The Vegemite Sandwich Effect

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January 26 Australia Day

January 26, 5-6pm Sydney What Makes Australia Great? hosted by @Vintuitive of Australia Great

Vin: We’ll be having a whole swag of great Aussie fun & games with some munging out on Vegemite and other Aussie goodness, a segment where Vicki Fitch from the US will be undertaking a test to see if she can speak enough Strayan in order to successfully pass and receive her “Honorary Aussie” status. That will all be followed by much more Aussie slang with a hot seat on rotation. There will be rewards for impressive use of Aussie slang.

Starting Time: Tuesday 5pm Sydney, 2pm Perth, 430pm Adelaide, 6am London GMT; Monday 10pm Las Vegas, 8pm Honolulu

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Quotes allows you to stream video interviews via mobile, tablet or desktop. This is a key differentiator from Periscope or Meerkat, other live-streaming leaders in the space. Blab also seems to be winning over the biggest fans of Google Hangouts, making this one platform on which to keep an eye.


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