Buzzword Bingo: Bubble

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Bubble = Something is overvalued and intensely believed

Filter bubble = Web data filtered to match your interests, thus preventing you from seeing data outside those interests.
- Wordspy

Recommended Listening

The Filter Bubble: How the hidden web is shaping lives - Pioneer in online campaigning Eli Pariser lays bare the forces controlling our online lives and argues for a new vision of a freer web.

Filter bubbles, the global Internet and Wikipedia's diversity - In our increasingly personalized digital world are we at risk of being trapped in filter bubbles? Also does the rise of the global Internet mean that different countries each have their own unique Internet experience and culture?

From tulips to property: how economic bubbles work - An economic bubble is when the prices for assets are implausibly high and out of whack with fundamental values. This can happen with any asset class - equities, property, even flowers. When Tulipmania gripped Holland in the 17th Century, the price of one particular bulb shot to 10 times the salary of the average skilled craftsman. Unfortunately you can only be sure you’re in a bubble after it pops.


The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Peter Thiel thinks ideas can develop in a start-up environment much faster than at a university. And the project is also intended to question the idea of higher education. Thiel told TechCrunch that the United Sates was in a higher education bubble. "A true bubble is when something is overvalued and intensely believed," he said.
- Fellowships not to go to college

burbujas (bubbles)