Voice, Volunteer, Word of the Day, Working Group, World Famous, World-Class

Ron: Big 50,000, Conscious Collaboration, conscious travel, Garden Volunteer, Immediate Now, Kitchen Hopping, Last Friday, Locals and Visitors Alike, Longcut, Photo Safari, Slow Travel, Tourism Journey, Uncoordinated Collaboration, Viewing Party, Virtuous Circle, We Story, Wee Stories

Honorable mentions: Black Mirror, Drought Shaming, Hot Mess

Looking ahead to 2016: pulses

Latest Buzzwords

Content from buzzword bingo

2014 Faves

Web: Barn raising, Emoji, Endorsement, Flipboard, Hacking, Indigogo, Influence, Kickstand, Net Neutrality, Show Notes, Upvote, Virtual Tour

World: Atalatl, Laniakea, NAIDOC, Sumak Kawsay

New School: Artificial Photosynthesis, Canned Hunting, Counter Narrative, Curiosity Gap, Food Sovereignty, Gravitational Wave, Interstital, Lifehack, Moonshot, Neuromorphic computing, Non-Narrated, Petrichor, Pocket park, Setjetting, Slow Money, Suspended Coffee, Synthetic Biology, Vortex, Wayfinding

Old School: Creativity, Privacy, Promise, Restraint, Sesquicentennial, Trope, Umbrella, Wheelhouse

Ron: conscious travel, Garden Volunteer, Immediate Now, Kitchen Hopping, Photo Safari, Slow Travel, Uncoordinated Collaboration, Virtuous Circle, We Story

Honorable mentions: Conflict-Free, Ebola, Hack, Hate Watching, MIFI, NBSAP, Notable, Oscarbait, Paradigm Paralysis, Progress, Second Screen, Sponsored Content, Stranded Asset, Tone Deaf, Überpreneur, Wayfinding

2013 List (also on Flickr)

Web: attribution share-alike, big data, bitcoin, circle, crowdsoucing, discoverable, dongle, embed, eventbrite, geolocation, google glasses, hangout, instagram, meetup, outbounding, photostream, ping, pinwheel of death, remote participant, streaming, tweetchat, vine, Wearable technology

World: armonía, fluker post, quinoa, ráidu, son-maht, trueque, ugu, world heritage, zeitgeist

New school: ambient, ambivert, biophilia, blended learning, casual criminal, drone, exit strategy, facial blindness, fan art, fanboy, food waste, helicopter view, intangible heritage, magic hour, multitasking, outlier, remote participant, rewilding, selfie, shifting baseline, star party, story sharing, touch point, #untravel, vertical garden, vrywilligetweetisme (voluntweetism)

Old school: bubble, carbon, choice, engagement, extreme, footsteps, freedom, governance, happy, hybrid, impact, island, jaw-dropping, leadership, new, outreach, perception, stream, tickets, treasure hunt, under the radar

Ron: conscious travel, foamboard, garden volunteer, immediate now, inbetweener, kitchen hopping, lingosticks, photo safari, slow travel, uncoordinated collaboration, virtuous circle, we story, why not

Honorable mentions: Achacha, Activation, Affluenza, AMA (Ask Me Anything), Binge Viewing, Catch up, Community-Driven, Dump, Economic Disparity, Endless Scrolling, Energiewende, Facial Recognition, Foodprint, Hero, Hero Image, Kipuka, Incognito Window, Invincible, Liminal Moment, mansplain, Meta-, Mumpsimus, Natural Capital, Nice Off, Predictive typing (predictive text), Puebloan Peoples, Showrooming, Shutdown, Sockpuppet , Super Moon, Team, Upvote


How to Play Buzzword Bingo 2012-2013
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Traditionally, bingo is a board game.

A bingo card has a 5x5 grid with the center being a "free space." When you hear a word or phrase on your card, mark it off. When you mark off five spaces in a straight or diagonal line, you win!

You are cordially invited to print, favorite, tag or incorporate any of these words, wiki pages, posters and individual 'cards' into media of your choice. Use new words in tweets and blog comments surprise your friends. The objective here is to making learning language less threatening and more fun.

More recently 'buzzword bingo' has come to epitomize the overused jargon heard at boring conferences. Check out IBM Buzzword Bingo




introducing the buzzwords

Artwork / Cue Yourself


Buzzword Bingo Lexicon: Abatelenguas - World Class

Abatelenguas - Tongue depressors (Mexican Spanish) used as Lingo Sticks


Acompañamiento - The action of accompanying someone (Spanish)
Acción de acompañar o acompañarse.

