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Blog = Web Log

Buzzword Bingo

App - Blog - Blog Roll - Comments - Dashboard - Feedback - Microblogging - Moderation - Options - Post - Ratings - Reblog - Revision - RSS - Search - Spam - Stats - Subscribe - Subscriber - Tags - Twitter - Widget - Wordpress



BBC looks closely at junketism in the travel blogging world
Infographic: The mostly self-serving state of travel blogging in 2013
37 Ways to Repurpose a Single Blog Post
Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Gets Noticed
Why Blogger Worship is a Really Dumb Thing to Do

Essays about blogs

Institutional Blogs: Different Voices, Different Value - Museum Two (Nina's Blog Chart)



Reblog = To blog again

Blogs: Levels of Engagement = Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be creative
Be creative
Share the feed from your blog to Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn
Vincula las noticias desde tu blog a Facebook, Google+, Twitter LinkedIn
Be generous
Be generous
Add Comment
Agregar Comentario
Be generous
Embed RSS
Incrustar RSS

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Comment on a colleague's blog
When you post something new, tweet about it
Tweet about someone else's blog. It's particularly helpful if the blog has a Twitter button that makes this easy.

Do you know how to schedule a blog post?

Blog Don'ts

Don't ban comments. A blog without comments is not a blog
Don't allow spam to creep into comments
Don't start a blog without a routine for keeping it active. This is called anti social networking.

Ron's Favorite Blogs (2012)

As 2012 begins, here are some of Ron's favorites, chosen on the basis of their timely information and quality comments. More favorites are listed below. Blogs in this table are listed in alphabetical order:





Cape Town #cttagm2011 10.2011
Cape Town Blog is a standout example of how tourism officials engage locals and visitors.
One of my favorite features: Flickr pic of the day
'Do you want to guest blog for us about Cape Town? Write us a review of an event, a memory of an experience, or an opinion of a service. Please contact us!' Brilliant

Conscious Tourism is the work of Anna Pollock whose views coincide with mine that travel ought to bring together hosts and and travelers
Guurrbi Tours
Guurrbi Tours - Willie & Judy fashion one of my favorite tourism blogs focusing on their tourism company (and ITBW Award winner) Guurrbi Tours. It's updated every now and then with great stories. The strapline for the blog is 'A magical journey of story and dreaming, birthing and beginning.' Several friends who run tourism businesses love this blog. I'm inspired with each visit and look forward to the day when I get to see some of this in person.

Local Travel Movement 08.2011
Local Travel Movement
Nina's Blog Chart
Museum 2.0 is a smart and inspiring look at how museums are re-imagining their role using social media. Authored by Nina Simon,
I design and research participatory museum experiences. I'm the Executive Director of The Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz and author of The Participatory Museum. You can contact me, check out my work, read the book, and find me on Twitter.
New Zealand Tourism Industry Blog 12.2011
New Zealand Tourism Industry Blog was created with the objective to foster a community for tourism in New Zealand that provides ongoing and accessible information for all parts of the industry, particularly for the small business operator that does not often get the opportunity to network and learn at conferences, workshops or industry events.

People and Places
Why Pay to Volunteer?
Blog'd: Leo Hickman on the Hot Seat
Ron's eponymously titled blog makes the list!
Responsible Tourism Week 2011- February 14-18, 2011 « The Travel Word (20110209)
The Travel Word

Not updated on a regular basis

Afrika T Blog about Indigenous People's Week
Afrika T is on hiatus, but this blog has long been a favorite and I'm very pleased to say that in 2011 I actually got to work with Kurt Ackermann face to face. Since December the blog is on hiatus. What impressed me early on about this blog was its penchant for candid observation about responsible tourism and showing what it means in practice in southern Africa. A consumate professional, Kurt works from the ground up and writes eloquently about changes.


Blog Responsibly

1 – Be passionate. Think of a great name and appealing subtitle for your blog. The topic should focus on something you are passionate about.

2 – Be mindful. Create a list of topics your blog could address. Flesh out at least 3-5 ideas as a 'rough draft.'

3 – Be resourceful. Register on WordPress (writing down your login id and password)

4 – Be smart. Post your first blog. Print this page and display it in a public place

5 – Post your second blog entry the next day (maximum two days)

6 – Be clever. When you are ready to promote your blog, add the link from your website, Flickr profile, Facebook page ... and ask others to add a link or RSS feed from their websites.

7 – Be transparent. If you have a business, it helps to print the blog and display the home page so that clients can see this specific web presence.

8 – Be consistent - Write something on a regular basis. You decide whether it's every week, a few times a month or something else. Consistency is important in terms of satisfying readers and it helps you remember the passwords and any other technical gadgetry needed to upload your words and photos.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Account on WordPress
Advantages: Easy way to share news in a linear fashion, create RSS
Blog Responsibly

1 - Ser apasionado. Piensa en un nombre y el subtítulo de tu blog. Debe ser algo que te interesan.

