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Conversation with Mark Dowie

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The Jaguar's Shadow by Richard Mahler
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Conservation Refugees

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Reinventure: How Travel Adventure Can Change Your Life
Carol Patterson

Author website


Weaving the Web: Carol Patterson

Ron, as you know, travel has created big changes in my life, including the creation of Kalahari Management 19 years ago. In the book Reinventure: How Travel Adventure Can Change Your Life, I share a few of my travel stories and those of the people I've met along the way.

One of the wonderful things about being a tourism consultant is visiting places before they are 'discovered' by tourists and getting behind-the-scenes tours. I think people will find these stories entertaining and get them thinking about a possible reinventure in their lives.

People can take the Reiventure Quiz at my new website, find some suggestions for their next trip and share their own stories of transformation.

Lonely Planet New Zealand

Author website -

The Long Tail
Author website -


Joshua Berman
Moon Belize, Avalon Publications, 2007 (700 pages, $17.95)
- This guidebook helps travelers enjoy a diversity of attractions, including diving, sea kayaking and archaeological sites in Belize
Conversation with Joshua Berman
Author website: Josh Berman

Martin Hughes
Slow Guide Melbourne, Affirm Press, 2007
Slow Guide Melbourne
Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes

Martin Hughes
Slow Guide Sydney, Affirm Press, 2007
Slow Guide Sydney
Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes

Leo Hickman
The Final Call, Guardian Books, 2007 (400 pages, $37.95)
- 'In search of the true cost of our holidays'
Q&A with Leo Hickman
Author website

Dan Shilling
Civic Tourism, Shalot Hall Museum Press, 2007
Q&A with Dan Shilling
Book review and exerpts

Carol Patterson
The Business of Ecotourism, Trafford Publishing, 2007, 232 pages
- Third edition! This is a recommended 'how to' business handbook that addresses practical strategies for ecolodge and service developers. Learn how to succeed without compromising environmental principles.
Q&A with Carol Patterson
Author website

Carol Patterson
Reinventure: How Travel Can Change Your Life, Trafford Publishing, 2008, 170 pages
Q&A with Carol Patterson
Author website

Daniel Jaffee
Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival
- Coffee! The author explores what happens when a social justice movement based on an alternative market draws the participation of some of the biggest corporate food conglomerates.
Conversation with Daniel Jaffee

Commentary, Excerpts and Reviews

American environmental leaders
Civic Tourism
Join the conversation
Shades of Green
Slow Travel


Our first choice are resources that highlight responsible travel, environmental conservation and cultural heritage. How do we nudge this along? Many of these books are featured on with links to This is not a perfect way to facilitate sales and we encourage those interested to brainstorm about a better way of developing-promoting-selling the best of the best.


Paul Waddington
Shades of Green, Eden Project Books, 2008 (304 pages)
- Being green is never black and white. This book sets out a practical sliding environmental scale from deep green to not even a little bit green. Instead of creating a scientific scale or worse, being preachy, this book is clever and witty. Each entry has a short introduction followed by as many shades of green as appropriate. Some subjects (holidays) are more complex than others (grapes). This is a fine resource documenting everything from the eco impact of babies to chocolate, tea and aeroplanes.

Shades of green
Deep green
Dark green
Quite green
Light green
Pale green
Not particularly green
Not even a little bit green

Paul Waddington - Friends of the Earth


Alcohol can be a gas
by David Blume

Transforming Re-Forming Tourism: Perspectives on justice and humanity in tourism
edited by Caesar D'Mello
- Essays reflect on the 25th anniversary of the Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism (ECOT), founded in 1982.


Suzanne Brecken and John Hay
Tourism and Climate Change, Channel View, 2007 (329 pages, $49.95)
- Tourism and Climate Change is a comprehensive overview which analyzes new studies reviewing the impact of tourism on climate change and the the impact of climate change on tourism.

Tim Flannery
The Weather Makers, Atlantic Monthly, 2006 (384 pages, $24)
- Climate connects us all. This book explains how we influence the climate by fuel use, water consumption and land development.

Mark Mann
The Gringo Trail, Summersdale Publishing, 1999
- Funny, devastating, clever, The Gringo Trail is a riotous mix of humor and scandal. It documents the travels of three Brits who go to South America for different reasons. Could be a good movie!

Mark Dowie
Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century**, MIT Press, 1995
- Demonstrates how national and international environmental groups have lost touch with local environmentalists. This book has a good review of NAFTA and politics in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

Mark Dowie
American Foundations MIT Press, 2001
- The author conducted more than 200 interviews with foundation officers, critics, and grant recipients in addition to extensive research in foundation archives to assess the status of foundations. His assessment that organized philanthropy has been "slow to see problems coming, slow to respond, and quick to justify every decision" is accompanied by a series of suggestions on how to make reforms.

QUOTE - Foundation guidelines and statements of purpose change annually, even semiannually, to reflect the trend du jour ... One year innovation is the buzzword, next year it's interdisciplinary, then multicultural, community-based, community-directed or experimental. Grant writers call it 'mission creep.' Only the most agile can keep up. (p. 179)


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