Activism - Intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change.
Also see 'clickvitism'

aka - also known as

AMA = Ask Me Anything

Ánimo = Good spirits (Spanish)

App = Short for Application software

Auto-Tune = Phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes,

Avatar = Graphical representation of a user

Agent provocateur = A person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action.

Antipodes = The point on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to it. In the British Isles, "the Antipodes" is often used to refer to Australia and New Zealand.

Antisocial Networking = Presence on social networking but never actually communicating to anybody

Augmented reality = Live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.

Awkword = A word that is difficult to pronounce.
source: Wordspy

Backcasting = Defining a desirable future and then working backwards to identify the steps that will connect the future to the present.

Biomimicry = examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems.

Bragging Rights = The right to boast, associated with winning a contest

Buzzword Bingo = Game

Clicktivism = Virtual 'activism' using clicks to fave, digg, like and follow
Activism after Clicktivism: How to restore our revolutionary potential – Micah White

Backcasting - Defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify policies and programs that will connect the future to the present.

Badge - Device or accoutrement which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service

Bionic eye - an implanted device which restores basic vision in patients with some degenerative eye diseases by transmitting images from a small camera fitted to a pair of glasses to a silicon chip implanted into the eye and acting as an artificial retina.

Black Swan = Unexpected event of a large magnitude

Blog - Web Log

Blue sky thinking
also see blue sky research

Bluetooth - Proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices

BRIC - Acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development.

Bromance - a non-sexual but intense friendship between two males.

Brand - A way of fooling a customer into feeling that she has entered a social contract while ensuring there is no reciprocal on part of the corporation. The customer is meant to tirelessly promote and support the brand but the brand has no duties to the customer.
- Cory Doctorow, On copyright, corporations and creativity

Bums on seats - Paying, seated customers

Business as usual - "To transition from ‘business as usual’ is a matter of choice. With the right vision, planning, preparation and collaboration around ideas that provide genuine win-win-win outcomes, we all benefit, the land included. By shining a spotlight on great examples of sustainable practice we gain new ideas, fresh insights, inspiration and the knowledge that a sustainable future is a reality for all of us – we just need to choose it!" – Tom Walter, The bright light of sustainable practice

Business incubator

Busker = Street performance for a gratuity

Challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person.
Louis von Ahn the guy who invented CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA

Caravan - Road Show

Collaboration - To work with others

Collage - Art made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

See: Dissensus

Consultation - Process by which the public's input on matters affecting them is sought. (Also see nonsultation)

see: core skills, core values

Counter Tourism

Cradle to cradle - Materials can be used over and over again instead of being "downcycled" into lesser products, ultimately becoming waste.

Cringe-worthy = When someone does something that is worthy of a cringe -

Crowdfunding - Collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

Digital echo chamber - Going online to hear others repeating your thoughts (related: ego surfing)

Digital native = a person who grows up using digital media and communications systems, and thus has complete familiarity with them.

Disambiguate = remove uncertainty of meaning from (an ambiguous sentence, phrase, or other linguistic unit)

Disintermediation = removal of intermediaries in a supply chain, aka cutting out the middleman

Disruption - = To throw into confusion or disorder

Dissensus = Difference of opinion

Double down = To double one's wager

Early Adopter = Early customer of a given company or person who accepts a new idea
See: Trendsetter

Earworm = A catchy tune that frequently gets stuck in your head

Earth Hour = Global event held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. Earth Hour was conceived by The Sydney Morning Herald and WWF Australia in 2007

Easter egg = Hidden content intentionally inserted by the creators

Elevator pitch = a concise presentationas pitched to someone in the short time available in an elevator

Embodied energy = The commercial energy (fossil fuels, nuclear, renewable) that was used in the work to make any product, bring it to market, and dispose of it.

Empirical = Derived from experiment and observation rather than theory

Empowerment = Increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities.

Essential - Basic or indispensable

Event tree - a visual representation of all the events occurring in a system, showing the links between them so that, as the number of events increases, the whole resembles the branches of a tree; used to identify pathways to desired outcomes.

Evergreen = An article that can run anytime

Experience Economy = The next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy and the most recent service economy.

Externality = cost or benefit incurred by a party who was not involved as either a buyer or seller of the goods or services.

Fabergé egg = (Russian: Яйца Фаберже́; yaytsa faberzhe) is one of a limited number of jeweled eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé and his company between 1885 and 1917.