2 - Sea consciente. Crear una lista de temas que deseas que tu blog se ocuparía.

3 - Use tu ingenio. Registro en WordPress (anotando tu identificación de usuario y contraseña)

4 - Sea inteligente. Publique tu primer blog. Imprima esta página y mostrarlo en un lugar público

5 - Publique una entrada de blog segundo el seguinte dia, maximo dos

6 - Sea inteligente. Cuando esté listo para promocionar tu blog, agregue el enlace desde su página web, el perfil de Flickr, la página Facebook ... e invitar a otros a insertar un vínculo o canal RSS de sus sitios web.

7 - Ser transparente. Si tienes un negocio, ayuda a imprimir el blog y visualización de este modo que los clientes puedan ver que tienen esta presencia en la web específica.

8 - Sea consistente - Escribir algo sobre una base regular. Usted decide si es cada semana, un par de veces al mes o algo más. La consistencia es importante en términos de satisfacción de los lectores y te ayuda a recordar las contraseñas y cualquier otros aparatos técnicos necesarios para subir tus palabras y fotos.

Costo: Gratis
Requisitos: Cuenta en WordPress
Ventajas: Facil compartir noticias en manera linear, crear RSS
Verantwortungsvoll Bloggen

1 - Seien Sie begeistert. Denken Sie sich einen ansprechenden Namen und einen aussagekräftigen Untertitel für Ihren Blog aus. Der Blog sollte ein Thema behandeln, dem Sie sich verbunden fühlen.

2 - Seien Sie kreativ. Erstellen Sie eine Liste von Themen, die Sie auf Ihrem Blog behandeln wollen.

3 - Werden Sie aktiv. Registrieren Sie sich auf WordPress (Notieren Sie sich Ihre Login-ID und ihr Passwort)

4 - Werden Sie wahrnehmbar. Drucken Sie Ihren ersten Blog-Post aus und hängen Sie ihn an einem öffentlichen Ort aus.

5 - Posten Sie Ihren zweiten Blog-Eintrag innerhalb von wenigen Tagen (spätestens nach zwei Tagen)

6 - Seien Sie clever. Wenn Sie Ihren Blog bekannt machen wollen, fügen Sie einenLink zu Ihrer Webseite, zu Ihrem Flickr-Profil, Ihrer Facebook-Seite etc. hinzu. Und fordern Sie andere auf, einen Link oder RSS-Feeds auf deren Websites zu integrieren.

7 - Seien Sie transparent. Wenn Sie ein Unternehmen haben, hilft es, die Startseite des Blogs zu drucken und auszustellen, damit Kunden über diese Web-Präsenz erfahren.

8 - Seien Sie konsequent - Schreiben Sie etwas auf regulärer Basis. Sie entscheiden, ob es jede Woche, nur wenige Male im Monat oder in anderen Zeiträumen ist. Beständigkeit ist wichtig für die Leser-Zufriedenheit und es hilft Ihnen dabei Ihre Passwörter und die notwendigen Kenntnisse zum Hochladen von Bildern und Texten zu verinnerlichen.

Kosten: Gratis
Bedarf: Account auf WordPress
Vorteile: eine einfache Art, regelmäßig Nachrichten zu erstellen und zu verteilen via RSS Feeds
Blog vastutustundlikult

1 - Olge kirglik. Mõtle nimi ja alapealkiri oma blogi. See peaks olema midagi, et hoolid.

2 - Ole tähelepanelik. Loo teemade loetelu, mida soovite oma blogi oleks aadress.

3 - Olge leidlikud. Registreeruge WordPress (kirjalikult ette login ja parool)

4 - Be smart. Postitage oma esimese blogi. Trüki lehekülg ja näitab seda avalikus kohas

5 - Postita oma teise blogi Järgmisel päeval (maksimaalselt kaks päeva)

6 - Ole kaval. Kui olete valmis, et edendada oma blogis, lisage link oma veebilehel, Flickr profiili Facebook lehekülg ... ja paluda teisi lisada lingi või RSS feed nende veebilehtedel.

7 - olema läbipaistev. Kui teil on äri, see aitab prindi blogi ja kuvada avalehel, nii et kliendid saavad näha seda spetsiifilisi web kohalolekut.

8 - Olge järjekindel - Kirjuta midagi regulaarselt. Sina otsustad, kas see on igal nädalal paar korda kuus või midagi muud. Järjepidevus on oluline seoses vastab lugejate ja see aitab meeles pidada paroolide ja muude tehniliste Vempaimet vaja üles laadida oma sõnade ja fotosid.

Hind: Tasuta
Nõuded: Konto WordPress
Eelised: Lihtne viis jagada uudiseid lineaarselt, luua RSS


Ron Mader
blog - Google News
Museum 2.0

Ron's blogs -


Ron: I remember the first blog I fell in love with ... Mexican Wave. It was created by soon-to-win the Colibri Award Steve Bridger. It was smart, it was savvy, it was about Mexico. And simultaneously, I hated it, not Mexican Wave but blogs. "I was blogging before there were blogs," I said in 2003 or 04, thinking that it was just too soon to be working on a website - - that was already old school in technology. Once I was hip, now I was playing catch-up.

Fast forward to 2012. I have my own blog which I pay some attention to, but mostly I find blogs and bloggers irksome. I have my favorites (featured below), but for the most part blogs have focused far too much attention on the bloggers and done precious little to develop a long-term conversation. Add in to the mix the fact that good blogs - Mexican Wave is a good example - have a limited lifespan. They begin, they end. You can access them but the interaction, the engagement is gone.

What's the next big thing? Collaborative notetaking and editing. Wiki is the future whether that's a wiki or a google document. New new school editing shows the work behind the work. It's as inclusive as it dares and it's the next big step forward as we head consciously or not toward 2013, 2014 and the the 2020s.

In just under four weeks time, thousands of bloggers from around the globe will come together on October 15 to talk about one topic – The Power of We

All you need to do is; register your blog as a participant, write a blog about the "Power of We" post it onto your site on October 15 and promote it with the #powerofwe and #bad12 hashtags.

We picked the Power of We as the theme for this year’s Blog Action Day, after past participants strongly favoured “Community and Freedom” in our theme poll. Also, we thought that the "Power of We" highlighted the many incredible efforts we have witnessed of communities coming together, from local groups to global movements.

What was the first blog you fell in love with?

First Blog

If your blog is not listed in our results, we want to hear about it.Enter your blog's web or feed address below and we'll do our best to add it to our index as quickly as possible.


Afrika T
Sustainable Options
Sustainable Practice: Make it Real
Blogging for birders
shannon company - The environment. Do you practice what you preach?


Slow Media

pop culture

author blogs

tranquilo traveler
james gleick


Afrika T
The Travel Word - -!/nztourismblog



Conferences for Bloggers

Travel Bloggers Unite

Questions and Answers

How do I get more traffic for my blog?
Tweet about it yourself. To foster even more tweets, enable a Twitter button

Is it polite to write about your business on someone else's blog? I don't want to start one yet but wonder about responding and linking with others who do this well in a related market.
My suggestion - create a worksheet! Map out your strategy focusing on two big questions:
On what issues would you like to comment?
What blogs are already discussing items that are of interest to you?

I'd suggest commenting when you can sound knowledgeable and concerned. There may be times in which you can say 'we have these tours' and 'rooms are available' but in most cases this could sound a bit garish. I think you have to be careful, you don't want to sound like a merolico (explained here on someone else's site.

Can I add a twitter button on my blog?

To foster tweets, enable the button on your blog please open your dashboard and select Settings > Sharing. Details

Can I track the number of RSS readers?
I have no idea

Why blog?
According to HubSpot
, companies that maintain blogs attract 55% more website visitors, get 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed web pages than companies without blogs. The more often a company blogs, the more traffic and leads it will be able to produce.



Blogger was created in 1999 and purchased by Google in 2003.
As of February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.

Special Days

October 15 Blog Action Day,
  • Post about why you are taking part in this year’s event, what the theme The Power of We means to you and what you thinking of writing your blog about.
  • Encourage your friends and people who currently read your blog to also take part in Blog Action Day. You can promote and comment on each other’s blog posts and discuss the theme and content ideas before you create you October 15 post
  • Add the official Blog Action Day participant badges to your post or site, and link to Blog Action Day site. You can download the badges from our Facebook Page.

Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included water, climate change, poverty and food with thousands of blogs, big and small, taking part.
You can find out more about the theme and why we selected it on the official blog

Anyone can take part in Blog Action Dayregister your blog, vlog, podcast, photo, info graphic or data site and we will send you updates about the day, exclusive content from our partners and a reminder to post your blog on October 15, 2012


worksheets: blog responsibly


Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has ... If you want to let your readers see your Technorati Authority on your blog, install the Technorati Authority widget.
I am becoming a fan of posterous - example
the value of blogs - do we trust a guidebook author without a blog?

Travel Blogger Marketing Co-operatives Are Growing

Thank you a fine overview and useful list. That said, I think we should take a closer look at the effectiveness of these campaigns. If the DMOs are funded by the government, then it's time for greater transparency and open access to the promotional costs and the KPIs and ROI.

Have we seen any public summaries (internal or external) of DMO-funded campaigns? So much of the official conversation has been rah-rah everything-is-just-fine. That said, it's easy to hear the criticisms of the efforts on the ground from locals who feel excluded as well as online from the writers and photographers who have not been invited. If travel writers are critical of the DMO or question top-down procedures, how likely are they to be invited to participate? So far, I have not seen a warts-and-all approach.

My suggestion would be to add a third column in which summary reports could be linked. Meanwhile, you've done us a great service by listing current efforts.

Nina's Blog Chart