Facetious = Not meant to be taken seriously or literally
español: jocoso, gracioso

Fail = Not meeting a desirable or intended objective


Filter bubble = Web data filtered to match your interests, thus preventing you from seeing data outside those interests
also see: bubble

Follower - ?!/ronmader/followers

Food mile - a unit of measurement of the distance which a food product has to travel before it reaches the place where it is consumed; regarded as a measure of sustainable development, since the fewer food miles a product travels the fewer harmful effects it has on the environment.

Founder's syndrome

From pillar to post - From one place to another
Example: Viral messages are carried from pillar to post

Fracking - Process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized fluid, in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction.

Future fit - Leading change, not just about being comfortable with change
Practioneers: Mariette

GFC - global financial crisis (used widely in Australia)

Glocalization – Running a business according to both local and global considerations
source: Secret vault of words rejected by the Oxford English Dictionary uncovered

GPS - The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth when and where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

Green Grabbing = The appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends

Guerilla dining - dining at a restaurant that has been set up temporarily in an unused space such as a car park, beach, rooftop or a private home, etc., customers being alerted by word of mouth to the location.

Guerilla gardener - a person who plants gardens in areas controlled by councils or other organisations but neglected by them in terms of vegetation, as nature strips, roundabouts, council-maintained gardens

Habit = Intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).
- Steven R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Haka - Maori ceremonial dance

Half-life - the time required for something to fall to half its initial value (in particular, the time for half the atoms in a radioactive substance to disintegrate)

Hashtag - Keyword prefaced with #.

Head-up display - Any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.


Hit the slide - To quit one's job in truly stunning fashion

Hongi - Greeting (Maori)

Humility - quality of being modest, reverential, even politely submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude

Hyperlocal - Focusing on a locality and using social media to share news

Ineptocracy A government or state ruled by people who are incompetent.

Innovation - a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries


Integral theory


Joined Up Thinking

KPI = Key Performance Indicator industry jargon term for a type of Measure of Performance

Landing page - The page that appears when a potential customer clicks on a link or advertisement.

Lateral Thinking = Solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.

Level playing field – a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules. A metaphorical playing field is said to be level if no external interference affects the ability of the players to compete fairly.

Lexpionage - Lexical espionage; the sleuthing of new words and phrases, especially as practiced by The Word Spy.
source: Wordspy

Live streaming - Transferring data such that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream

Low hanging fruit = an easily obtainable objective.

Man cave = A man cave (also sometimes mantuary) is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.

Mashup = App or website that combines data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create new services.

Meliorism = the doctrine that the world tends to become better or may be made better by human effort.

Meraki = to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work

Nature Deficit Disorder = Yearning for, or ignorance of, nature caused by not spending time outdoors

Neural Pathway

Nice Off

Open journalism

Open science = Research, conducted in the spirit of free and open source software

Paradigm - philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated

Password fatigue - a level of frustration reached by having too many different passwords to remember, resulting in an inability to remember even those most commonly used.

Permaculture = Designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies.

Petrichor - the smell of rain on dry earth.

Photovoice - method mostly used in the field of community development, public health, and education which combines photographywith grassroots social action.

Phubbing - To ignore someone while looking at a smartphone

Point of No Return - Point beyond which someone, or some group of people, must continue on their current course of action.

Placeholder - words that can refer to objects or people, whose names are unknown or irrelevant
The role of the placeholder

Praxis - Process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted or practiced, embodied and/or realized.

Progress Bar - A progress bar is a component in a graphical user interface used to convey the progress of a task, such as a download or file transfer. Often, the graphic is accompanied by a textual representation of the progress in a percent format.

Pronoia - The suspicion the universe is a conspiracy on your behalf


Puffery - Smoke and mirrors

Resource Curse - Aka Paradox of Plenty refers to the paradox that countries and regions with an abundance of natural resources, specifically point-source non-renewable resources like minerals and fuels, tend to have less economic growth and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources
The Resource Curse
The resources curse

Resurgence - A continuing after interruption; a renewal.

ROI - Return on investment or 'return on involvement'


saudade = where you’re simultaneously mournfully nostalgic and full of love

Sclerotic - Becoming rigid and unresponsive; losing the ability to adapt (examples: sclerotic management, sclerotic institution)

Screen sharing - Share what you’re seeing on your computer over a free call. Show someone exactly what you mean instead of typing to explain it.

Seachange - Broad transformation

Security theater - security measures that make people feel more secure without doing anything to actually improve their security.

Shebang - Entirety

Shopping cart abandonment

Silo - An information silo is a management system incapable of reciprocal operation with other, related management systems.

Sitopia = food-place, as opposed to utopia (‘good place’, or ‘no place’)

Slipstream = Region behind a moving object in which a wake of fluid (typically air or water) is moving at velocities comparable to the moving object (in comparison to the ambient fluid through which the object is moving).

Slow travel - travel conducted at a slow pace to enjoy more fully the places visited and the people met or such travel seen as environmentally friendly through its lack of reliance on air transport. [modeled on slow food]

Social bridging

Social contract = individuals unite into a society by a process of mutual consent, agreeing to abide by certain rules and to accept duties to protect one another from violence, fraud, or negligence.

Soft Power - The ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce and rather than using force or money as a means of persuasion.

Soundscape = Combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment. The study of soundscape is the subject of acoustic ecology.

Staycation - Vacation spent at home or nearby

Story =

Straight Like - When someone goes straight down your Facebook page and likes everything

Strapline - Advertising slogan, also called 'end line'

Streisand Effect = primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has theunintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely.

Target Audience
target audience = Specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at

Tentpole Event

Time Suck

Tipping Point - the point at which an object is displaced from a state of stable equilibrium into a new, different state

TL:DR = Too long, didn't read: used as a dismissive response to a lengthy online post

Transparent - Candid or open

Transliteracy - the ability to read and write using multiple media, including traditional print media, electronic devices, and online tools.


Unfriend - To remove someone as a `friend’ from a social networking site such as Facebook.
New Oxford American Dictionary 2009 Word of the Year

Update Fatigue - Getting tired and anxious because of software updates or persistent news not of interest from social media contacts

Update Syndrome - Disease common among bloggers, tweeters and facebookers that think the world would go under if they don't tell everyone everything that happens in their life.

Vibe = Atmosphere

Viral Video = A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email.

X Factor = Having star quality

Widget- In computing a web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation.

wikification nowWikification - The process of opening online content to allow for collaboration from members (and in some cases anonymous users); to turn an online site into a wiki.

Whakawhanauatanga - making of family - tangata (a person) is born to a whanau (family) and many whanau (or famililes) make up a hapu (sub-tribe) many hapu (also word for pregnant) make up a iwi (tribe)
related: maorilang

Willful Ignorance – Intentional and blatant avoidance, disregard or disagreement with facts

Workaround = a bypass of a recognized problem in a system.

World Class
Why is "World Class" so Classist?

2012 List

old school: board game, communication, core skills, curiosity, deliverable, doubling down, kahoots, legacy, mentor, open, pivot, resilience, roadmap, share, transit, visual thinking
web: crowdfunding, digital inclusion, digitalnomad, free wi-fi, get involved, hangout, interaction, kickstarter, kickstarter-like, notification, renew, social web, twitterstorm
world: acompañamiento - aichi targets, biodiversity, buen vivir, food truck, guelaguetza, higgs boson, maya, sky crane, wiki
new school: bicultural perspective, consilience, failure report, flip flop, food truck, habitable zone, local travel, mainstreaming, open access, open education, open journalism, slow adventure, social bridging, soundwalk, successwash, sunken cost fallacy, tentpole event, third space, timebank
ron: buzzword bingo, conscious travel, foamboard, lingosticks, photo safari, virtuous circle

Untitled from ron mader on Vimeo.

Here are the top words of 2010

  1. Carrotmob - An event where people support an environmentally-friendly store by gathering en masse to purchase the store's products.
  2. Gameification - The idea of turning an otherwise mundane process into a game, to give people more of an incentive to do it
  3. Geolocation - Technological process of determining the real geographical location of an Internet user
  4. Hyperlocal - Using social media to focus on a small area
  5. Livestreaming - Streaming media are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider

More faves: Beautiful Font - Clickvitism - Digital Echo Chamber - Hashtag - Information Dump - Long Tail - Transliteracy - Wi-Fi

  1. Acompañamiento - The action of accompanying someone (Spanish)
  2. Eyjafjallajökull  (AYE-yah Fyat-lah Yir-kutl) - Volcano in Iceland
  3. Guelaguetza - Reciprocal gifts, also the corn tortilla from the Zapotec farm (Oaxaca, Mexico)
  4. Manaakitanga - Respect for hosts and kindness to guests (Maori)
  5. Vuvuzela - Stadium horn (South Africa)

  1. Empathy - Being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another
  2. Hype - Promotion or advertisement; especially, exaggerated claims.
  3. One Room Schoolhouse - In 1800s USA in rural and small town schools, all of the students met in a single room. There, a single teacher taught academic basics to several grade levels of elementary-age children. Recommended listening: The power of tinkering
  4. Playbook - Instruction book, a book of plays put together by a coaching staff
  5. Resilience - positive capacity of people to cope with stress and catastrophe.

  1. Biophany - Aural niches that different species have assumed in order to be heard in the overall soundscape of a given ecosystem
  2. Nonsultation - A specious public consultation on decisions that have already been made.
  3. Solastalgia - Distress or melancholy caused by a significant change to one's local environment.
  4. Unconference - Facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a particular theme
  5. Mirror neuron - A neuron that fires both when an animal (including humans) acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.

More Faves: Backcasting - Exoplanet - Globish - Local Travel Movement - Nature Deficit Disorder - Platinum Rule

  1. Buzzword Bingo - Game where participants fill out bingo cards with buzzwords and tick them off when they are mentioned during an event.
  2. Conscious Travel - Traveling with one's conscience and connecting with others in a particular place.
  3. Foamboard - Inexpensive and portable information sign
  4. Lingo Sticks - Popsicle sticks used to demonstrate how a wiki works without electricity
  5. Photosafari - Free, public event in which people are invited to take photos in a public space and share them online in a collaborative group

Recommended Tweets

Deep trust requires genuine collaboration and consultation +
Keep track of the lingo with Buzzword Bingo! #BestPreso

Elsewhere on the Web (Make your own bingo)

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Play sustainable tourism buzz word bingo - Demo | Instructions | Template


Lotería (board game)
Buzzword Bingo


If you want to change the way people think, you can educate them, brainwash them, bribe them, drug them. Or you can teach them a few carefully chosen new words with the power to change the way you see the world (or as the Germans would say, these words might warp your Weltanschauung).
- Howard Rheingold, They Have a Word for It

For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.
- T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

The problem with academic-style weasel words is that they don’t add value but they do add stress.
- Valere Tjolle


Old School
  1. Assemble
  2. Collaborate
  3. Conscious
  4. cringeworthy
  5. Curate
  6. Empathy
  7. Frugal
  8. mature
  9. narrative
  10. now
  11. occupy
  12. old school
  13. pivot
  14. postcards
  15. Route
  16. transition
  17. trust
  18. volunteer
  19. waking up
  20. Wilfull Ignorance

  1. Antisocial Networking
  2. couchsurfing
  3. delicious
  4. flickr
  5. friends
  6. digital literacy
  7. gameification
  8. hashtag
  9. Live Streaming
  10. opengovernment
  11. Open Source
  12. qr code
  13. storify
  14. Twitter
  15. wiki
  16. zipcast
  17. 3D Printing

  1. Ánimo
  2. concurso
  3. Goyo gakusha
  4. Good enough
  5. guelaguetza
  6. Planeta
  7. Slow Adventures
  8. Vibe

New School
  1. Anthropocene
  2. Biomimicry
  3. Blue sky thinking
  4. Citizen Science
  5. Future fit
  6. Geolocation
  7. Open space
  8. Pop-Up Museum
  9. Read Write Culture
  10. Sitopia

  1. Conscious Travel
  2. Foamboard
  3. Kitchen Hopping
  4. Lingosticks
  5. Microphilanthropy
  6. Microedit
  7. Photo Safari
  8. #WikiWednesday
Viva the Plurilingual World!




buy in
climate change
critical mass
digital echo chamber
ethics (etica)
local travel movement
low carbon
capacity building
responsible tourism
use by date
web 2.0
well being


food shed
food miles




string (cuerda)
tamale paper


behind posts
big unit
dangerous kick
free kick
goal posts
hand ball
overhead mark
platform hand
ruck rover
shot at goal
tall target
utility player
wooden spoon
Las Vegas
Mexico City


traditional culture
Globalize Yourself
South Africa
New Zealand
Good Practices
sustainable practices
green travel
eco friendly
visitors' center
renewable energy
climate change
carbon neutral
dead trees
climate change
road map


Dead rubber
Growing the game
Highlight the positives
Level playing field
Moving the goalposts
Playable pitch
Wooden spoon



Words we should agree to stop using (bugbears)

see style guide

best practice - Things that worked once somewhere and then were thrown into a report

one stop shop

pax - A term used in the travel industry for a seat on board an aircraft occupied by one or more passengers

ruins (better choice: archaeological site)

secret (when used in travel writing)


Phrases we should agree to stop using

Bucket list - a list of things to do before you die; also an uninspired conceit we'd be better off without

our speaker needs no introduction (if followed by an intro)

Are you sure (used frequently in computer programming. Help!)

I will be brief in my comments because I wish to listen to you (when followed by long exposition)

Space is limited

Whinging about jargon

Annoying Words